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Metal Detecting Day at Radioworld


On May 10th, 2014, Metal Detectorists across the GTA and beyond will gather at Radioworld to see the latest products, learn successful detecting techniques and share a day of good fellowship among common minded people.

Guest speakers will include;

Rob Freeman

Rob Freeman Coiltek Coils 9:30 am
Rob has recently joined Coiltek Coils after several years developing Minelab sales throughout North America. Rob is a HUGE supporter of grass roots detectorists and events and brings knowledge, experience and excitement for metal detecting forward as the North American Sales Reprentative for Coiltek Coils.


Steve Zazulyk – Advanced Detectorist 11:00 amSteve Z
Co-host of Under the Radar Radio Show!
Steve`s resume is impressive, having only detected for only three years. Steve is often a guest speaker at detecting events in Canada and the U.S and was part of the detect team in season 1 of the worlds Oldest treasure hunt, Curse of Oak Island“ seen on The History Channel.


pete ryan

Pete Anderson / Ryan Fazekas
– Anderson Detector Shafts 12:30 pm
Anderson Detector Shafts is a premier manufacturer of aftermarket metal detecting accessories for all the major brands of detectors. With their several years of manufacturing experience you can be assured of top quality products backed up by a second to none customer service department.

Leighton Harrington – Advanced Detectorist leighton
– Buzzards Bay, MA 1:30 pm
Co-host of Under the Radar Radio Show!
Leighton is one of the most experienced detectorists on the planet. He started Metal Detecting in 1972 and has over 42 years experience in dryland and water detecting combined! He is a Certified Diver for over 17 years and holds a 100 Ton Captains License with Towing Endorsement.

We will have plenty of “hand’s on” time throughout the day!

This seminar is FREE of charge and everyone is welcome.
Please register with us at events@radioworld.ca if you plan to attend.


If you love everything about treasure hunting and metal detecting, you will want to tune into “Under the Radar” Radio each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM 



Under The Radar Radio is a family oriented show that will always be a place that you can call in and get answers to your questions… We keep it real and down to earth… We strive to bring you the very best guests week after week. Join us live every Sunday evening @ 7:30 pm on 1000 Mikes Radio



CMD Forum and Minelab “Newbie” Contest

Minelab (and Radioworld )  is proud to partner with the Canadian Metal Detector Forums (www.canadianmetaldetecting.com) and support MDers new and old.  I challenged the CMD Team to create a contest that would be fun, interesting and create further interest in our hobby. Let me tell you that nobody was disappointed.

Forum Moderator “Crusty” came up with the concept for a Newbie Contest and took the reigns from there…..  Here is a link to some of the fantastic stories that were submitted  but in the end, there was one story that hit home and the “Newbie” Contest Prize was awarded.  Allow me to share the story from here….Mrs Radar wrote:

I have been metal detecting since last spring. I saw an article about a woman who found a large diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park on the internet one day. I watched several YouTube videos about the park and thought I would love to do that, but Arkansas is pretty far away…After watching those, I saw some videos in the “you might also be interested in” column and they were about metal detecting! After watching quite a few of those, I mentioned to my husband that I would like to try it. He bought a detector for me for Mother’s Day and I have been enjoying md’ing ever since! (My husband got his own detector 2 weeks later and we love going metal detecting together now.)

As I was recuperating from cancer surgeries and going through treatments at the time I started detecting, I found it very cathartic and it gave me a reason to get out for exercise 3-5 times a week, not to mention, I love being outdoors. Some of my favourite times have been when I was able to find lost items for people and the look of gratitude when it was returned. I would like to continue finding lost items for others (free of charge of course) and, finding other items that I get to keep is just icing on the cake!

I found both these rings on the same day. Have to say the gold one is my favorite find so far…  Congratulations to Mrs Radar from Burlington, ON

But this is NOT the end of the story…..

Mrs Radar also wrote:

 After picking up the new Minelab detector that I won in the Newbie contest, went out with Radar and the grandkids for a little md’ing at a local park. First two finds were modern pennies. Then I got a great signal that produced this:


It’s a $10.00 coin from the 1976 Montreal Olympics issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Almost 1.5 ounces of fine silver! (The toonie is in the picture just to show the size of the coin.)

I can’t thank Jack from Minelab  Canada and CMD enough for running the contest. This new machine is awesome!!!

You Rock Mrs. Radar!!!

Chatham Kent Metal Detector Club Hunt

Minelab was pleased to team up with Radioworld and attend the 2012 Chatham Kent Metal Detector Club Hunt on Saturday September 8, 2012 held at Erieau Beach, ON.

Below is a delightful letter recapping the days events from Julie Pollard, CKMDC President

Jack & Tim,

I have to start off by saying a huge Thank You.  I am completely over whelmed and somewhat speechless.  All the club members were happy and smiled when Tim pulled in.  Their look of you, realizing you were telling the truth about your committment and participation had finally sunken in.

Our day started off with rain and by 9:30 or so we had no rain and a glimpse of the sun.  I was the first one there waiting for everyone to arrive.  I make sure to greet everyone upon arrival, the prize table was starting to look good and when Tim arrived with all his goodies, everything started to fall in place.  Even the sun came out.  We all thought it would be better to start off by wearing our Minelab caps and T-shirts, now we started to look like a club.  We even had a police car pull in and wonder if we were looking for something major.  I just told them no, it was our annual club hunt.

What a day to hold the club hunt, Garry Schnekenburger and Rick Pearce were in the Chatham Kent Daily News.  Garry had found a $8,700 dollar engagement ring in the water and the picture was in the paper the same day as the hunt.  Garry said it was the best feeling in the world to give this young lady her ring back.

We all signed in, we heard Tim speak for a bit and then we had our first hunt for American dollars, prize tokens and Canadian dollars.  I personally found 5 coins, they were all huge, but no tokens.  We have a few guys that have been detecting for years and know their machines quite well-talk about clean up-Wow!

Our second hunt was for silver rings, 2 gold rings, prize tokens and lots of silver dimes.   I did not do great on this hunt either.  Oh well.  I sure was having fun anyway.  Some of the guys even found 11 or more rings.  The kids hunt was next and we just had two kids Andrew and Danielle-both are age 10.  Soon they will be able to hunt in the adult hunt and their will be no young kids.  Andrew ended up with 36 coins and Danielle also had a great pile and she even found 3 silver rings!


We stopped for lunch, pizza, wings, and subs, water, pop, cookies, butter tarts.  What a feast!  No one left the table hungry, thats for sure!  Tim had a few more things to say before drawing for the Minelab E-Trac.  Then came the draw.  Andrew drew the first ticket number 618039  and no one had it.  So going once, going twice, gone was called and then just before Andrew drew another ticket, I yelled pick me, pick me!!! Andrew drew ticket number 618059 and it belonged to his mother Julie Pollard, me the President of the Chatham Kent Metal Detecting Club.  The look on my face says it all.  I have never won anything so grand.  I did not care if I found anything in the last hunt.  Lots of pictures were taken and lots of hugs.

Our final hunt was for prize tokens, american dimes and quarters.  We planted so many dimes that members were getting sore hands from their sand scoops.  I ended up with 12 quarters, 73 dimes and 2 prize tokens, but I did not care,  after all I won the grand prize.    Everyone had a great day and for once I heard no complaints.

Thank you so much for being a part of our hunt, we all enjoyed the hunt so much more.  I am the first woman president and the first one to get a sponsor.  Something tells me that I will be president for a long time.  If their is ever anything that we can do for you,  just say the word.

Julie Pollard President Chatham-Kent Metal Detecting Club