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SAVE $30 on Navionics Platinum Charts in April


Join us in celebrating Navionics 30th Anniversary by taking part in the Anniversary Sale on Platinum promotion and take advantage of $30 off regular prices and extraordinary Platinum features:  

  • 3D View
  • Satellite Overlay
  • Panoramic Pictures
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Plus 12 Months of Freshest Data updates to Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ HD bathymetry map and Community Edits.

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inReach SE a Great Tool for Sledders to Stay In Touch

Dave Norona talks about how important the new inReach SE 2-Way Satellite Communicator is for all backcountry users and some cool helpful hints that the inreach has for backcountry sledders! The inReach SE is available at Radioworld http://radioworld.ca/inreach-p-11921.html


New Super Promotions from Globalstar and SPOT

Radioworld is pleased to announce two new promotions for our satellite products.

First, Globalstar is offering TWO MONTHS FREE SERVICE when you purchase a GSP-1700 satellite telephone, and activate it for one year on their Evolution plan.
What’s the catch?

More deals than you can shake a satellite phone at !
Two free months service and no activation fee !

Well, there isn’t one ! The Evolution plan was already a super deal ! You get UNLIMITED calling in Canada, the United States, and the Carribean, for $ 40 a month. Wow !
With the new promotion, you get two of those months at absolutely no charge ! So the phone must be super expensive, right ? Wrong ! Only $ 499 plus tax ! Unbelievable !
I almost want to say – “But wait there’s more !”, or throw in a free Sham Wow, so let’s add one more bonus : We do not charge the $ 50 activation fee !
(Taxes extra, phone must be activated before November 30, 2012, new activations only, must be activated at time of purchase in store)

For our next super satellite deal, purchase a SPOT 2 personal messenger, and get one year of tracking services for absolutely free, when you sign up for a one year service subscription ! That’s a $ 50 value.  Another incredible deal !
But wait there’s more !
The SPOT 2 is now reduced by $ 50, for the low price of  $ 149  now $ 99 !
Can you believe it !?!

(New subscribers only, offer limited to stock on hand, $50 free tracking ends December 31, 2012.)

SPOT 2 Satellite Messenger – Super Deal – One year free tracking and $50 off !

How Far Things Have Come

We hear it all the time in the consumer electronics business – “Technology has advanced far beyond what it was”.  Big and clunky has turned into small and compact. Large keypads have turned in to touch screens.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how far handheld GPS units have come in the past 15 years or so.  Let’s take a look at a couple differences between Lowrance’s first mapping handheld GPS, the Globalmap Sport, and Magellan’s latest release the Explorist 610.

The Globalmap Sport and the Explorist 610 both had the ability to display electronic charts but in the past they were an expensive luxury.  The Globalmap Sport used a proprietary CMAP cartridge which covered a very small section of water.  These charts retailed for close to $200 and all you would get is a sliver of the great lakes.  The newer maps, like the Navionics chart, the Magellan 610 uses now cover a huge area.  You are able to navigate from Lake of the Woods, through the Great Lakes, and all the way out to Newfoundland all for under $250.  To cover that same area with the Globalmap Sport you would be well over $3000 and not all the lakes would be covered.

Another improvement in handheld GPS units is the ease of use with newly designed intuitive user interfaces.  The process of creating a route on the Globalmap Sport was a long and complicated one compared to today’s standards.  You can just tap the screen on your Explorist 610, play connect the dots, and bingo your route is done!

Here is a brief comparison of the two units.

Globalmap Sport                                        Explorist 610

  • Waypoints – 250                                 Waypoints – 2000
  • Routes – 20                                          Routes – 200
  • Tracks – 3                                             Tracks – 200
  • Battery – 6AA 8hr Runtime            Battery – 2AA 16hr Runtime

The cost is another thing that has changed dramatically since the late ’90s.  The Globalmap Sport would have retailed for just a little over the $1000 mark.  Here in 2011, the Explorist 610 retails for less than half that at $450.  At less than half the price and size, the Magellan 610 can take 3.2mp photos, record voice notes, provide turn-by-turn routing, support paperless geocaching, and track 7 more satellites (along with the WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS satellites) than the Globalmap Sport could.