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CMD Forum and Minelab “Newbie” Contest

Minelab (and Radioworld )  is proud to partner with the Canadian Metal Detector Forums (www.canadianmetaldetecting.com) and support MDers new and old.  I challenged the CMD Team to create a contest that would be fun, interesting and create further interest in our hobby. Let me tell you that nobody was disappointed.

Forum Moderator “Crusty” came up with the concept for a Newbie Contest and took the reigns from there…..  Here is a link to some of the fantastic stories that were submitted  but in the end, there was one story that hit home and the “Newbie” Contest Prize was awarded.  Allow me to share the story from here….Mrs Radar wrote:

I have been metal detecting since last spring. I saw an article about a woman who found a large diamond at Crater of Diamonds State Park on the internet one day. I watched several YouTube videos about the park and thought I would love to do that, but Arkansas is pretty far away…After watching those, I saw some videos in the “you might also be interested in” column and they were about metal detecting! After watching quite a few of those, I mentioned to my husband that I would like to try it. He bought a detector for me for Mother’s Day and I have been enjoying md’ing ever since! (My husband got his own detector 2 weeks later and we love going metal detecting together now.)

As I was recuperating from cancer surgeries and going through treatments at the time I started detecting, I found it very cathartic and it gave me a reason to get out for exercise 3-5 times a week, not to mention, I love being outdoors. Some of my favourite times have been when I was able to find lost items for people and the look of gratitude when it was returned. I would like to continue finding lost items for others (free of charge of course) and, finding other items that I get to keep is just icing on the cake!

I found both these rings on the same day. Have to say the gold one is my favorite find so far…  Congratulations to Mrs Radar from Burlington, ON

But this is NOT the end of the story…..

Mrs Radar also wrote:

 After picking up the new Minelab detector that I won in the Newbie contest, went out with Radar and the grandkids for a little md’ing at a local park. First two finds were modern pennies. Then I got a great signal that produced this:


It’s a $10.00 coin from the 1976 Montreal Olympics issued by the Royal Canadian Mint. Almost 1.5 ounces of fine silver! (The toonie is in the picture just to show the size of the coin.)

I can’t thank Jack from Minelab  Canada and CMD enough for running the contest. This new machine is awesome!!!

You Rock Mrs. Radar!!!

New Maps for Manitoba Lakes from Navionics

It sure has been a great year if you live in Manitoba! Not only are the Jets coming back to Winnipeg, but now Navionics is releasing charting for a number of lakes in the province!  The additions to the Navionics Gold 2XG for the province of Manitoba are as follows.

Lake Manitoba Narrows

Lake Manitoba: Starting from the North

Brabant Point south to Cucumber Point. Crane River East to Peonan Point & Davis Point. South to Watchorn Bay. Manitoba Narrows. Entire Southern Portion of Lake including Town of Langruth.

Lake Winnipeg: Starting from the North

Nelson River including Ross Island, Towers Island & Playgreen PT. Fleet Point south to Peewee Creek & Little Mossy Point. Montreal Point & Buoys into Lake Winnipeg. All of Lake Winnipeg from Berens Island south 150 Miles to Winnpeg. Traverse Bay, Red River Confluence, Winnipeg River Confluence, Chalet beach, Hillside Beach, Winnipeg Beach, Gimli Harbor.

Red River System

Beginning at the Riverview area downriver to Assiniboine River confluence; continuing south toLake Winnipeg.  Depth soundings throughout and navigational buoy’s where applicable.

Lac Du Bonnet

Winnipeg River System Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg to the Manitoba/Ontario provincial boundary line including: Lake Winnipeg upriver on the Winnipeg River to Pine Falls, Lac Du Bonnet, Pinawa Bay, Lee River, Winnipeg  River south to Natalie Lake, Carter Island Region including Sylvia Lake, Eleanor Lake, Margaret Lake, Dorthy Lake, Nutimik Lake, Pointe Du Bois Power House Region, Matson Island continuing upriver through Big Bay, Lamprey Rapids and Levasseur Island, Eagle Nest Lake NOTE: The section of river from Pine Falls to Macarthur Dam is not available

Winnipeg River System Ontario

Winnipeg River, Tetu lake, English River, Swan Lake, White Dog Dam region, Upriver to Rough Rock Narrows, Throat Rapids, Myrtle Rapids Narrows, Little Sand Lake, Big Sand Lake, Upriver through Town of Minaki, Gun Lake, The Dalles, Indian Reserve portion of the Winnipeg River into Kenora and Lake of the Woods

Bous Quet Rock displayed on a Humminbird Chartplotter

Navionics are compatable in Humminbird and Lowrance GPS chartplotters along with Magellan handheld GPS units.