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Icom Announces the new ID-4100A

Icom has released a sneak preview of their new ID-4100A Dual band D-Star transceiver.

Some cool new features (see the image below) are coming soon.
Bluetooth option, D-Star Repeater mode, and Terminal and access point mode, are just a few of the exciting capabilities.
No pricing yet, but we will be carrying this new D-Star mobile when it becomes available.



NEW Hydrowave Mini

HydrowaveThere is a really cool new product coming out from Hydrowave in the next month or so. It’s going to be called the Hydrowave Mini and is geared towards anglers in smaller boats, kayaks, shore fishermen, etc. This will retail for under $130.

Here are the details on the Hydrowave Mini that I have so far…

2 Sounds pre-programmed which are Passive Shad and Shad Frenzy (the two most popular ones).

There will be an 8′ cable from the control head to the speaker.  There will be a volume up/down and pause and play buttons on the control head.

The Mini will be powered by a 9 volt battery and should last about 6-8 hours.

This sounds perfect for ice fishing as well!


Fugawi Marine ENC Upgrade Program

Do you have an older version of Fugawi Marine ENC or Navionics NavPlanner?  If so, and you’d like to upgrade it to Fugawi Marine 5, here is an offer from Fugawi to upgrade at 50% off .


The qualifying products for the end-user 50% off are Fugawi Marine version 3 and higher, and a slew of other serial numbered products made by Fugawi under the Navionics brand, even maps and charts. The full list is:

Fugawi 3, Fugawi Marine ENC 3, Fugawi Global Navigator 4, Fugawi Marine ENC 4, Fugawi Global Navigator 4.5, Fugawi Marine ENC 4.5, Fugawi Canada Maps, Fugawi Map of America, Fugawi UK Ver. 1, Ver. 2 and Ver. 4, Fugawi Fishing Lakes USA, Navionics NavPlanner 2, Navionics HotMaps Explorer.

The best part of the Upgrade program is that unlike other upgrades you keep the old qualifying software and receive a loyalty discount of 50% to download the latest and greatest FM5. Upgrade here – upgrade.fugawi.com 



3 New Products from Minelab – 2 New Detector Bundles and a New Carry Bag

To enhance the metal detecting experience, Minelab is pleased to announce two new metal detector bundles, which are now available and in stock at Radioworld.

The X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack
Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Twice the ADVENTURE ! Now get the best of both worlds by using the 7.5 kHz coil for all around detecting and treasure hunting, then quickly swap to the 18.75 kHz coil for finding those elusive small gold nuggets when prospecting.




The Safari Pro Pack

Now you can detect for longer by using the rechargeable battery as your main power source, and keep the AA battery pack as a backup. You can also use the supplied headphones to cut out more environmental noise and pick up faint target signals of even more treasures.

Minelab Safari Pro Pack
Minelab Safari Pro Pack

CTX 3030 Vinyl Carry Bag

Carrying your CTX 3030 just got easier. We are debuting a new carry bag for the CTX 3030, which can also be used for convenient transport and storage for other Minelab Treasure and Gold metal detectors. The sturdy vinyl bag provides more height for the control box ( user interface ) to comfortability inside and provides a zipped storage compartment to safely keep other accessories.
Coming soon.


The Flex Insider – It’s Q4. Where’s My Radio?

A Word from the CEO

I am sure some of you are asking that question so we wanted to provide the answer. The short version is that units will begin shipping to our beta team in November with general availability units to follow in the first quarter.   A more detailed explanation of the reasoning is as follows:

In development of the FLEX-6000 Signature Series, we have consistently assumed the position that it is more important to do things right the first time than to take shortcuts. Many times in software development there are design decisions where one can choose to quickly “hard code” for the short term rather than to take the time to architect a long term solution or “framework.” We have simply made the decision to architect a solid framework so that we deliver a product that will last for years to come.

While the FLEX-6000 Series resembles radio architectures FlexRadio currently delivers to its government customers, the new transceivers are unlike any other commercial amateur radio products on the market. Though we are leveraging the work we did for our commercial customers and have redirected our resources from this project to our amateur project, we are not duplicating it, hence the additional development time. Think of the FLEX-6000 Series as a “platform” for delivering radio applications. Some of those applications are obvious and some of the most interesting are not so obvious. When building a platform, it is important not only to implement the common use cases but to plan for the future ones as well.

So where are we? We are currently developing on four parallel paths: FPGA Digital Signal Processing (DSP), radio software/Application Programming Interface (API) for the business logic and base-band DSP, Graphical User Interface development (GUI), and GUI integration to the radio API. We are also performing a detailed use case analysis to make sure we have covered all the bases in the design.

Most of the major component modules and the GUI framework are in place and we have begun integration of the GUI with the radio’s network API. We are streaming real signals over the network to real spectral displays running on the real GUI with real audio playing through the speaker. We are hard at work to complete integration and testing and are focusing on completing the coding of the various use cases.

On the hardware front, our contract manufacturing partner, Austin Manufacturing Services (AMS), is in the process of building pre-production radios. Pre-production is where you build production ready hardware in low volume to work out any production kinks. We expect this process to be completed during the month of November. Assuming all goes well in testing the pre-production units, we will be prepared to release and ramp production volumes when the software is ready.

Our team is highly motivated and working hard toward the goal of delivering a radio that you will enjoy and be proud to own for many years. We also want it to be a radio that we are proud to deliver. That is why we call it the “Signature Series.” Thank you for placing your confidence in FlexRadio and for extending your patience while we bring you the best radio we know how to provide.

Gerald Youngblood, K5SDR President & CEO

New Coiltek 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil for X-TERRA Series

From Coiltek Manufacturing’s Find-of-the-month contest ..

September Winner’s Story

WONDERFUL  WOT I have been detecting for a few years now and have always been a bit of a slowcoach. I often go out hunting with a mate and it is usual for him to cover many times more ground than me. Sometimes being slow and thorough is a good thing but for recently dropped modern coin hunting I wanted a faster way to cover more territory and reap the rewards. For these modern coin hunts I use my great old workhorse the Minelab X-TERRA 70 as it’s light, precise and a pleasure to swing.

New 15″ X-TERRA Coil from Coiltek

I was very pleased when I learned that Coiltek had gained the rights (the first ever to do so) from Minelab to develop and market a new, bigger coil for the X-TERRA range of detectors and I got straight on the phone and put my order in. On the release day I was at their doorstep and purchased a new 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil.

I soon learned the benefits of this nice addition to my X-TERRA, it was sensitive, light for size and the TID numbers were spot on. Within a fortnight of part-time hunts it had paid for itself in coin finds. At the beach it helped me cover larger areas than I had ever done before in a typical 3 to 4 hour session and being waterproof I had no worries if I wanted to do some shallow wading.

However, I mainly I wanted to tell you about 5 park hunts over a month with this special coil. All were 3 to 4 hours long. The 1st hunt netted $68 in coin, and some silver jewellery. The 2nd was at the same park and I scored $107 and a 5gram 9ct gold ring. The 3rd was at a new park and I bagged $50 odd and a 4.9gram 22 ct gold earring. The 4th and 5th were at the another park and brought home $132 and $258 plus silver jewellery. $258 in coins had my coin bag straining at the straps with the weight but put a big grin on my face.

Coiltek’s Wonderful X-TERRA WOT works for me.       NSC

You can find the full line of Coiltek Manufacturing’s Minelab metal detector coils at Radioworld, your authorised Coiltek dealer.

Found with Coiltek’s new 15″ X-TERRA all-terrain coil

FlexRadio PowerSDR v2.3.5 is now available for download

FlexRadio Systems is pleased to announce the general availability of the newest release of PowerSDR, version 2.3.5 intended for use with the SDR-1000, FLEX-1500, FLEX-3000 and FLEX-5000 software defined radios.  PowerSDR v2.3.5 has several new significant features, existing feature enhancements and bug fixes.
We recommend that all customers upgrade to v2.3.5 (see the links to the left).  PowerSDR v2.3.5 is not a maintenance release of version 2.2.3 therefore it is highly recommended that you review the PowerSDR v2.3.5 Release Notes, particularly the section “Known Issues or Recommendations with New Features Included in this Release”, before installing and operating your software defined radio with PowerSDR v2.3.5.  This release contains significant changes to PowerSDR’s internal database schema and as such, there are some caveats related to importing data from previous versions of PowerSDR along with new database import requirements and compliance measures.
While the improvements are too numerous to detail, the following is a list of major changes since the previous official release, PowerSDR v2.2.3

  1. Support for new channelized 60 meter band changes and the addition of a visual Channel Mode for PowerSDR
  2. VAC for RX2 (VAC2). VAC2 is available only for use with the FLEX-5000 equipped with a second receiver (RX2)
  3. The maximum VAC sampling rate (SR) has been upgraded to support 96 and 192 KHz
  4. Expanded TX Profiles now saves all significant transmit related PowerSDR settings
  5. RX2 disconnect on transmit
  6. TNF now works properly with ANF so both can be used in a complimentary manner
  7. Expanded TX Profiles now saves all significant transmit related PowerSDR settings
  8. The management of Memories in PowerSDR has been improved to include an automatic DB backup and recovery mechanism in addition to committing memory changes to the memory DB on copy, add and delete operations
  9. Session specific and previous database backups are created for recovery purposes
  10. PowerSDR Database import requirement compliance to prevent applications errors and anomalous behavior of your radio
  11. There are six (6) new PowerSDR skins available. There are five new IK3VIG 2012 skins and a new default skin
  12. New CAT commands to support PowerSDR features
  13. Updated FLEX-1500 USB driver

Thanks to so many of you who have provided constructive feedback during the development process.We would like to express our special appreciation to our internal alpha/beta team for their tireless testing of internal test releases.
– The FlexRadio Software Development & Product Management team


You can download PowerSDR v2.3.5 here.

Humminbird Down Imaging Rebates

Starting today, February 15th and running through May 1st 2012, Humminbird will be offering Mail In Rebates on select Down Imaging units.

    • 788ci DI – $50.00 MIR
    • 858c DI – $50.00 MIR New Model for 2012
    • 958c DI – $75.00 MIR New Model for 2012
    • 1158c DI – $100.00 MIR New Model for 2012

    Down Imaging is one of the greatest tools an angler can have on their boat for finding fishing hotspots.  The detail revealed compared to traditional sonar is like night and day.  Scanning structure has never been easier as down imaging provides a photo like view of the bottom.

What separates Humminbird from their competition’s Down Imaging units is the fact that Humminbird has a traditional sonar units build in as well.  So not only do you all the advantages of Down Imaging for the best possible views of structure, but you get Humminbird’s Switchfire sonar for incredible fish detection and high speed boat operation.