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Check Out This Electronics Setup

Earlier in the year we worked closely with Scott Walcott from West Lake Willows resort in Picton, ON as he was outfitting his boat with electronics.  Scott operates a charter boat service focusing on walleye in the Bay of Quinte and eastern Lake Ontario.  We assisted him in the selection of marine electronics for his new boat he was taking delivery of in the fall.

Take a look at this video Scott made doing a quick walk through of his electronics setup.

As you can see this boat is loaded with the latest in marine electronics technology.  If you are interested in a day of fishing with Scott aboard the his 26′ Wooldridge Pilot house you can contact him through his website at www.westlakewillows.com


Weekend Outing to “Slam The Lamb”

Organizer of Slam the Lamb, Mike Weaver, with a nice Sheephead

A few months ago Mike Weaver came up with the idea of holding a local fishing tourney for the members of Quintefishing.com as chance to get together and have a great day of sportfishing and fellowship. The event was called “SLAM THE LAMB” and the targeted species for the day was Sheephead (freshwater drum).  It was held on October 22nd and had approximately 50 anglers and a dozen boats participated.

The event, although having limited numbers, was a very hot topic and drew great interest on our forum  (www.quintefishing.com). Everyone seemed to have some interest one way or the other as to who was fishing and of course who won and how everyone made out. The real backdrop was of course we all would be catching walleye while chasing “Sheepies”. 

The day started with the first teams arriving at the launch around 6:00 am, a shotgun start was scheduled for 7:30 am. With all boats in the water the day began with everyone watching where each boat was headed. Most anglers made a run to The Reach or The Gap (the part of Bay of Quinte that opens up to Lake Ontario).

The banter over the radio all day was hilarious and info was being passed like wildfire about catching walleye, not much being said on catching our targeted species. The techniques used by the anglers seemed to be all over the map. Speeds were from 1.0 to 2.5, lures used, Reef Runners, Rapala TD 11’s, Deep Diver, Spoons, Worm harnesses, colours didn’t seem a issue as fish were caught on a spectrum of colours.

The weigh-in was scheduled for 3:00 pm and everyone was back on time and the oohing and aahing begins – Who’s got what? How big are they? How many?  A 3 fish limit per boat was the rule for the tourney. The fish are weighed and then a presentation to the top 3 teams and Big Fish award took place. The day was finished over a get together at a local eatery to enjoy some good food, share the days experiences and tell fishing stories past and present. The winning team was “Eye Candy” from Ottawa and their winning fish, plus big fish of the day (pictured right).

A big shout-out also should go out to Scott Walcott and his crew for pulling their lines and going to the rescue of a fellow team which had become stranded. Scott and his team mates lost 2 hours of fishing time to help them and tow them to a local marina and deserve a big thanks!

And last but not least our organizer Mike is well know to most on the board and has been a pain in the butt to some at times lol. But, Peter comes to the rescue to relieve the pain Mike had in his butt during the day’s outing.  On a serious not, Mike Weaver is to be commended for putting all this together, well done! Everyone had a great day.

In retrospect, we all knew that the alternative motivation was to get out enjoy the day, and catch some of the monster walleye that have started to migrate into the bay. Everyone has to come and experience this!

Thanks to Gene Frederick for sending this story over to us.  Sheephead sure are a unique fish to target in a tournament.  Looks like it was a fun day for all involved!