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Used Ham Radio Gear

Our “Used Items” display case is overflowing, so it’s time to move some used items.

First up, a CW filter for the Yaesu FT-757. Model Yaesu XF-8.2M-601-01 CW Filter for FT-757, eight pole crystal filter.
Get it now for only $29 !

Yaesu XF-8.2M-601-01 FT-757 8 pole crystal CW Filter
Yaesu XF-8.2M-601-01 FT-757 8 pole crystal CW Filter

Next up we have a HEAP of Icom batteries.  We have a used BP-262 , which is a 3 AA battery case for the RX-7 handheld receiver. A steal at $10 !
We have two Icom BP-256 ( and one Batteries America version ) batteries for $ 80 each. These are for the IC-92AD handheld.

Last, but not least, is a BP-244 for a mere $ 35. Use this on your RX-7 receiver .

Lots of used Icom batteries
Used Icom batteries galore !

Marine Demo TAXES IN Sale

We have a wide array of marine electronics in our demo/clearout section and we are currently offering NO TAX on our marine demo models!  This is a limited time offer and will end without notice.  This applies to all our demo chartplotters, sonar, VHF, and other marine accessories listed as demo or clearout.

In addition to not paying the tax all our demo models we have reduced prices from their current retail price.  Here are a couple examples of the savings we have to offer…

Lowrance X67c $240 taxes in!!!  Save $42           






                                                                              Icom M422 VHF $185 taxes in!!!  Save $35

Take a look at the clearout section of our website for information on all the models we have in stock.  Call 416-667-1000 or email the store for full details on this demo model no tax sale!