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Minelab Month at Radioworld

I would like to announce May 2015 as Minelab Month at Radioworld.

RAC Banner May 2015

During the entire month of May, Radioworld will have exclusive sales on selected Minelab product flanked by a FREE “GOFIND” Launch Party on Saturday May 30, 2015.

We will invite all detectorists this FREE EVENT for a day of fun and good fellowship.

Browse the flyer below to see a list of events, specials and details about our GO-FIND Lauch Party on May 30th, 2015

Launch party 700H

seminar 700H


SAVE BIG AND FIND GOLD with Minelab at Radioworld

SAVE BIG AND FIND GOLD with Minelab at Radioworld/Radioworld Central

Independent Dealer Promotion - Authorized logo 2

Radioworld is offering exclusive Purchase Bundles to our customers during this special Minelab Gold sale April 1st – May 30th, 2015

  • XTERRA705 GOLD  BUNDLE $829.99 (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $989.00 

  • EUREKA GOLD BUNDLE  $1149.99  (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer) Reg $1309.00 

  • SDC2300 BUNDLE $3750.99  (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $4010.00 

  • GPX5000 BUNDLE $4999.99  (includes Minelab GPX5000 ProPack, Minelab ProFind 25, Minelab Carry Bag(3011-0200)  , Coiltek ELLIPTICAL 18 X 12″ MONO GOLDSTALKER Coil C020010Reg $6740.00

  • GPZ7000 BUNDLE $9999.99  (includes detector, Minelab Deluxe Carry Bag (3011-0200)  and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $10269.00 

    Don’t delay, cash in on super savings today !

Gold Fever – Minelab changes people’s fortunes!

This past week I was privileged to travel to the Minelab Gold Detector Training session and spend time with Minelab trainers and industry experts in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a fantastic opportunity to train not only with Minelab Engineers and Trainers,  but also with experienced detectorists in the Gold Basin of Arizona, near Lake Meade and the Nevada border.
I spent 3 days in a classroom setting going over the technical and user aspects of each machine, the settings for each soil condition and intricacies of each machine that make Minelab the World’s Best Metal Detectors and the Minelab GPX-5000 simply the best gold detector in the world. On the fourth day a large group of us headed into the Arizona Gold basin to gain practical experience and hunt for gold.

In the photo below I am using the Minelab Eureka Gold, a detector I found very manageable and easy to use.  The ground showed low mineralisation so I had enabled the receive coil boost and the 60 kHz setting to ensure I capture small nuggets that many other machines simply miss.



I am now a Minelab Certified Trainer on the X-TERRA 705 Gold, Eureka Gold and the best gold machine in the world, the Minelab GPX 5000 and I am pleased to say that we did find some gold!

Radioworld aims to give its customers the best possible chance of success with their new Gold Detector purchase . Success comes from knowing the detector, ground conditions and settings,  as well as knowing where to look.

This was an amazing experience and I feel enriched for experiencing it. Minelab changes people’s fortunes!


Diane Wilkinson

Certified Minelab Trainer and Reseller

3 New Products from Minelab – 2 New Detector Bundles and a New Carry Bag

To enhance the metal detecting experience, Minelab is pleased to announce two new metal detector bundles, which are now available and in stock at Radioworld.

The X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack
Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Twice the ADVENTURE ! Now get the best of both worlds by using the 7.5 kHz coil for all around detecting and treasure hunting, then quickly swap to the 18.75 kHz coil for finding those elusive small gold nuggets when prospecting.




The Safari Pro Pack

Now you can detect for longer by using the rechargeable battery as your main power source, and keep the AA battery pack as a backup. You can also use the supplied headphones to cut out more environmental noise and pick up faint target signals of even more treasures.

Minelab Safari Pro Pack
Minelab Safari Pro Pack

CTX 3030 Vinyl Carry Bag

Carrying your CTX 3030 just got easier. We are debuting a new carry bag for the CTX 3030, which can also be used for convenient transport and storage for other Minelab Treasure and Gold metal detectors. The sturdy vinyl bag provides more height for the control box ( user interface ) to comfortability inside and provides a zipped storage compartment to safely keep other accessories.
Coming soon.


New Coiltek 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil for X-TERRA Series

From Coiltek Manufacturing’s Find-of-the-month contest ..

September Winner’s Story

WONDERFUL  WOT I have been detecting for a few years now and have always been a bit of a slowcoach. I often go out hunting with a mate and it is usual for him to cover many times more ground than me. Sometimes being slow and thorough is a good thing but for recently dropped modern coin hunting I wanted a faster way to cover more territory and reap the rewards. For these modern coin hunts I use my great old workhorse the Minelab X-TERRA 70 as it’s light, precise and a pleasure to swing.

New 15″ X-TERRA Coil from Coiltek

I was very pleased when I learned that Coiltek had gained the rights (the first ever to do so) from Minelab to develop and market a new, bigger coil for the X-TERRA range of detectors and I got straight on the phone and put my order in. On the release day I was at their doorstep and purchased a new 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil.

I soon learned the benefits of this nice addition to my X-TERRA, it was sensitive, light for size and the TID numbers were spot on. Within a fortnight of part-time hunts it had paid for itself in coin finds. At the beach it helped me cover larger areas than I had ever done before in a typical 3 to 4 hour session and being waterproof I had no worries if I wanted to do some shallow wading.

However, I mainly I wanted to tell you about 5 park hunts over a month with this special coil. All were 3 to 4 hours long. The 1st hunt netted $68 in coin, and some silver jewellery. The 2nd was at the same park and I scored $107 and a 5gram 9ct gold ring. The 3rd was at a new park and I bagged $50 odd and a 4.9gram 22 ct gold earring. The 4th and 5th were at the another park and brought home $132 and $258 plus silver jewellery. $258 in coins had my coin bag straining at the straps with the weight but put a big grin on my face.

Coiltek’s Wonderful X-TERRA WOT works for me.       NSC

You can find the full line of Coiltek Manufacturing’s Minelab metal detector coils at Radioworld, your authorised Coiltek dealer.

Found with Coiltek’s new 15″ X-TERRA all-terrain coil

Free Minelab X-TERRA eBook – Available Now!

Want to learn more about the Minelab X-TERRA series and how to get the most out of these detectors? If so, then the new eBook ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’ is just what you have been waiting for! Written by Randy Horton, or Digger as some of you may know him better, and published by Minelab this eBook is a comprehensive guide to better ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’.

Digger has been metal detecting in the Central US for nearly 40 years and has a passion for finding old coins at old sites. In addition to performing field tests for several manufacturers (including the Minelab X-TERRA series), he also serves as Moderator on the X-TERRA forum at Find’s Treasure Forums. Digger has written several articles, and enjoys sharing his thoughts and tips on various aspects of the hobby. His detectors of choice include the X-TERRA, E-TRAC and Musketeer Advantage. The team here at Minelab are all very appreciative that Digger has taken the time to share his knowledge of the X-TERRA series with the detecting community by writing this eBook. We have enjoyed working with Randy to make this eBook come to life and we hope that you enjoy reading it!

There is a preview you can view below. The complete eBook is available to download in PDF format in the www.minelab.com members section. If you are not a member yet don’t worry – registering is quick, easy and free – all you need to do is complete the members registration form and activate your membership. And for those that prefer to read ink on paper over pixels on the screen, we have made the download available in both A4 and US letter size paper, so be sure to choose the best format for your printer.

You’ll never know for sure… unless you read it!
Download your copy of Understanding your X-TERRA now.

New Minelab Metal Detecting Game App for iPhone, iPad

Minelab epic find

Epic Find is the new iPhone app for Minelab.

Find treasure anywhere with your pocket metal detector! Minelab Epic Find uses your iPhone camera to simulate real-life metal detection, with special audio cues to help you learn and distinguish among the varying tones and values of different treasures like Golden Nuggles, or mysterious relics like the Sheriff’s Remains. Unlock five popular metal detectors from Minelab, the industry’s world leader in metal detection technology, and hunt across four worldwide locations.

Exciting Features:

  • Detect Mode: Use your iPhone camera to scan the ground until you hear or see a change in tone.
  • Pinpoint Mode: With your potential targets detected, pinpoint them by running your finger over tiles and listening for tones. A Target ID (TID) on your detector interface will help you differentiate metals and strategize which digs to pursue.
  • Dig Mode: Tap on individual tiles to reveal finds. Be frugal and accurate with your taps; you will have limited battery life on your detector, as well as fluctuating patience levels.
  • Locations: Hunt for pirate treasure among the tropical islands of Florida, western relics in the desert mountains of Arizona, war relics in historical battle fields of Virginia, and gold along the western coast of Australia.

To download Minelab Epic Find click the download Epic Find button or click here.