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The Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide 1st Edition

Now in stock, The Canadian Amateur Radio Advanced Qualification Study Guide 1st Edition The leading Canadian Study Guide for students wishing to attain their Advanced Qualification in Amateur Radio. It covers that all questions in the current Industry Canada question bank are covered in depth, but more than that, it provides an introduction and context to those areas of modern communications electronics that you will encounter when you obtain your Advanced Qualification and start to design, build, and repair your own equipment and automated stations.

It is also supported by many new features on the Student Success Pages, including updated Ask The Professor help for difficult questions, as well as all calculation questions, and other new features.

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Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High

Foxnews recently reported that Amateur radio licences in the US are at an all time high!!!

“The newest trend in American communication isn’t  another smartphone from Apple or Google but one of the elder statesmen of  communication: Ham radio licenses are at an all time high, with over 700,000  licenses in the United  States, according to the Federal  Communications Commission.

Ham radio first took the nation by storm nearly a  hundred years ago. Last month the FCC logged 700,314 licenses, with nearly  40,000 new ones in the last five years. Compare that with 2005 when only 662,600  people hammed it up and you’ll see why the American Radio Relay League — the authority on all  things ham — is calling it a “golden age.”

Your can read the entire article here

Here in Canada we are seeing a steady stream of new people entering the hobby, Study guide sales remain strong and all the feedback that I get from the various clubs that hold courses is that they are seeing more and more people attending courses.

If you are interested in getting your amateur licence come by and see us or give us a call and we will get you all the details to get you started.

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If you want more information check out the Radio Amateurs Of Canada website for more information on clubs in your area, plus much more.