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Lowrance SpotlightScan and SonarHub Announced Today

Lowrance is giving its customers a special Halloween treat by announcing their latest additions to their line of imaging sonar and CHIRP products.


The SpotlightScan transducer  is a trolling motor mount that scans the bottom based on your trolling motor position.  This lets you control the size and speed of the transducer sweep.  Through a NMEA2000 sensor that is mounted on your trolling motor foot pedal,  SpotlightScan orientation and rate-of-turn data are communicated to the HDS Gen2 display in relation to your boat’s position. This only works with Minn Kota and Motorguide cable steer trolling motors.

trolling motor transducerIn addition to the Spotlight view the SpotlightScan transducer also provides DownScan Imaging for picture-like images of fish and structure beneath your boat as well as Broadband Sounder technology, which is ideal for lure tracking.

SpotlightScan is compatible with HDS Gen2 and HDS Touch units, but will not work with the HDS Gen 1 units.  HDS Touch units do not require the SonarHub module for SpotlightScan functionality.

sonarhubSonarHub is an all in one sonar access module that allows StructureScan, SpotlightScan, and CHIRP functionality all through the one module.

CHIRP sonar with the Airmar TM150M or B150M transducers delivers improved target resolution and noise rejection, as well as wide coverage for perfect arches that clearly identify fish targets.

The SonarHub and Airmar TM150M is going to be an awesome upgrade for  Great Lakes salmon and trout fishermen running HDS units.


Two New Product Annoucements

Radioworld is always looking out for new and innovative products to make us your one stop shop and we have two more great products to announce today.

doctor sonar

doctor-sonar-lowrance-hds-dvd_lWe are constantly receiving requests for DVDs that feature detailed instructions on how to use your sonar, GPS, and side imaging products. Radioworld now has in stock the “Doctor Sonar” line of DVDs produced by walleye pro Doc Samson. These DVDs are the best “How-to” videos on Lowrance HDS, StructureScan, and Elite/Mark units. One of the best DVDs ever made on sonar interpretation is in stock as well. “Understanding Sonar and Interpreting the Display” is a 2 DVD set that every angler who owns a sonar unit should view. This video can be applied to whatever brand you own. These videos are in stock now – Doctor Sonar DVDs.

bass-boat-server-1-gallon_mBass Boat Saver boat cleaning products which have quite the reputation in the industry! We’ll be stocking the 24oz spray bottles, 1 gallon jugs, and even the 5 gallon jugs. We should have these in stock within the next couple of weeks just in time to shine up your boat coming out of storage. If you haven’t heard of Bass Boat Saver here is a little info on the product or you can visit our website – Bass Boat Saver

“Bass Boat Saver cleans, preserves, and UV protects your boat, in addition to leaving a nice, waxed look. Fast-acting ingredients deliver a long-lasting and durable finish. After coming off of the water, apply Bass Boat Saver to a damp cloth and wipe the boat, motor, and trailer, as well as the seats, console, and trailer tires. We have all watched boaters at the ramp use glass cleaner or some other harsh chemical to clean their boat after a day on the water. These products break down the gel coat and clear coat. UV rays from the sun will damage these finishes also. With continued use of Bass Boat Saver, your boat, motor, trailer, and all accessories will retain a deep, rich color and will be protected from the elements. Bass Boat Saver is completely biodegradable and is no danger to our fisheries.”

These are just a couple of new products we’ll have in stock at Radioworld.



Lowrance Mark 5x DSI Portable

Want to see bottom structure in high detail?  Want a large 5″ sunlight viewable screen?  Want a portable unit that can go on all your fishing adventures?  We have what you are looking for  – The Lowrance Mark 5x DSI Portable!

The unit comes with a suction cup mount transducer, portable carrying case, and a 8 D-cell battery holder (batteries not included).  This unit is perfect for fly in trips or rental boats.  You can also use an optional 12 volt rechargeable gel cell battery.

Regular price is $280, but we’ve marked this unit down to $150 for this sale.  This special price applies to in stock units only and quantities are limited.  Come in today for a demo of this unit.



Lowrance Expert Day at Radioworld

Bring all your questions to the experts from Lowrance and Simrad to get the answers on these marine systems.  We will have informal small group seminars running throughout the day from 10am-1pm at Radioworld 4335 Steeles Ave W in Toronto.  If you have already bought a unit and are interested in learning how to use it, or if you are in the market this is the day you won’t want to miss.



Lowrance HDS Gen2 StructureMap

Since Humminbird introduced side imaging sonar to the recreational market back several years ago there haven’t been any major changes to how the technology is display…until now.  Lowrance introduced what they call StructureMap.  This will overlay the side imaging sonar onto the GPS chart screen.

Here are some examples of what you can expect on the water

This is the Atherly Narrows between Lake Couchiching and Simcoe in Orillia, ON.  Notice the accuracy of the Navionics Platinum+ Chart below.  The edge of the boat docks can be clearly seen on the side imaging and line up almost perfectly with the chart.

Hwy 12 Bridge Pilings

Scrolling back behind the boat to view the StructureMap history

Color Palette Change

Sunken boat on Lake Simcoe in Kempenfelt Bay

StructureMap will simplify reading and understanding side imaging sonar as you’ll see structure objects and how they relate to the Navionics chart and your waypoints all on one screen.

HDS Gen2 units are now in stock and on display at Radioworld.


A Sneak Peek of Simrad’s NSS

If you have seen any of the videos floating around online about the Simrad NSS you’ll certainly want to drop by Radioworld next week to have a look at it in person.  We will have a demo NSS-8 on display early in the week and it will be here until mid December.

These units are like a Lowrance HDS on steroids! The NSS has one of the fastest processors on the market when navigating through the menu and using the charting features.  The touch screen interface makes this unit exceptionally easy to use when customizing screens, changing pages, and creating routes.

The NSS units can easily network with StructureScan, BR24 3G radar units, SonicHub marine audio server, and any existing HDS units you may have on board.

Whether you’re a bass or walleye fishermen or a serious pleasure boater, the NSS units from Simrad are worth taking a look at.  Drop by the store mid next week to see the NSS-8 in action and see what all the hype is about!


Danny Dunn Grabs a Top 3 Finish with Help From Side Imaging Sonar

When Humminbird came out with Side Imaging sonar several years ago it had Great Lakes smallmouth anglers drooling over the fact they could see over 200 feet to each side of their boat.  The hardcore largemouth anglers, though, who rarely fish deeper than 8 feet didn’t even bat an eye at the capabilities of side imaging sonar.  Looking 200 plus feet to either side of the boat didn’t really make heads turn for these shallow water fishermen.

Radioworld pro-staff and largemouth guru  Danny Dunn recently used his Lowrance HDS8 equipped with the StructureScan side imaging sonar module to win the CSFL tournament on Rice Lake.  This past weekend he was at it again on Rice Lake for a bass club tournament.  He was blown away at how useful side imaging sonar technology is for fishing in water less than 5 feet deep.

Danny’s kicker fish found in the shallows with side imaging sonar

“I caught this fish in less than 2 feet of water! I used my side scan to run shorelines looking for laydown wood”, Danny excitedly proclaimed.  After he marked the structure with his side imaging unit he went back and flipped the best looking laydown trees with a 5/16 oz Flippin Jig.

“It’s funny, as an ole largemouth fisherman I always thought the high end electronics were for the big water salmon/ walleye/smallmouth fisherman but that’s absolutely not the case! It’s like saying a hammer can ONLY be used to drive a nail. My electronics are a tool in my tool box.”

Danny was able to prefish the shallow waters much quicker than other anglers not taking advantage of their electronics.  He was able to quickly drive down shorelines and graph the laydowns and then target the area’s that had the best looking structure.  Danny took 2nd place in the club tournament this past weekend and all his credit went to his side imaging sonar unit.

“I wouldn’t go fishing without a reel on my rod, nor would I go fishing without my electronics loaded Navionics charts!”