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Boat Draw BannerRadioworld has partnered with Alumacraft Boats, MinnKota and Humminbird to make this one-time offer to our customers.

Purchase any marine/fishing related item from Radioworld from February 5th through February 16th, 2015 and be entered in a draw to win an Alumacraft T14V boat, MinnKota EnduraMax 40 Trolling Motor, a MinnKota Battery Power Center and a Humminbird PiranhaMax 155 Fishfinder!

In order to qualify, entrants must purchase from Radioworld (online, in-store at the 2015 Toronto Sportsmen’s Show or 2015 Spring Fishing and Boat Show) and register for the Radioworld and Alumacraft Newsletter by submitting your name, phone number and email address with permission to contact you.

Please note: The winner MUST pick up the boat at Radioworld in Toronto within 14 days of the draw – No exceptions.

Good Luck


ICOM 9100 operating off the grid!

I  had the pleasure of testing a fully loaded ICOM 9100 HF/50 MHZ plus VHF and UHF all mode radio. The radio arrived direct from ICOM Canada fully loaded with all filters plus the UT-121 D-Star module plus the UX-9100 1.2 GHZ module. This radio puts out 100 watts on HF, 6 and 2 meters, 75 watts on 440 and 10 watts on 1.2 GHZ.

This is really the ultimate radio all in one package. Using the optional programming software CS-9100 I was able to program the DSTAR settings very quickly and soon found myself on the VE3LSR repeater talking all over the world. for those that are new to DSTAR, this is Icom’s digital mode and is found on some handheld and mobile radios such as the Icom 92AD or ID880H VHF /UHF radios.


DSTAR allows global communication via a DSTAR repeater connected to the DSTAR gateway.

Here is a picture of the IC-9100 listening to VE3LSR in Barrie, Ontario displaying a callsign from the UK, notice the operating location?, The weather was awesome…The one thing that I noticed, no matter how bright the sun was, the display remained readable at all times… very nice!!!





I also experimented with the RBSA-1 remote control software, this allows control of the basic radio functions across a local network or the Internet via a secure IP address. This software is a fairly basic remote software allowing most of the radio functions to be duplicated on the remote computer screen, but because it is designed to work with many Icom transceivers  many features of the 9100 were not available, this I found disappointing. in addition the configuration is not for the inexperienced computer user, with advanced networking knowledge a must. One must be comfortable configuring router ports and other settings on the users computer. Once configured it was stable and worked well.

One plus is that the IC-9100 has a USB port on the rear panel of the radio, the included USB cable with the RBSA-1 made for easy configuration of the USB audio requirements for the software, it was essentially plug and play.

Now on to the fun stuff!!!

I had the pleasure of taking the radio on the road for a week, I setup the radio at my cottage. As the title of this article suggests, I had plans to operate the radio off the grid for a few days, take a simple G5RV antenna for the HF needs and a mobile 2M/440 antenna for the VHF/UHF stuff and away we go.

For power I planned on operating from a group 27 deep cycle battery that I use for my trolling motor, I figured this would keep me going for sometime. I have the battery located in a very handy Minn Kotta battery case, this case is awesome, it provides high current terminal connections plus it is fully protected by circuit breakers up to 60 amps.

There is a battery status indicator on the top panel, plus 2 12 volt outlets that can handle up to 5 amp current draw fully protected by circuit breakers. for $75.00 this case beats all the ones I have seen out there. O yea and it fits a group 27 battery perfectly, the attached handle has no problem with the 55 pound weight of the battery. A bargain in my opinion.


Here is the setup, IC-9100 and Minn Kotta battery case, great signals on 40 Meters.




On to the antenna, Radioworld has been selling our own version of the famous G5RV for sometime now, these high quality antennas are manufactured in Ontario by a local supplier. over the last few years we have sold a whole bunch. One thing I have learned is you rarely get comments about products when they work well, but should they fall short you will almost certainly hear about it. Well I can honestly say I have never heard a bad thing about these antennas.. So I felt the need to take one  and review it.

The first thing you will notice is when you take it out of the box is the construction quality… amazing, nothing but the best parts used here. For the purpose of the testing I used the 1/2 size G5RV as I was concerned about the available space I had, I knew I could fit 51 feet, not sure about 102 feet. So i opted for the 1/2 size version.

Both models come completely assembled and included 50 feet of coax cable with connector supplied and installed, ladder line that is used is very low profile and balun is installed to prevent and RF getting back down the coax. This antenna is really plug and play, toss it into the trees and away you go.

I only was able  get the antenna up about 20 feet in the air, not the most ideal, but the 16 feet of ladder line was straight and not laying on the ground, this was critical, I was skeptical about the  installation.

Now to say the HF bands have been dead over the this past summer would be an understatement… daytime was a waste of time, so I planned on evening operations covering 20 meters and 40 meters.

My first night with the IC-9100 was spent learning all the great filtering capabilities of this radio, the two optional filters installed in the radio made for some interesting learning, but boy did they work. I had the fortunate luck of virtually no man made noise, the fact I was operating on a battery seemed to help. I also had no RF issues, in fact I opted not use a ground.. NO RF coming back down the coax. the balun in the antenna was doing a great job.

The internal antenna tuner in the ICOM 9100 had no problem tuning any frequency from 40 Meters and up, it was quick, seemed to remember were I had been and was lightning quick in retuning. Once I got a complete understanding of the radio it was down to business.

After sunset 20 meters opened up most nights with great signals from Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

My first call netted me Italy and about 6 other European countries all with 59 plus signal reports, in some cases 20 db over S9. I though wow 100 watts and a simple G5RV this is working well. As the night moved on 20 started to shut down so i moved to 40 meters.. Had lots of contacts through the US, again with great reports. a few Europeans in the DX window were also worked

Most fellow hams were blown away by the audio from the radio using only the included hand mic, when I described the setup, battery and G5RV,  most of the high powered guns I spoke to running a kilowatt were very impressed.

On the second night the fun really started, with some big guns out of Kuwait working US pileups.I figured myself and a 100 watts and a poorly installed antenna would not stand a chance, but boy was I wrong, typically 2 calls and boom a new country in the books for me. later in the evening the coast of Africa and various other countries including Russia were added to the log. This setup was providing lots of fun.

The rest of the week provided the same kind of results over the course of the week i worked over 40 countries and 20 or so states.

The battery only required one recharge and the radio continued to provide full power output at all times, this was by far a nice way to operate, proving that a power supply and a wall plug are not always needed.

I had a great week with the radio at the cottage, and overall spent about about two months playing with it. A true station in a box, this radio does it all, from HF to DSTAR to satellite communications a true one of a kind.

I want to thank Paul Veel at Icom Canada for sending me the radio and letting me experience this great product.

This will be my next radio for sure








Annual Holiday Sale on Now!!!

Radioworld has started its Annual Winter 2011 Sale today with Special Deals and Clearouts just in time for the Holidays!

Take a look at the online catalogue to get some great ideas and see these specials!

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Back from vacation!

Well I am back from vacation and what a great time away I had!

Florida… NO!  Vegas…. NO!  European Cruise…. NO!    A nice relaxing week on the Bay of Quinte! YES!!!   In my opinion, Canada can provide the best kind of vacation for a guy like me.

I started off by heading down to my vacation place on the Bay of Quinte, boat in tow.

The Bay of Quinte is renowned for World Class Walleye fishing!

I was on the water every day, fishing weed lines mostly.  This time of year the walleye tend to bury themselves in the shallow and newly emergin weeds. Casting Berkley Flicker Shad outside of the weeds was the perfect solution for hitting my limit each day!
A few weeks back I installed a new MinnKota Terrova 80 with I-Pilot on my boat (replacing a cable steer Maxxum 80). I had plenty of time to get to know this electric motor and LOVE it.  In my opinion this motor is the BEST Accessory I could have added. For the type of fishing I do, the motor proved to be convenient, easy to use and provide better boat handling that I could do on my own (I never got the hang of cable steer, under power, while casting or trying to tie a line… LOL).  

I have also upgraded my console Chartplotter/Sonar to a Humminbird 998Csi which is linked to a Humminbird 788CiHD on my bow!  These are excellent units, providing bright sunlight-readable displays and top notch sonar views. Combined with the Navionics Platinum Plus and Navionics Hot Maps Canada Premium charts, I had the best information available to navigate safely and understand the underwater structure!

Later in the week I returned home, parked the boat and grabbed my trailer loaded with the ATV’s.
– 2011 Dodge Ram 2500 Diesel
with thanks to Durham Chrysler
– 2011 24′ Triton Lowboy  with thanks to Triton Trailers  and Alumite Enterprises
– (2) 2006 Arctic Cat 650 TRV from
Mike Ball at Snow City Cycle

A large group of us (19 riders) headed down to the bottom end of Prince Edward County (Point Petrie) and had a blast….

Yes this is me (the guy standing on the seat of his ATV on the left) with wet feet!
We did manage to dry off and have something to eat!

Lunch was Wild Boar and Bison Burgers and Venison Sausage compliments of Meat Monger Sean Kelly from Black Angus Meats and beer!

Now its back to work time!

2011 Sportsmens Show is in the books….

WOAH…. What an event the 2011 Toronto Sportsmens Show turned out to be! The Fishing Hall was chock full of the best in fishing electronics and related accessories from Lowrance, Humminbird, Garmin, Icom, Standard Horizon, Vexilar, FishHawk, Navionics,  Marcum and more! MinnKota Trolling Motors and the new MinnKota Talon was another big hit and the prices at the Radioworld booth were something that was not to be missed!

The rest of the Fishing Hall was filled with the widest selection of fishing rods, lures, line, boats, motors, downriggers and all good things fishing, plus a huge selection of ATV’s and those world famous Triton Trailers (they are the best for sure). 

The Great Outdoors Seminar Stage was a HUGE HIT and featured the best in the industry talking to folks about fishing.
Bob Izumi was a big hit as always and shared some great stories with everyone. Bob was joined by friends Big Jim McLaughlin, Rocky Crawford and Radioworld ProStaffer Grant McAllister, all passing along fishing tips and techniquies to young and old all weekend long!

The Hunting Hall was also a big hit featuring some of the best Northern Wildlife exhibits I have ever seen.  Radioworld had a busy booth there as well, selling Game Cameras, Walkers Game Ear, Garmin GPS’s, Topo Software, Bushnell Binoculars, Spotting Scopes and Range Finders, SPOT Satellite Messengers, Swiss Army and Gerber knives and tools and some of the coolest solar power battery charging systems ever seen!

I have to thank the folks at Lowrance and Humminbird for assisting with an awesome ProStaff Team (Gerry Heels, Rick Weatherill – Lowrance)(Pete Bartonek – Humminbird) and my hats off to Team Humminbird and Team Garmin for a great showcase of products and ProStaffers at their corporate booths.

I also wanted to say thanks to a great show team. Bruce and Adam in the Hunting Hall, Lawren, Paul, Leo and Grant in the Fishing Hall…. You guys rock!

And to all my customers and friends… Thanks for making my weekend so enjoyable. I love my job…I love seeing all you people, laughing, telling stories and sharing lunches!

Jack Summers

Spring Fishing and Boat Show

Anyone else tired of winter yet?   Well I am of mixed feelings for a few reasons. Firstly as a new sledder, I am really enjoying winter activities for the first time in my adult life!  Sure playing in the snow was fun as a kid… but in reality… it can really bite as we grow older!  The new sleds and the technical clothing made today makes life a lot more simple and enjoyable.

The next reason why I don’t mind winter is probably the more important one… “Show season”!  Most in the industry HATE the shows…but not me. It’s a great time to see what is new… its a better time to catch up with old friends and see those who we have not seen in awhile!

This coming weekend is the Spring Fishing and Boat Show being held at the International Centre in Mississauga!  Nothing gets the blood pumping more than knowing that Spring is around the corner and that open water fishing is coming soon!   This years show is going to be AWESOME.  Show Organizers Andy and Vita Pallotta have been working to put a bigger and better show together and the hype has never been better! 

Radioworld will be there with a HUGE booth and prices are slashed to the bone!   We will have awesome deals on Lowrance products (even more savings the HDS units with HUGE Factory Rebates), Humminbird, Minn-Kota, Garmin, Navionics Ram Mounts, Vexilar, Marcum, Aqua-Vu. FishTV, FishHawk, Revere ComfortMax, GoPro, Contour HD, Icom, Standard Horizon, Cobra, Streamlight, Durasafe, GoLight, Gerber, Backroads Maps, TopoNav, Fugawi, SPOT, Globalstar Satellite Phones and more!!!

Don’t forget to pop in and visit us at the show and say hello!

See you there!