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Boxing Week Specials

Radioworld is having its biggest and best Boxing Week Sale from December 26 thru December 31st, 2013.  Take advantage of HUGE SAVINGS on all of your favourite stuff now!

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5th Annual Ice Fishing Seminar and Sale

Radioworld is hosting its 5th Annual Ice Fishing Seminar on Saturday December 7th 2013.  Doors will open at 9:15am and we will get underway with our first seminar at 9:30am.  Full details can be found below.

icefish2013 flyer

Be sure to join us and learn from some of the top ice anglers in southern Ontario!



Shane Turcotte Takes 2nd Place in Michigan

Shane Turcotte 1Radioworld Pro-Staff Shane Turcotte and his fishing partner recently had some success in Michigan while fishing the Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit.  Here are Shane’s own words describing the moment when a win was oh so close.

“It was in incredible feeling on Sunday when we (Ivan Misevic) crossed the scale with 41 lbs of nice Walleye Hogs to take the lead with one boat left to weigh in. Unfortunately, the last boat to weigh had 49+ lbs the first day so we were up against a 6+ lb spread to overcome. We did see their bag in the waiting tanks and it looked like about 35 lbs. They only needed 34 lbs to win. They ended up weighing 36 lbs for the victory. My heart was racing with the thought of winning such a prestigious event with so many accomplished anglers. We were the only team to consistently bring 40+ lbs bags to the scale both days. A 2nd place finish still sits well and proud to represent my supporters and Team Canada Walleye. We received nice plaques, some bragging rights and a $6700 US cheque for our efforts.

The key for our consistency was making good decisions in the boat all day long, Streamside’s Predator 6’6 MH spinning rod, Berkley’s 8 lb Flame Green Fire Line for the visibility, Northland’s tackle 8 lb Fluorocarbon lead, very slow jigging motion with a pause, Fintech Zone R 1/2 oz jigs, Northland Tackle’s Impulse 4 in smelt, tipped with a Shiner and Northland Tackle’s slide on stinger hook. What a world class fishery and a cant remember the last time I was culling 7 lb Walleyes all day long as we were trying to upgrade. Heading to Huron, Ohio next to fish Lake Erie as we take a shot at qualifying for the Cabelas Masters walleye Circuit World Championship for 2014.

shane 2Again, just want to thank Streamside, Navionics, Rod Glove, NPS, Ice Armor, Clam, Hangbelly, Huntsville Marine, Crestliner, Offshore Tackle, Northland Tackle for continued support. Also want to thank all my friends out there who continue to support me and be there when I need them.”

They were also featured in their local paper.  Congrats guys!  Those are some impressive fish.


Radioworld Featured on Reno Viola Outdoors

Reno Viola invited us to take part in a recent episode of Reno Viola Outdoors which can be found online at Spreaker.com.  Reno and I discussed the importance of marine electronics and explored some of the new technologies coming out for the 2013 fishing season.

Here is the direct link to listen online or download the episode.



RMC Boat Works

Competitive anglers are always looking for the latest and greatest products to add to their boats to make them more effective anglers.  RMC Boat Works is one of those companies that is offering some very unique products than make your life around the boat a little easier.

From mounts for your electronics to battery trays to trolling motor stabilizers RMC has some very innovative products.  Let’s take a look…

The E~Lok Electronics Mount is made from anodized aircraft aluminum and stainless steel for strength and durability.  The E~Lok incorporates two 180 degree pivot points to allow for maximum location adjustment. The Swivel head design allows the user to adjust the electronics from side to side as well as 180 degrees vertical/horizontally to allow installation on almost any surface. The E~Lok when mounted allows easy on/off by simply unscrewing & pulling the spring loaded release mechanism. This feature allows for easy re-mounting of the electronics in the exact original position, no more fussing with setting the screen where you need it in dark or adverse conditions.

The Trol~Lok is designed to securely hold the trolling motor in place to prevent damage to the trolling motor and boat. No more worries about inadequate hold down devices, the Trol~Lok has been designed and tested in the nastiest conditions by top touring pros. The Trol~Lok is machined from 300 Series Stainless Steel and assembled to endure even the roughest conditions.  You can release it with your hand or foot very quickly to deploy your trolling motor.  This is available in several sizes for bass or walleye style boats.

Check out Radioworld.ca for more products from RMC Boat Works.



We are excited to announce that Radioworld is now a reseller of HydroWave products!

HydroWave was founded in 2010 by a group of professional anglers, scientists and engineers dedicated to product design in the fish attracting industry. The HydroWave is a collaborative effort of all the founders. Research in the field of sound technology and aquatic biology remain our primary focus along with product design and quality controls. “Our biologists are steadfastly dedicated to improving the science of fish stimulation for angling purposes.” – HydroWave

The speaker can easily be mounted on your trolling motor and the small control unit can be mounted next to your bow mount sonar/GPS unit.  The HydroWave, then, just requires a 12 volt power source and your ready to attract fish!

We will be stocking the HydroWave Freshwater series and have the HydroWave Inshore Saltwater units available as a special order item.

Just look at this video below of how these fish seem mesmerized by the speaker emitting the sound of feeding baitfish.

We’ll have these in stock just in time for bass season here in southern Ontario.  Get the edge on the competition, reserve yours today!


Radioworld Pro Shane Turcotte Takes on The Detroit River

Radioworld Pro-Staff, Shane Turcotte, shares his experiences on the Detroit River recently while fishing a Walleye Tournament!

Now that I have had some time to rest a little I wanted to do a wrap up of what worked the best and add of gallery of pics from this great walleye factory. With spring being early this year, most of the big females were already back in the lake but the odd big fish still remained. This being new water to us, I spent a considerable amount of time researching on the Internet before going down to Detroit. I wanted to zero in on areas most popular for spawning walleyes. I then wanted to focus on structure that was below the spawning beds. Most times walleye will slip back after the spawn and rest in areas that will have slack and fast water. This way they can still feed but slip back to calm waters to rest. After the spawn they are exhausted and always looking for an easy meal with little effort.

We had a few areas picked out and worked them extremely hard. Our Crestliner Raptor 1850 with a 175 Merc Pro XS lead the charge.  It wasn’t long that we figured out the areas thanks to our  HDS units equipped with Structure Scan and Navionics Platinum Chip supplied by Radioworld.

We caught some nice fish prefishing in the 8-10 lb range. Unfortunately as tournaments go, they were not around on the important days. We decided not to use any live bait. I wanted to use plastics so that I can gain confidence in this technique. Also, the innovation into artificial baits has really taken off. I truly believe once you learn how to fish with artificial baits, you will never go back to live bait. Staying vertical was the key and our Minn Kota 101 Terrova equipped with I-Pilot was a workhorse that never let us down, great technology.

Our most successful setup was the 1/2 oz FireBall jig tipped with 2 different styles of minnow baits from Northland Tackles Impulse Reactionary Baits (see pics) and a slide on Northland stinger hook. This stinger hook played a key role in getting fish in the boat. The bite is reactionary but very lite. The right rod and line for sensitivity was important for being able to set the hook. The Streamside 6 ft medium action Predator was the rod of choice for these hogs. The IM8 graphite blank through the handle creates superior sensitivity and incredible strength, very impressive. I went with 6 lb Berkley Fireline Fused Crystal. This line is extremely durable and low visibility. Never lost a fish in the tournament!

We ended up in 40th spot with 50+ lbs, a good 5 lb per fish average for the 2 days. Not bad for our first time on this system. Lots of notes and pic were taken so that next year we can build on that result. The pre-tournament information gathering really paid off. The Internet can provide tons of important details on any system.

I also want to comment on the fact the Rod Glove, Bait Glove, Rod Glove Saver and Rod Glove Wraps kept all my rods together in one piece on the trip. Keeps your rods organized on the boat with no line tangles. Much more efficient and time saving. Next up is the Team Canada vs Team USA Walleye shootout. This will be a 3 day total weight using the Catch, Record and Release system. No fish are kept in the livewell. Great conservation technique!

-Shane Turcotte

Canada’s Premier & Largest Walleye Trail is preparing for another season!

A new season is upon us as the 2012 Princecraft Northern Ontario Walleye Trail prepares for another year of success.  As Vice-President of this organization, I have seen this Walleye Trail continue to grow in popularity each year.  As Canada’s largest walleye trail with over 900 anglers on a yearly basis, an opportunity to meet many amazing people is without a doubt one of the reasons I do this.  The friendships I have been able to create on this trail will last forever.  Every year I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas as I count down the days until the first tournament.  First tournament means, catching up with old friends and making new friends.  That nervous feeling you get in your stomach on the first day of the tournament lets you know you have arrived and it is time to deliver.

This year’s trail will be comprised of 6 tournaments spanning June until the end of September.  Approximately $150,000 will be given out this year to the top anglers for each event.  Registration fees run anywhere from $200-$350 per tournament.  This makes each tournament affordable for all to participate and allows for others to sample that competitive fishing edge.  You can also fish with a different partner each tournament if you like or fish with someone consistently, choice is yours.  Many anglers are competing for the coveted Angler of the Year honours.  Anglers only need to fish 3 events to qualify for bragging rights.  These tournaments are live release and the NOWT works hard to deliver zero mortality for each event.  All events are 2 day total weight tournaments.  All events are 6 fish per day (2 over 18.1 in and 4 under) per team with the exception of Sault Ste Marie.  Sault Ste Marie is a 5 fish limit with no upper slot, only a 15 inch minimum.  This creates some large weights and large fish.  The trail stops are: Mattagami First Nations (Gogama Area), Dubreuilville, Geraldton, Sault Ste Marie, Kapuskasing and Sagamok First Nations (Espanola/Massey area). Check out the site for dates at http://www.nowt.ca/.  Registrations are already being accepted for each event and these tournaments typically fill up fast.

This trail has also caught the attention of many great anglers and major manufacturers within the industry.  Some Northern Ontario Walleye Trail anglers have been named to Team Canada to represent our great country against some of the most notable Walleye Anglers in the business.  AIM’s Canada vs USA walleye championship will be a much hyped and anticipated event of the year for our Trail anglers.  This will be a true opportunity to compete against the best and get a true measure of one’s ability.  Being a good Angler is only one of the credentials necessary to represent Team Canada.  Other credentials as important and even sometimes more important are: team participation, willingness to share information, personality, professionalism, positive attitude, personal sacrifice, and strong representation for the country.

Be a part of this trail and you will have the opportunity to meet many great anglers.  As an angler you will also share in one of Canada’s best kept secrets, the Northern Ontario Walleye Trail.  Scenic landscape, incredible fishing and great people!

Shane Turcotte
Vice-President Northern Ontario Walleye Trail

Mid December Quinte Walleye Report

Here is a breif report from Captain Michael Weaver on how the Bay of Quinte is fishing right now…

“The water temperature is finally creeping down to the 40°F mark and the walleye are responding well.  The areas around the ferry and Picton Harbor are producing great catches of trophy fish.  The speed for us seems to be 1.7 on the Humminbird GPS.   Renosky baits have been getting them to commit. One day alone we had 12 fish in the boat by 11:30 am.”  -Captain Michael Weaver  (Landshark)

More reports are on there way from Michael.  Nice Fish!