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New Ice Fishing Electronics For 2013

Humminbird’s flashers haven’t changed for the upcoming season but they have added a new model to their LCD sonar/GPS units.  The ICE 597 ci HD is a large screen 5″ GPS/sonar unit with a flasher mode.  This unit has 4000 watts of peak to peak power and a 640×640 pixel screen.  The unit also has a 50 channel GPS and a SD card slot to accept detailed Navionics charts.  Not only with this unit find you the fish, but with the GPS it will also get you to them!

Lowrance’s X-67c Ice Machine was one of the most popular ice fishing sonar units of all time.  Its the LCD equivilant to the FL-8 flasher from vexilar as far as its popularity goes.  Well, all good things must come to an end, and Lowrance decided to cease production of the X-67c Ice Machine this year.  This paved the way for 2 new units from Lowrance the Elite-4 Ice Machine and Elite-4x Ice Machine.

These units are like superchaged X-67c’s with their 2400 watts of PTP power and 200/83kHz dual frequency transducer.  The Elite-4x is a sonar only model while the Elite-4 is a sonar/GPS unit.  This unit has a microSD card slot for Navionics charts and an internal GPS antenna.

MarCum’s 2013 product line has many new offerings in the LCD flasher and underwater camera markets.  Their LX-9 even combines both those features!  This is going to be their flagship model for 2013 on its 8″ flat panel 800×600 display platform.  This unit combines the top of the line sonar features of the LX-7 and top of the line camera features from the VS825 and wraps them in one awesome package.

The LX-6 is the younger brother to the LX-7 and boasts some very impressive features itself.  It is a 6″ display with a 640×480 resolution screen and 4800 watts of PTP power.  This unit can pick up targets that are 3/4″ apart with its fully adjustable zoom.  It also lets you control the ping rate of the transducer and screen scroll speed for instant updates.

On the underwater camera side of things you’ll find the 7″ colour VS385c and the black and white VS385.  They both have 800×480 pixel resolution screens and 75′ of camera cable.  A gel cell battery, 3 stage battery charger, and case are also included.

We are starting to receive our ice fishing orders and have stock on some of the mentioned product.  Give us a call 416-667-1000 to see if we have what you are looking for.