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The Big Picture

Driving in this morning, traffic was much worse than it’s usual messiness. Through some great devices, which are sold at Radioworld, we can see how much technology has come along to help us.

My Garmin Nuvi 3597LMTHD GPS had this to say:

Nuvi 3597LMTHD
Nuvi 3597LMTHD

Unfortunately, in this case, the Nuvi could not give me any detour options – there weren’t any ! I knew about the slowdown well in advance, but unfortunately thought everything would be cleaned up before I got there – wrong !
The Garmin live traffic information is excellent. On numerous occasions it reports traffic much sooner than the local news / advertising station with their traffic reports every ten minutes. Sometimes you can’t wait ten minutes !

Looking at my vehicle tracking (below) with my Bluefox GPS Tracker you can see the slowdown where the reporting points are much closer together. If you are a fleet owner, you won’t be questioning why your driver took longer than normal to arrive – you’ll have the facts right in front of you, near real time.

Bluefox GPS Tracker
Bluefox GPS Tracker

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New Products coming soon to Radioworld

As part of my blog I will be updating you on all the new and exciting products coming to the store in the next few months.

Garmin has some exciting new products coming in the next few months.

To replace the popular FishFinder series, they have announced the Echo series of fish finders, offering a wide assortment for all price points take a look here for all the models, expected in store late March or April.

The popular Nuvi line up continues to expand, Garmin has announced the 2000 series of automotive units, Garmin has a unit for all budgets, plus many units now come with life-time traffic and mapping, so you will never pay for a map update again for the life of the GPS… Check them out here

For the commercial truck driver, Garmin has announced the Dezl series of commercial truck GPS units, made with the truck driver in mind these units offer the NTTS database for the USA, and truck specific routing for the USA. Also with this series they are now offered in a large 5″ display with life-time mapping. Many new features have been added included driver logs etc.

Check them out here

From Lowrance comes the new addition to the Elite series of fish finders, these units now add down scan imaging as a feature, this will greatly enhance the images of the bottom, to allow you to land that big one.

Read all about it here

I hope you found this useful, and stay tuned for more updates


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Radioworld is hoping to make your Christmas shopping even easier by having some great gift ideas to fit every budget!

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Radioworld is hoping to make your Christmas shopping even easier by having some great gift ideas to fit every budget!

Great Gift Ideas Under $200.00


  All items can be ordered online at our Website