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Navionics SonarCharts Now Available on Lowrance and Simrad


Have you owned a Lowrance, Simrad or B&G for some time? If so, you can create greatly enhanced SonarCharts™ of your favorite boating areas with almost no effort at all!

In fact, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G models automatically store sonar data by default during everyday use, so unless you have turned trails off, the whole library of sonar logs recorded since day one may be residing on the plotter’s memory. All you have to do now is export from your chartplotter to your Navionics card and upload to our website. Once sonar logs are saved on a card, it can be plugged into a computer and the data is transferred to Navionics through the internet to generate new SonarCharts™ for you and other boaters after about one week.

Here is how: http://www.navionics.com/en/plotter-tutorial/lowrance. You can print these instructions before you go to your boat or read them on your phone while you are onboard next to your sonar.

Only Navionics accepts sonar logs from all major brands including most models of Humminbird (DAT and GPX on all models, GPX only on ION and Onix), Raymarine (SDF, NMEA, GPX) and Garmin (ADM). Check http://www.navionics.com/en/compatibility. Boaters can choose to share all of their logs at once or they can record and export specific files. Learn more about SonarCharts™ and find tutorials on how to record sonar logs.

On GPS plotters, it’s included with Navionics+, Platinum+, and HotMaps Platinum for compatible plotters. Owners of any Gold, Silver, Marine & Lakes USA, and HotMaps Premium cards can have it with Navionics Updates.

Lowrance Insight Genesis Mapping

Lowrance released its latest mapping program Insight Genesis which allows you the user to create your own maps from sonar logs.  All you have to do is record your sonar data while you are on the water.  Then remove your SD card when you get home and upload the logs with Lowrance’s handy desktop utility.  Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with a link to your custom map.

Here is a sample of a short sonar log from a couple of years ago that I uploaded yesterday.

Here is the Navionics chart for the same area to show the difference.

Lowrance allows you to view the maps online for free.  A onetime download is $19.95 to use with a HDS Gen2 Touch unit.  The Standard 1 year subscription is $99.95 and that allows maps to be used on 2 HDS Gen2 Touch units and a 4 hour scanning time.  This also allows you to merge maps from different trips for even greater detail.  The Premium subscription is $299.95/year and offers use on 4 HDS Gen2 Touch and bottom hardness, vegetation, weather tools, and other trending features.

Here is the link to get started on this https://insightstore.lowrance.com/insightgenesis


Navionics SonarCharts Mapping Enhancements

Now available through Navionics Freshest Data updating program is Navionics SonarCharts. SonarCharts provides an alternative perspective for boaters and fishermen who want more detailed depth contours for safer navigation or for targeting productive fishing areas.

We all ask for better cartography. We all want the latest data. Now you can contribute and see the new details the next day. Buoys change, sand bars shift, new rocks and submerged structures are discovered every day. So why not see them all with SonarCharts?  The best part of all is it is a completely FREE service.  All you need to participate in this program is a Platinum Navionics chart.

Simply upload your sonar logs and within 24 hours the new bathimetric data is on your Platinum chart after using Freshest Data.

It’s fast and easy:

  • Record sonar using your GPS chart plotter
  • Upload sonar logs to the Navionics World Application
  • Navionics integrates the new data with existing data
  • Download New SonarCharts within 24 hours!

Even if your favorite lake is not mapped you can now go out, record your sonar data and create maps for that body of water.  This process will take a little longer than the 24hrs that the standard process takes.  In order to participate in this program all you need is a Platinum Navionics chart.