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March Madness Sale Starts Today!!

Starting today at Radioworld we are storming into March with our “March Madness Sale”.


There will be a taxes in sale on all of the following…

All Minn Kota products
All Talons
All Power-Pole products
All Transducer Shield and Saver products
All Durasafe
All RAM Mounts
All RMC Boatworks Mounts and Trolling Motor Stabilizers
All Raptor products
All Glomex products
All Lowrance accessories
All Simrad accessories
All Humminbird accessories

We also have the Hydrowave Freshwater models on for $410 taxes in!  The FishHawk X-4 is at $599 taxes in and the FishHawk X-4D is $750 taxes in!

low-elite-7-hdi_mNow if that isn’t enough we are going to have select models from manufacturers on sale like the Lowrance Elite7 HDI Gold for $750, the Humminbird 598 ci HD SI for $840 plus a $100 mail in rebate.  All Navionics charts will be $25 off when purchased with a Humminbird, Lowrance, or Simrad chartplotter.

Much of our remaining Ice Fishing stock from Humminbird and Vexilar is on sale and all MarCum products are so low we can’t even advertise the prices!!  Email, call, or visit the store for MarCum pricing.  Aqua-Vu Micro AV Plus camera’s are on for $355!  The full size Aqua-vu underwater cameras are also part of this sale.

If you are looking for a Garmin Handheld GPS or a Nuvi for the car, we have many selected models on sale right now!


There are many more sales available in store and online.  Sales will end on March 24th 2013 and some restrictions may apply.

Also, don’t forget about our current clearout promotions on Lowrance HDS Base units and Humminbird 998c SI which we are getting close to sold out on!






FLIR Thermal Imaging Now at Radioworld


The much anticipated line of handheld thermal imaging products from FLIR is now in stock at Radioworld.  We have the MS-224 and HM-224 on display for you to take a look at and see how amazing these products are.  The most basic model we sell can detect a man at approximately 1500′ away and can see a small vessel at approximately 4200′!

As you move up through the product line that increases to 4800′ for man detect and 2.4 miles for a small vessel.  The mid range to high end units also allow for photo captures and video captures on SD cards.  They can also connect to your chartplotter or other monitor and provide a live video feed.

Each unit has can use black as hot or white as hot and marine red display depending on your preference.  All units are IP67 and have a 2 year warranty on them.

Come in and check them out today!


New Product Announcements from Yeasu

The new FT1D Digital Portable Transceiver is the first Amateur Radio Dual Band Digital/Analog Transceiver employing advanced C4FM FDMA digital technology that opens the door for thrilling entirely new digital communication features. A new era of Digital Communications in Amateur Radio begins NOW with the introduction of the Yaesu FT1D Handheld Transceiver.

For more info on the FT1D click on the following 2 links

Page 1      Page 2

The new FT DX 3000 HF+50 MHz 100 Watt Transceiver is another excited new product that is certain to capture the hearts of determined DXers and Contesters as well as Casual operators looking for solid communications. Using the newest down conversion and sharp edged crystal roofing filter technology, this fabulous radio attains outstanding receiver performance inherited from Amateur Radio’s leading HF radio; our proud FTDX5000. The market has been waiting for a reasonably priced transceiver that takes a major performance leap forward – the FT DX 3000 is that feature filled compact radio package.

For more info on the FTDX-3000 please click here






Icom Spring Savings Rebates

Starting today, March 1st 2012, purchases made on the handheld Icom M36 will receive a mail in rebate of $30.  If you are in the market for a fixed mount VHF radio the M412 also has a mail in rebate for $20.  These rebates apply to purchases from March 1st 2012 until April 30th 2012.

We have a wide array of VHF antennas in stock for the M412 as well.


Wireless Bluetooth Adapters for 2-Way Radios Now At Radioworld!


RadioWorld is pleased to announce the availability of PRYMEBLU wireless Bluetooth adapters for Amateur Radio and commercial radio use! These adapters are available for both mobile and handheld VHF / UHF radios. With a bluetooth connection to your amateur radio gear you can enhance your driving safety.

Here are the Features:

• PRYMEBLU allows you to use a wireless Bluetooth headset with your two-way radio in place of a speaker microphone or wired audio accessory.

• PRYMEBLU adapters are compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. (Bluetooth headset not included.)

• The pairing process is simple. PRYMEBLU remembers paired connection to the wireless headset even if powered off or removed from the 2-way radio.

• There are several Push-To-Talk options: use the PTT button on the PRYMEBLU adapter to initiate transmissions, use the optional PRYMEBLU wireless Push-to-Talk

BT-PTT Wireless PTT Switch for Bluetooth Adapters

  or use an optional PRYME QuickDisconnect wired audio accessory such as the PTT-5. (Optional accessories are sold separately.)

• Most (multi pin connector) PRYMEBLU models are powered by the radio and do not require any batteries or charging. Simple pin models have an internal Li-Ion battery pack and must be recharged between uses. Mobile models plug into your vehicle’s accessory socket.

• You can enhance your PRYMEBLU with an optional wired PRYME QuickDisconnect earphone or audio accessory for additional privacy. (Optional accessories are sold separately.)

• PRYMEBLU’s patented “Smart Switch” feature automatically routes RX and TX audio to the appropriate wireless or wired audio accessory depending on what accessories are connected to the PRYMEBLU Adapter. When no audio accessories are connected, audio is routed to the radio’s internal speaker and microphone. The smart switch feature not available on the BT-583 model.)

• PRYMEBLU adapters have a status LED to indicate connection to a compatible wireless accessory.

 To see the PRYMEBLU adapters and try them out, visit us at Radioworld.

How Far Things Have Come

We hear it all the time in the consumer electronics business – “Technology has advanced far beyond what it was”.  Big and clunky has turned into small and compact. Large keypads have turned in to touch screens.

I thought it would be interesting to take a look at how far handheld GPS units have come in the past 15 years or so.  Let’s take a look at a couple differences between Lowrance’s first mapping handheld GPS, the Globalmap Sport, and Magellan’s latest release the Explorist 610.

The Globalmap Sport and the Explorist 610 both had the ability to display electronic charts but in the past they were an expensive luxury.  The Globalmap Sport used a proprietary CMAP cartridge which covered a very small section of water.  These charts retailed for close to $200 and all you would get is a sliver of the great lakes.  The newer maps, like the Navionics chart, the Magellan 610 uses now cover a huge area.  You are able to navigate from Lake of the Woods, through the Great Lakes, and all the way out to Newfoundland all for under $250.  To cover that same area with the Globalmap Sport you would be well over $3000 and not all the lakes would be covered.

Another improvement in handheld GPS units is the ease of use with newly designed intuitive user interfaces.  The process of creating a route on the Globalmap Sport was a long and complicated one compared to today’s standards.  You can just tap the screen on your Explorist 610, play connect the dots, and bingo your route is done!

Here is a brief comparison of the two units.

Globalmap Sport                                        Explorist 610

  • Waypoints – 250                                 Waypoints – 2000
  • Routes – 20                                          Routes – 200
  • Tracks – 3                                             Tracks – 200
  • Battery – 6AA 8hr Runtime            Battery – 2AA 16hr Runtime

The cost is another thing that has changed dramatically since the late ’90s.  The Globalmap Sport would have retailed for just a little over the $1000 mark.  Here in 2011, the Explorist 610 retails for less than half that at $450.  At less than half the price and size, the Magellan 610 can take 3.2mp photos, record voice notes, provide turn-by-turn routing, support paperless geocaching, and track 7 more satellites (along with the WAAS/EGNOS/MSAS satellites) than the Globalmap Sport could.


What a Weekend!

That was by far the nicest stretch of weather I can ever remember in October and to fall on Thanksgiving weekend what more could you ask for?  We hope you had a great weekend spending time with family and friends…and of course enjoying the great outdoors with your electronic gadgets!

I was fortunate enough to get a day of fishing in Sunday on Lake Couchiching.  We were planning this to be a pike trip as they usually turn on big time in the fall on Lake Couchiching, but with the weather we had leading up to the weekend it was hard not to bring our bass gear.  We knew the smallmouth would be all over the shallows soaking in the warm sun.

When We arrived the lake was gin clear, flat calm and the sun was high in the sky.  The smallmouths were all over the shallow rock and sand flats the lake is famous for.  If I made a conservative estimate, we saw over 100 bass by noon.  They were grouped up in schools of about 10-15 fish.  We’d find some fish, catch as many as we could in the school then move on to the next one.

While we didn’t get any big fish we caught some good numbers and they put up a great fight on the light tackle we were using.  We tried Rapala DT crankbaits, and Xrap jerkbaits (which usually produce on Couch), but all of our fish came on 5″ tubes Set The Hook tubes in Dark Melon Purple.  Dead sticking the tube was the key.  The fish would spook as the lure was falling, but once it hit the bottom they would come right back and go for it!

Finding the fish were made easy with our electronics.   Locating the right depth and bottom composition on the flats we were fishing was made easy with our sonar unit.  Looking for a double echo on our sonar revealed the hard bottom areas where the fish were grouped up.  Using a Magellan handheld GPS loaded with Navionics charts makes finding these flats easy.  Looking for areas where the shallow contour lines were further apart and the deeper ones close together was where we found the fish.  In other words a shallow flat that dropped off quickly to deep water.

Near the end of the day the wind picked up and we decided to try for some pike like we originally planned.  We fished a little known weedline and I had a monster follow out.  With the water as clear as it was, we saw this fish follow up from about 30 feet out.  I tried speeding up and slowing down the retrieve but this fish just wanted to follow I guess.  It was an exciting way to end the day even though I didn’t catch that fish!

– Lawren