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Check Out This Electronics Setup

Earlier in the year we worked closely with Scott Walcott from West Lake Willows resort in Picton, ON as he was outfitting his boat with electronics.  Scott operates a charter boat service focusing on walleye in the Bay of Quinte and eastern Lake Ontario.  We assisted him in the selection of marine electronics for his new boat he was taking delivery of in the fall.

Take a look at this video Scott made doing a quick walk through of his electronics setup.

As you can see this boat is loaded with the latest in marine electronics technology.  If you are interested in a day of fishing with Scott aboard the his 26′ Wooldridge Pilot house you can contact him through his website at www.westlakewillows.com


Fine Tune Your Summer Trolling

Speed and Temperature are two of the most important elements when trolling the great lakes for salmon and trout.  There is no better way to monitor speed and temp than with a Fish Hawk X4.  These are also the most convenient products to use as all the data from down below is sent to the boat without any wires to worry about.  A probe is mounted on your downrigger cable to record speed and temp at the ball.  Another sensor is mounted on the transom to received the data from the probe at the ball.  The sensor that is mounted on the transom will also record surface temp and a water speed to keep track of that.

The Fish Hawk X4 will display this data on a LCD screen mounted at the helm in large digital numbers that are very easy to read.  After seeing this product in action it’s amazing to see how different the speed can be at the cannon ball compared to what a surface gauge will read.  Underwater currents can alter the lures speed drastically…sometimes to the point of the lure hardly moving and that can mean hardly catching fish.  You won’t have that problem anymore with the X4

Right now the X4 is on sale at Radioworld at one of our lowest prices ever!  We also have the Fish Hawk TD and Fish Hawk 520models in stock.  Stop by Radioworld, or call our sales team at 416-667-1000 for more information on these products.