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Power-Pole Drift Paddle are In Stock

For all of you who are taking advantage of the deep water bite and are looking for some better boat control, we have the Power-Pole Drift Paddles in stock. They are available in either single or dual configurations, depending on what setup you have on your boat. The Drift Paddles fit on any model of 8’ or 10’ Power-Poles.


This is a great accessory to take advantage of your Power-Poles no matter what depth you fish at.


Power-Pole Now Available At Radioworld!

power-pole-logoRadioworld always strives to bring fishermen in Canada the latest and greatest electronic tools to make them more efficient anglers.  We are pleased to announce yet another product that will now be available at Radioworld… Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchors!

power-pole-blade-black-image4This has been months in the making and we are finally ready to take orders and provide support when selecting a Power-Pole for your boat.  Power-Pole has an extensive line up for serious anglers of all levels.  The budget friendly Sportsman Series to the top of the line tournament proven Blade will all be available through Radioworld.

As a special bonus we are offering a HUGE savings to anyone ordering a Power-Pole in the month of March.  You’ll save 10% OFF our already low prices!  This includes the Power-Poles themselves, and any other accessory you may need such as brackets, foot switches, etc.


Drop by the store, or call 416-667-1000 to take advantage of this special offer in March!