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Hydrowave Mini Electronic Fishing Aid

Radioworld is excited to share with you the latest in the HydroWave products, the Mini Edition.  Due to knowledge gained during field use, the mini model incorporates new sounds, sound patterns, and usability advancements in a new easy to transport fashion.  The HydroWave Mini allows fisherman to fish anywhere since its transportable.



The HydroWave Mini

Designed for small boats, kayaks, ice-fishing, bank or dock fishing, pontoons, and crappie barges or a bass boat on a budget.

NEW Additional Features:

  • Contains the same Amplification System as the Full Unit Package
  • Contains the same Vibration Reactive Technology & Lateral Reactive Technology
  • Speaker is Omni-directional Waterproof Speaker with an 8′ cable
  • Basic Sounds: Frenzy & Finesse with up/down volume selection
  • Unit is completely Portable and Self-Contained

For more information go to http://radioworld.ca/hydrowave-mini-p-12269.html


HDS-5 Ice Bundle Exclusively at Radioworld

Radioworld is please to offer this exclusive Lowrance ice fishing package. We packaged together the Lowrance HDS-5 Gen 1 Lake Insight GPS/Sonar unit with the PPP-18i Ice Fishing kit to bring you one amazing ice fishing unit.

The special bundle includes:

  • HDS-5 Gen 1 Lake Insight 200kHz GPS/Sonar unit
  • PPP-18i Lowrance Portable ice fishing kit
  • HDS Ice Adapter

With the PPP-18i and HDS Ice Adapter you’ll have everything you need to bring this unit on the ice with you to find and stay on the fish!  A gel cell battery, charger, and ice fishing transducer are packed with the PPP-18i.  The HDS ice adapter provides you with the brackets and adapter cables to work with the PPP-18i.  The HDS-5 also comes with everything you’ll need to run this unit on your boat in the summer including a skimmer transducer.

Purchase this separately and you’re going to be over $900.  We have this priced specially at $799.  Quantities are very limited so don’t delay.


Garmin’s New echo Portable Kit

We are excited to announce Garmin’s new echo 150 Portable Bundle and Portable echo Kit. This portable solution is perfect for anglers who go from boat to boat, or those who fish from small vessels, kayaks, canoes, docks or even through the ice.

The soft-sided carrying case with rigid support arm fits any model of Garmin echo fishfinder, and includes both a sealed rechargeable AGM battery with smart charger and a suction cup transducer mount with float.

The bundle includes an echo 150 with dual beam (200/77 kHz) transducer. The echo 150 features an 8-level FSTN grayscale display, Garmin HD-ID technology, 200 watts of transmit power and wide viewing cone angles (60°/120°) to help see more fish.

The portable echo kit offers existing echo users an exciting portable solution – just add their echo fishfinder, charge the portable battery and they are ready to fish. The entire kit fits conveniently into a 5-gallon bucket so they can easily take it all with them!

We should have these in stock sometime in November.


Lowrance Mark 5x DSI Portable

Want to see bottom structure in high detail?  Want a large 5″ sunlight viewable screen?  Want a portable unit that can go on all your fishing adventures?  We have what you are looking for  – The Lowrance Mark 5x DSI Portable!

The unit comes with a suction cup mount transducer, portable carrying case, and a 8 D-cell battery holder (batteries not included).  This unit is perfect for fly in trips or rental boats.  You can also use an optional 12 volt rechargeable gel cell battery.

Regular price is $280, but we’ve marked this unit down to $150 for this sale.  This special price applies to in stock units only and quantities are limited.  Come in today for a demo of this unit.




Flexible Thermal Night Vision For Any Vessel

If you want to scare yourself, take your boat out on a cloudy, moonless night. With no horizon, no landmarks – navigating through dangerous waters like Georgian Bay can be stressful. Introducing the First Mate thermal night vision camera by FLIR, that comes with everything you need to boat with confidence, 24-hours a day, including:

• Switch between White Hot, Black Hot, and Marine Red Image Presentation Modes
• On-Screen Symbology
• An Optional 2× Lens Extender For Improved Long-Range Imaging Performance
Advanced configurations are also available for those needing added functionality and
• 2× E-Zoom
• Still Image Storage
• Video Capture and Storage
• Improved Environmental Survivability

First Mate and First Mate MS (Marine Scope) give you the power to see at night like never before, and for less money than you can imagine. Whether you’re on a yacht, recreational powerboat, fishing boat, sailboat, or anything in between, you’ll be able to see clearly in total darkness. Any chartplotter with video input can utilize this technology on screen. This way you can view your thermal night vision camera on your chartplotter!

First Mate gives you the power to see more – and to see farther:
• See clearly in total darkness – First Mate requires no light at all
• See logs, rocks, land, and other hazards that radar can miss better than ever
• Boat with confidence at night knowing that you can see harbor entrances, navigational aids and channels better in total darkness
• FLIR’s award-winning maritime thermal night vision technology in the palm of your hand – lightweight and portable

First Mate cameras can help you see people in the water better than  any other night vision technology. Finding someone in the water after dark with a searchlight is more a matter of luck than skill, but First Mate lets you search large areas quickly.

Bottom line: There is no better tool around to help you find a person in the water.

First Mate thermal night vision cameras create pictures by detecting and displaying tiny differences in heat, not light. Even the friction from a person’s finger, and the heat from a hand on a wall leaves enough thermal energy behind to show up clearly to the First Mate. Everything generates thermal energy, even ice! And even though thermal energy is invisible to the naked eye, First Mate thermal night vision cameras can detect it and turn it into a video image that is easy to understand, allowing you to see what your naked eyes can’t see. Using the same technology as FLIR’s best-in-class Navigator II, Voyager, and M-Series thermal night vision systems, First Mate gives you the information to help you see at night and stay safe. Just think of the possibilities away from the boat!  These small, lightweight portable cameras come in a great carrying case that can be used year round. I’m looking forward to using our new MS 324 early this season and will report my experiences in a future blog.


Humminbird Ice Fishing Rebates

Humminbird has a rebate program currently running on some of their most popular ice fishing flashers and portable sonar units.

ICE 45 $45 Mail In Rebate

ICE 55 $55 Mail in Rebate

ICE 345c and ICE 385ci Coupon for Portable Suction Cup transducer XPT 9 20 T. Valued at $75.

For those of you looking for a portable sonar unit that can be used on the ice and in the boat the ICE 345 and ICE 385 are both models worth checking out.  They are in stock and on display at Radioworld.  Come on by for a demo!

These promo’s apply to units bought between September 1st 2011 and December 31st 2011.


Lowrance Weekend Getaway Sales Event

Lowrance has some incredible incentives starting today on just about their full product line of sonar and GPS units.  Anywhere from $10 – $200 off select units ranging from the Mark-5x to the HDS-10.  The Weekend Getaway Sales Event runs from October 28th 2011 – February 12th 2012.  Here is a complete breakdown of the mail in rebates being offered by Lowrance.

$200 Rebate on

  • HDS-10 Base US 83/200kHz
  • HDS-10 Insight USA 83/200kHz
  • HDS-8 Base US 83/200kHz
  • HDS-8 Insight USA 83/200kHz
  • HDS-7 Base US 83/200kHz
  • HDS-7 Insight USA 83/200kHz

$100 Rebate on

  • HDS-5 Basemap 83/200kHz
  • Elite-5
  • Elite-5 Gold
  • Elite-5 DSI
  • Elite-5 Gold DSI

$50 Rebate on

  • HDS-5x 83/200kHz
  • Elite-5x
  • Elite-5x DSI
  • Mark-5x DSI
  • Mark-5x DSI Portable

$20 Rebate on

  • Mark-5x Pro

$10 Rebate on

  • Mark-5x
  • Mark-5x Portable

For complete details on this special promotion click here.  There is a limit of 3 rebates per household so you could save hundreds if you plan to reoutfit your current boat or fully equip your new boat.


Radioworld’s 2011 Ice Fishing Seminar & Sale

We are pleased to announce for the third straight year Radioworld will be hosting our Ice Fishing Seminar and Sale on Saturday December 10th, 2011.  Some of the regions best ice anglers will be on hand presenting seminars to help you improve your success rate on the ice!

Among the speakers are Barry Graves from Keswick, ON who will be sharing his hotspots on Lake Simcoe and tips on how he found them.  Award winning author Wil Wegman will be presenting his seminar on Ice Fishing Lake Simcoe – Maximize Your Success This Winter.  Jeff Chisholm from Belleville, ON will be speaking on Bay of Quinte Walleye Fishing and how to best utilize Navionics charts on the ice.  “Big Jim” McLaughlin will be sharing his experiences on ice fishing and how the sport has evolved .

Along with the free seminars presenting throughout the day we will also be having our biggest sale on ice fishing electronics and accessories of the year!  You’ll find some of the lowest prices we have ever offered on flashers, underwater cameras, portable ice sonars, and related accessories!

Pro-Staff from manufactures such as MarCum, Lowrance, Humminbird, Navionics, Vexilar, St Croix Rods, and Aqua-Vu will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have relating to their products.

Please register with us by email icefish2011@radioworld.ca, by calling 416-667-1000, or by dropping in the store. 

Over the next few days we will be posting blogs profiling each of our seminar speakers…stay tuned!!