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Humminbird and Minn Kota Day Seminar

Radioworld is excited to host another seminar on marine electronics this time featuring Humminbird and Minn Kota.  We are thrilled to have Derek Strub at Radioworld to present this seminar.  Derek is well know in the tournament fishing community and a former Canadian Open Champion.  He will be talking about how he uses his electronics to find fish holding structure.  I’m sure he’ll throw in a few tips on how to catch them as well!

With all of Humminbird and Minn Kota’s new products for 2014 there will be a lot of material to cover.  They are certainly making boat control easy with the integration of Humminbird GPS and sonar units to the Minn Kota iPilot Link trolling motors.

There is no charge for this seminar and all are welcome to attend.  It takes place Saturday April 12th, 2014 from 10am-noon. Please register with us at events@radioworld.ca so we can plan for the day.  Coffee and timbits will be provided.

Check out the flyer below for all the details.

HB Day 20142


Lakemaster Digital Fishing Charts

lakemaster logoLakemaster digital GPS charts have quite the following in the Mid-West USA and are starting to creep their way up to the Canadian boarder.  These charts are known for their high detail contour lines allowing fishermen to find the infamous “spot on the spot”. lakemaste chip

If you are using a compatible Humminbird GPS and Minn Kota iPilot Link trolling motor with a Lakemaster chart you can set your boat up to follow a specific contour line.  With the contour lines separated by only a foot you are able to make precise presentations. There is also a contour offset feature which will allow you to set a predetermined distance away from the depth range you wish to fish.  This lets you cast to your target depth without worrying about drifting over the fish and possibly spooking them.

S00004 These maps are currently available for Lake Erie, Lake St Clair, and Lake of the Woods in Canada with hopes of more being available in the future.


Humminbird 360 First Hand Experience

radioworld shirtI was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to get a day on the water with our Humminbird rep John Noel this past week to learn about their 360 Imaging sonar.  My initial impression of the 360 (before I got on the water with one) was it is pricey and too large for most people to even consider.  A $2000+ transducer that is almost the size of a 6’ Talon was just too much for me to get over.  My opinion completely changed after seeing it in use and how practical a tool it truly is and it WILL help you catch more fish.

Humminbird and Minn Kota have done an awesome job at designing their new Talon/360 brackets.  John’s boat had a dual 8’ Talon setup and on the starboard side the 360 adapter bracket was mounted there.  With all this mounted to the transom there is no question it is busy looking.  However, with all the benefits of this technology that outweighs the downside in my mind.

S00004John had the Lakemaster Chart loaded in his 998c SI unit and we navigated to our first fishing spot a mile or so offshore.  Once we arrived we deployed the 360 through the menu in the 998 and began to see exactly how the rock piles on the shoal laid out.  The boat was equipped with a Minn Kota Terrova with iPilot Link which makes navigating while fishing extremely easy.  Through the remote control we had full access to the list of waypoints in the 1198c SI mounted on the bow.  At a low trolling speed we used the iPilot Link to take us from waypoint to waypoint (which were rock piles on the shoal).

I caught a couple of small fish dragging a tube behind the boat and one that I marked on the sonar.  John was fishing for bigger bites with a jigging spoon but didn’t have any luck.  My eyes were opened to the effectiveness of the 360 when I noticed something off to the side of the boat as we were slowly moving to our next waypoint.  I picked up a drop shot with a Jackall Cross Tail tied on and cast in the direction of a rock pile we didn’t have a waypoint on.  After my weight hit the bottom I felt rocks and after dragging it a few feet I got a solid hit.  The fish ended up being a 3 1/2 pounder that I never would have caught without the 360 revealing that structure in perfect detail to me.  I was able to repeat that a few more times throughout the day.


On the 360 there are range rings that show you the distance away from the center (the boats location) so it’s easy to gauge how far you need to cast to reach a target.  When you purchase the 360, Humminbird includes a GPS antenna that has a built in compass heading sensor.  This is what lines up your 360 imaging with the direction of your boat.  When something shows up on the screen to your left it’s actually to the left of the boat so you know right where to cast.

One other thing I noticed about the 360 is that when the boat was stationary the image was much more defined.  This is because the transducer rotates which creates the movement you need for high detail images.  Just like with side imaging your boat needs movement for the best detail.

If you ever get a chance to see a 360 in action it won’t take long before you too are convinced of the value of having this on your boat.  All it took for me was one fish.


Minn Kota’s Universal Mounting Bracket

mk47Every serious fisherman knows the benefit to using a cable steer trolling motor for shallow water fishing and the benefit to using an electric steer GPS-controlled motor for open water fishing.  There has never been a solution to let you run both motors on your boat without completely unbolting one and then bolting the other one on, until now.

Minn Kota’s new Universal Mounting Bracket allows you to easily switch between cable steer and electric steer motors, so you can choose the right trolling motor for the application. Utilizes existing mounting hole patterns, no additional drilling is required. Innovative positioning mechanism allows the motor to slide inboard up to 6” for additional clearance when launching your boat. Removable top plate allows the motor to be easily removed for storage and security.

You can use your iPilot controlled Terrova or Power Drive trolling motor when fishing smallmouth offshore, then switch to your Fortrex when you are in the shallows flipping for largemouth, for the ultimate in boat control!



Radioworld Pro Shane Turcotte Takes on The Detroit River

Radioworld Pro-Staff, Shane Turcotte, shares his experiences on the Detroit River recently while fishing a Walleye Tournament!

Now that I have had some time to rest a little I wanted to do a wrap up of what worked the best and add of gallery of pics from this great walleye factory. With spring being early this year, most of the big females were already back in the lake but the odd big fish still remained. This being new water to us, I spent a considerable amount of time researching on the Internet before going down to Detroit. I wanted to zero in on areas most popular for spawning walleyes. I then wanted to focus on structure that was below the spawning beds. Most times walleye will slip back after the spawn and rest in areas that will have slack and fast water. This way they can still feed but slip back to calm waters to rest. After the spawn they are exhausted and always looking for an easy meal with little effort.

We had a few areas picked out and worked them extremely hard. Our Crestliner Raptor 1850 with a 175 Merc Pro XS lead the charge.  It wasn’t long that we figured out the areas thanks to our  HDS units equipped with Structure Scan and Navionics Platinum Chip supplied by Radioworld.

We caught some nice fish prefishing in the 8-10 lb range. Unfortunately as tournaments go, they were not around on the important days. We decided not to use any live bait. I wanted to use plastics so that I can gain confidence in this technique. Also, the innovation into artificial baits has really taken off. I truly believe once you learn how to fish with artificial baits, you will never go back to live bait. Staying vertical was the key and our Minn Kota 101 Terrova equipped with I-Pilot was a workhorse that never let us down, great technology.

Our most successful setup was the 1/2 oz FireBall jig tipped with 2 different styles of minnow baits from Northland Tackles Impulse Reactionary Baits (see pics) and a slide on Northland stinger hook. This stinger hook played a key role in getting fish in the boat. The bite is reactionary but very lite. The right rod and line for sensitivity was important for being able to set the hook. The Streamside 6 ft medium action Predator was the rod of choice for these hogs. The IM8 graphite blank through the handle creates superior sensitivity and incredible strength, very impressive. I went with 6 lb Berkley Fireline Fused Crystal. This line is extremely durable and low visibility. Never lost a fish in the tournament!

We ended up in 40th spot with 50+ lbs, a good 5 lb per fish average for the 2 days. Not bad for our first time on this system. Lots of notes and pic were taken so that next year we can build on that result. The pre-tournament information gathering really paid off. The Internet can provide tons of important details on any system.

I also want to comment on the fact the Rod Glove, Bait Glove, Rod Glove Saver and Rod Glove Wraps kept all my rods together in one piece on the trip. Keeps your rods organized on the boat with no line tangles. Much more efficient and time saving. Next up is the Team Canada vs Team USA Walleye shootout. This will be a 3 day total weight using the Catch, Record and Release system. No fish are kept in the livewell. Great conservation technique!

-Shane Turcotte

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