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5th Annual Ice Fishing Seminar and Sale

Radioworld is hosting its 5th Annual Ice Fishing Seminar on Saturday December 7th 2013.  Doors will open at 9:15am and we will get underway with our first seminar at 9:30am.  Full details can be found below.

icefish2013 flyer

Be sure to join us and learn from some of the top ice anglers in southern Ontario!



Wil Wegman’s Ice Fishing Seminar in Georgina

If you’ll be in the Georgina area this Thursday February 7th 2013 be sure to check out this seminar by Wil Wegman and a bonus guest Gerry Heels on Ice Fishing!

If you can’t make this one but are going to the Sportsman’s Show in Toronto this weekend you can see Wil at 1pm on Friday the 8th talking Ice Fishing again.

Wil Seminar

For Immediate Release:                                                                                                                                                                                January 28, 2013

Lake Simcoe: Former Focus on Fishing newspaper columnist for the Georgina Advocate and award winning outdoor writer Wil Wegman will be hosting another ice fishing seminar in the Town of Georgina. He will present  on Thursday February 7th 2013  from 7pm to 9pm at the legendary Briars Resort, 55 Hedge Road, in, Jackson’s Point (www.briars.ca)

Wegman, who won the 2006 Perch Trap Attack on Simcoe was also a member of Team Canada at the World Ice Fishing Championships in 1991 and has had several top ten finishes in the Canadian Ice Fishing Championships. He won the Perchin for MS event with his son Izaak in 2011 and placed 3rd in 2012 when 200 teams competed. He taught ice fishing courses at Seneca College for 20 years and presents his popular ice fishing seminars from Sudbury to Toronto and from St Catharines to Ottawa. His ice fishing articles have been published in Ontario Out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, In Fisherman, and Just Fishing magazines. Wil writes the Hooked on Fishing column for Lake Simcoe Living Magazine which is available around the lake at many local businesses.

Wegman is excited about returning to Georgina. “Last time we were here in 2011, every seat in the house was filled and we had standing room only. The crowd in Georgina is great – and many are well seasoned veterans just looking for a tip or two to help them ice more fish.”    

Wegman’s power point presentation will focus on finesse ice fishing tactics with particular emphasis on how to catch more whitefish, lake trout, yellow perch and northern pike, from Lake Simcoe during the winter. “Lake Simcoe is a huge body of water and receives more fishing pressure than any other inland lake in the province. With all that hard water and all those other ice anglers, it can be a daunting lake to try and figure out. I hope ice anglers walk away from the evening having learned a thing or two to help them understand the lake and its fish a little more,” he said.

With that knowledge and the tips and tricks Wegman will reveal on how to catch those fish … ice anglers of all skill levels are sure to find the evening both entertaining and rewarding. I’m especially happy that Lowrance Electronics and Navionics rep Gerry Heels will accompany me and offer anglers some incredible insight into the sonar units used for ice fishing. He will also provide great tips on how to maximize the performance of these units while using the latest Navionics map chips during the winter”, said Wegman.

An incredible array of draw prizes will be awarded thanks to HT Tackle. Admission is free … however everyone is asked to bring an assortment of non-perishable food items for the local Georgina Food Bank.

For more Information

Focus On Fishing


Big News for the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship

Great news for anglers who interested in getting involved in competitive ice fishing this season.  Here is the press release from the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship regarding their tournament taking place on Lake Simcoe in February.

Canadian Ice Fishing Championship (CIFC)
February 25-26, 2012             www.cifc.org

The Town of Georgina is officially the First Place sponsor of the 2012 Canadian Ice Fishing Championship. The $7500 First Place prize guarantee previously announced by the organizers, Lures & Tours, is secured with this generous support. In addition, the Town’s sponsorship includes presentation of a new Championship Trophy.

A member of the Economic Development Committee will be in attendance at the awards ceremony to present the trophy and the cheque for $7,500.00.

“On behalf of the Town of Georgina, the Economic Development Committee is pleased to once again be a sponsor of the Georgina Fishing Series and is glad to see that Lures and Tours is dedicated to continuing the tradition of promoting recreational fishing in Georgina. The Town of Georgina recognizes that recreational fishing is a contributor to the local economy and wishes Rosa Sharpe and Charlie Ross all the best with the 2012 Georgina Fishing Series.“  Karyn Stone, Economic and Tourism Development Officer.

Lures & Tours thanks the Town of Georgina for this major endorsement to a new era for the Championship and to fishing in Georgina. Future references to the First Place prize will be associated with the Town of Georgina and the town logo.

$7500 Guaranteed First Place
Sponsored by the Town of Georgina 

Media, Sponsorship and Registration Inquiries:

Phone 705-738-5757 / Cell 905-251-5624
Lures & Tours / Canadian Ice Fishing Championship

P.O. Box 561, Bobcaygeon, ON K0M 1A0


Ice Seminar Presenter – Wil Wegman

Although Wil Wegman is a regular competitor on CSFL’s Bassmania Trail, he is also an accomplished ice angler. Wil was a member of Canada’s National Team  at the World Ice Fishing Championships in 1991.  He taught ice fishing courses at Seneca College from 1986 to 2006 and presents seminars on ice fishing across Ontario. Wil has several top ten finishes in the Canadian Ice Fishing Championship and won the 2006 Perch Trap Attack on Lake Simcoe. Most recently on March 12, 2011, Wil and his son Izaak placed 1st in the MS Perch Tournament on Lake Simcoe that saw over 75 teams compete.

Wil is an award winning freelance writer with many ice fishing articles published in various magazines as: Ontario out of Doors, Outdoor Canada, Real Fishing, Big Jim’s Just Fishing and In Fisherman. He’s the fishing columnist for Lake Simcoe Living Magazine. Wil’s home lake is Simcoe, and he has extensive knowledge of this the most intensively fished inland lake in Ontario.

His presentation at Radioworld will offer participants an in depth understanding of this lake and it’s four top winter gamefish … lake trout, whitefish, yellow perch and northern pike.  Wil has developed a finesse approach to catching these fish through the ice that will help you get bit like never before.

Wil is representing HT Enterprises, the largest distributor of ice fishing related tackle in the industry. Learn to maximize the incredible array of lures, rods, reels, line and other tackle that HT has available. For More information or to contact Wil, log onto his Focus on Fishing site at : www.wilwegman.com

Come and join us on Saturday December 10th for our 3rd Annual Ice Fishing Seminar and Sale and be sure to take in Wil’s seminar.  To register for the FREE seminar please email us at icefish2011@radioworld.ca.


What a Weekend!

That was by far the nicest stretch of weather I can ever remember in October and to fall on Thanksgiving weekend what more could you ask for?  We hope you had a great weekend spending time with family and friends…and of course enjoying the great outdoors with your electronic gadgets!

I was fortunate enough to get a day of fishing in Sunday on Lake Couchiching.  We were planning this to be a pike trip as they usually turn on big time in the fall on Lake Couchiching, but with the weather we had leading up to the weekend it was hard not to bring our bass gear.  We knew the smallmouth would be all over the shallows soaking in the warm sun.

When We arrived the lake was gin clear, flat calm and the sun was high in the sky.  The smallmouths were all over the shallow rock and sand flats the lake is famous for.  If I made a conservative estimate, we saw over 100 bass by noon.  They were grouped up in schools of about 10-15 fish.  We’d find some fish, catch as many as we could in the school then move on to the next one.

While we didn’t get any big fish we caught some good numbers and they put up a great fight on the light tackle we were using.  We tried Rapala DT crankbaits, and Xrap jerkbaits (which usually produce on Couch), but all of our fish came on 5″ tubes Set The Hook tubes in Dark Melon Purple.  Dead sticking the tube was the key.  The fish would spook as the lure was falling, but once it hit the bottom they would come right back and go for it!

Finding the fish were made easy with our electronics.   Locating the right depth and bottom composition on the flats we were fishing was made easy with our sonar unit.  Looking for a double echo on our sonar revealed the hard bottom areas where the fish were grouped up.  Using a Magellan handheld GPS loaded with Navionics charts makes finding these flats easy.  Looking for areas where the shallow contour lines were further apart and the deeper ones close together was where we found the fish.  In other words a shallow flat that dropped off quickly to deep water.

Near the end of the day the wind picked up and we decided to try for some pike like we originally planned.  We fished a little known weedline and I had a monster follow out.  With the water as clear as it was, we saw this fish follow up from about 30 feet out.  I tried speeding up and slowing down the retrieve but this fish just wanted to follow I guess.  It was an exciting way to end the day even though I didn’t catch that fish!

– Lawren

Here Fishy Fishy

The Minnesota State Fair is using one of the products we sell here at Radioworld in a unique way.  One of the favorite attractions at the fair is the giant pond loaded with over 20 species of fish.  The organizers of the fair took a MarCum VS825 underwater camera, placed it in the pond and are streaming the video live over the internet.

Amung the Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Pike, and Walleye are some more unique creatures.  Some of the highlights include the 25-30 lb Paddlefish swimming around and the 40 year old Sturgeon which is pushing the 60 lb mark.  The pond is also home to one of the rarest fish in the Land of 10 000 Lakes region of Minnesota – the Blue Sucker.

The live video feed will run until the end of the fair on September 5th 2011.  Take a look and see what you can spot – Marcum VS825 Live Feed.

– Lawren