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R.A.C. Day at Radioworld a HUGE success!


RAC Day Banner

Everyone at Radioworld is pleased to report that Radio Amateurs of Canada Day at Radioworld was a complete success!

Hams from across southern Ontario gathered on Saturday May 24, 2014 to share a day of good fellowship, friendship and education, all in the name of supporting Canada’s voice for Amateur Radio – the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Many special guests included Murray Lycan – Eastern Canada Sales Manager for Icom Canada, Eric Meth – Icom Canada Tech Support, Wilf Muldren – National Sales Manager from Kenwood Canada and Jerry Darby – Chief Tech Support Guru from Yaesu USA.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada was very well represented with distinguished guests including RAC President – Geoff Bawden VE4BAW, Honorary Legal Counsel Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD, Director for Ontario South Region – Rod Hardman VE3RHF, and members of the National Field Organization (ARES).

A big thanks to George Duffield VE3WKJ and Pat Barrett VE3RNH for manning the bbq and keeping the masses fat and happy, Peter West VE3HG for his efforts in photographing the event and the Peel and Mississauga Amateur Radio Club members for their extra support.

Sincere congratulations also goes out to the Grand Prize Winners;

Joe Valente VE3VDK of Brampton, ON – Winning an Icom ID5100A Mobile Transceiver
Jos Ascano VE3LHY of Toronto, ON – Winning an Icom ID31A Handheld Transceiver

Please enjoy the photos taken that day below.

RACDAY-1-57-X2  RACDAY-1-61-XL  RACDAY-1-X2  RACDAY-1-53-XL  RACDAY-1-50-X2  RACDAY-1-44-X2  RACDAY-1-38-XL  RACDAY-1-36-X2  RACDAY-1-34-XL  RACDAY-1-20-XL  RACDAY-1-14-XL  RACDAY-1-11-XLRACDAY-1-9-XL  RACDAY-1-10-X2  RACDAY-1-2-X2  RACDAY-1-15-X2  RACDAY-1-12-XL  RACDAY-1-50-X2  RACDAY-1-54-X2  RACDAY-1-55-X2  RACDAY-1-44-X2  RACDAY-1-43-X2  RACDAY-1-42-XL  RACDAY-1-17-X2  RACDAY-1-35-X2  RACDAY-1-31-X2  RACDAY-1-32-XL  RACDAY-1-33-XL  RACDAY-1-37-XL  RACDAY-1-56-X2  RACDAY-1-49-X2  RACDAY-1-22-XL  RACDAY-1-8-XL  RACDAY-1-18-XL  RACDAY-1-16-X2  RACDAY-1-29-X2

Jos Ascano VE3LHY picking up his Icom ID-31A


Grand Prize Winner – Joe Valente VE3VDK picking up his Icom ID-5100A

Joe Valente

I would like to thank all the staff members at Radioworld for their hospitality and all the questions they answered for me on that day.

I would also like to thank RAC. and the reps for cooking and putting on the seminars…

Last but not least I would like to thank Icom.. For the wonderful prize, I was lucky enough to win.

“73 to all

Joe Valente  VE3VDK
Be Well and Prosper

Radioworld will be “On the Air” during the RAC Winter Contest!


Radioworld's Radio Display
Radioworld’s Radio Display

The Amateur Radio Station at Radioworld, VA3RWI, will be on the air Saturday December 28th during the Radio Amateurs of Canada Winter Contest.

Come and join us from 9:30 – 15:00 on Saturday.

Everyone is welcome to drop by and operate one of the many HF Stations we have set up and on display whether you are a licensed Amateur operator or NOT, we would love to have you visit and make a contact.

For other operators that will be on during the contest, listen for us and give us a hello!

For more information on the RAC Winter Contest, please click here .

Radio Days Are Back: Ham Radio Licenses at an All-Time High

Foxnews recently reported that Amateur radio licences in the US are at an all time high!!!

“The newest trend in American communication isn’t  another smartphone from Apple or Google but one of the elder statesmen of  communication: Ham radio licenses are at an all time high, with over 700,000  licenses in the United  States, according to the Federal  Communications Commission.

Ham radio first took the nation by storm nearly a  hundred years ago. Last month the FCC logged 700,314 licenses, with nearly  40,000 new ones in the last five years. Compare that with 2005 when only 662,600  people hammed it up and you’ll see why the American Radio Relay League — the authority on all  things ham — is calling it a “golden age.”

Your can read the entire article here

Here in Canada we are seeing a steady stream of new people entering the hobby, Study guide sales remain strong and all the feedback that I get from the various clubs that hold courses is that they are seeing more and more people attending courses.

If you are interested in getting your amateur licence come by and see us or give us a call and we will get you all the details to get you started.

You can order your very own study guide on on our website


If you want more information check out the Radio Amateurs Of Canada website for more information on clubs in your area, plus much more.


Radioworld has the best display of Amateur Radio products ANYWHERE!

Since its inception in 1999, Radioworld has prided itself in providing the widest selection of Amateur Radio Equipment available to Canadians!

Our Showroom display boasts every Amateur Radio Transceiver powered and ready to go, allowing customers the ability to test drive product before they purchase!

Recently, with the addition of FlexRadio products, we have added the FlexRadio Flex-5000A with 2nd receiver and automatic antenna tuner to the mix.

Radioworld’s VHF/UHF Mobile and HF Transceiver Station (VA3RWI) shown below;

To compliment our Transceiver display, we have the widest selection of Amateur Radio Accessories and handheld radios on display and available for you.

We proudly offer Amateur Radio products from a wide variety manufacturers (large and small) including;

Yaesu, Icom, Kenwood, Alinco, FlexRadio, Ranger, SGC, Alpha Delta, Ameritron, ARRL, Arrow Antenna, Astron, Bencher, Butternut, Comet, Cushcraft, Daiwa, DCI, Diamond Antenna, Geochron, Heil, Hustler, HyGain, Kantronics, Larsen, LDG, Maha, Maldol, MFJ, Miracle Antenna, Mirage, OptoElectronics, Outbacker, Palstar, Pryme, RF Limited, Rigblaster, SCS Modems, Timewave, Unadilla, Vectronics, Vibroplex, WestMountain Radio, Workman and fully support the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Our fully trained staff is largely comprised of Amateur Radio Operators with several other staffers challenging themselves to achieve their amateur radio license.

Angelo Meffe – VE3AMR President
Jack Summers – VA3XR – General Manager
Jeff Heggie – VA3WL – Service Manager
Tim Pacan – VA3FU – Retail Sales Manager
Leo Sweers – VE3ZVD – Asst Sales Manager
Steve Parsons – VE3SMP – Retail Sales
Paul Schukow – VA3FX – Telephone Sales
Pierre Mainville – VA3PM – Telephone Sales
Peter Hicklin – VA3PSH – Telephone Sales
Dave Harding – VE3NUE – Telephone Sales
Victor Timonine – VE3ZIQ – Service Technician
Diane Wilkinson – Telephone/Internet Sales (currently studying for Amateur Radio License)

Adam Meffe, Lawren Wetzel, Bruce Hodgson and John Baglieri all product specialists on our retail sales team have committed to earning their Amateur Radio License in early 2012!

With the wide variety of products we sell, it is important to have a well rounded staff with varied interests and experience. No other store in Canada can offer the expertise and depth as our staff in so many areas. Our staff’s committment to customer service is apparent with their interest in earning recognition and appreciation from the manufacturers we represent and from our customers!