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inReach SE a Great Tool for Sledders to Stay In Touch

Dave Norona talks about how important the new inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator is for all backcountry users and some cool helpful hints that the inreach has for backcountry sledders! The inReach SE is available at Radioworld http://radioworld.ca/inreach-p-11921.html


Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run

The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run 2012 was held February 3 – 4 -5, 2012 at Hidden Valley Resortin Huntsville, Ontario.

The event was amazing and all I can say is


When we finalize the money raised this weekend, we expect that over $400,000.00 was raised at the 13 th annual Snow Run!!!

That is over 3 MILLION dollars in 13 years!! 

More information is found at Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run

Jack Summers

Each year I work closely with the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation,  A charity co-founded by my late step-sister Kelly some 13 years ago.  Our goal is simple and to the point, we raise money to financially assist local women with Breast Cancer when needed.

The Foundation’s main fundraiser each year is the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run, held each February in Ontario (and now Quebec too).  Each year I ask friends from within my work and personal life to make a small contribution or donation if possible.

To say the “Snow Run” is a family affair would be an understatement. Both my wife Jill and daughter Hannah are also an integral part of the fundraising efforts.

I need your support in fundraising for the
Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Snow Run.

All of the money raised goes towards women who
need it the most… those fighting breast cancer.

Any amount will help!  

To make a donation, please click the link below.

Please sponsor me!

Thank You ~ Jill Summers


More information on the event can be found at http://www.breastcancersnowrun.org/

The History
At the age of 34, Kelly Shires’ life was changed forever. Kelly and her husband Ken were running a successful dry land marine facility, and expecting their first child, when at Christmas 1997, Kelly discovered a lump in her breast. It was a difficult and emotional time of her life; within a week, Kelly had four surgeries, terminated the pregnancy and began six months of chemotherapy. Due to Kelly’s illness, they gave up their business and moved to the Georgian Bay area to begin a quieter lifestyle and concentrate on Kelly’s recovery. Through her own personal struggles, Kelly knew that she wanted to help others who also had Breast Cancer. So together with her friend Suzy Stenoff they decided to turn this tragedy into something positive. Thus was the start of the Kelly Shires’ Breast Cancer Snow Run, a charity that assists women and men who have been diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

On October 31, 2004 Kelly lost her battle with Breast Cancer, but her spirit and determination will continue thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers.

Please join us as we endeavour to keep Kelly’s dream alive.

Jack Summers and Family!

Scala Rider G4 Bluetooth Helmet Communicators

I have had the pleasure of selling Scala Rider products for over 4 years now. It is not uncommon to get great feedback on many of the products that we sell, but the Scala Rider products have been a home run since “Day One”!  This is my first year snowmobiling as it is with my wife and daughter, therefore I installed Scala Rider G4 Communicators on all of our helmets to give them a try!

Firstly, I logged onto their website for some hints and kinks reading. It suggested that I should update the firmware (we always recommend this for all products), therefore I hooked each unit to the USB cable (supplied) and easily performed all required updates….so far so good!  Once the units were installed on the helmets, synchronizing three together to talk was a snap.  Getting out on the sleds for the very first time was a little nerve racking (I had to watch what I was doing and had a passenger on the back of my sled) as well wanted to ensure Jill was comfortable, safe and able to communicate any difficulties.  Throughout the day, we chatted, asked questions and kept in touch quite easily. It made our entire outing safe, fun and increased our enjoyment factor 400%. 

My second experience out on the sled was yesterday. I went riding with my pals up from Orillia to Bracebridge and back. Before I left I synched the phone with my cell phone (it was a work day of course) and carried on my way. While driving in the Gravenhurst area my phone rang… It was my Lowrance Canada Rep “Curtis”. Curtis was calling from Vancouver and we had a nice little chat. He asked what I was up to and I said “snowmobiling”…. He said “No, What are you doing right now”….. I chuckled, lifted my visor so he could hear the motor running, then he believed!

Yes the Scala Rider G4 worked flawlessly as a Bluetooth Dongle for my cell phone too!

Thank you Scala Rider… for giving us Great Products and making them easy to sell~!!!

Jack Summers – General Manager