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New Coiltek 14″ Mono Elite Coil for Minelab GPX / GPZ

Coiltek and Radioworld are pleased to announce a new coil for metal detecting gold.

C01-0020_14_MONO ELITE

Read below for some recent independent reports, this first one is from Coiltek’s Facebook page;

They are a great coil, had a demo one out for a weekend with Hermann Steffen and Graham Ashton a few weeks back. Both put their names down for one. Didn’t test it against the Goldstalker but did against the Nuggetfinder 14″ and 12″ adv. on an ugly 1oz. Put it at a depth where the 12″ NF just couldn’t get it and the 14″ NF would only pull you up if gridding or knew it was there. It gave a clear signal that there was something there on the first swing using the Elite. It gave my GPZ a good run as the main diff was the smoother threshold on the GPZ running audio smoothing high, signal being very clear even quite a few inches above the ground whereas the Elite dropped off a bit quicker. I was impressed with the Elite as it did run nice and quiet on the 5000 so I might even have to get one.
Mariusz Godecki


Another testimonial from over the Easter weekend; (see attached photo for the nuggets found)

14_inch_ MONO_ELITE_nuggets

I had the opportunity over the Easter weekend to test the new Coiltek 14″ Mono Elite coil on my GPX5000. The coil ground balanced quickly and was stable and quiet. I was working on rocky ground and the coil didn’t false when hitting rocks or being pushed under bushes. I found the coil to be extremely sensitive to small nuggets at depth. I located a 0.5gm nugget at 250mm and a 1.4gm nugget at 300mm. Nuggets down to 0.03gms were recovered. The new coil clearly indicated a 0.5 nugget that the standard 14” mono didn’t recognise. I am very impressed with the new 14″ Mono Elite it will now become my go to coil for this type of ground.

Trevor Clark


The new coil is suitable for the SD, GP and GPX / GPZ series of detectors. Pricing coming soon !

SAVE BIG AND FIND GOLD with Minelab at Radioworld

SAVE BIG AND FIND GOLD with Minelab at Radioworld/Radioworld Central

Independent Dealer Promotion - Authorized logo 2

Radioworld is offering exclusive Purchase Bundles to our customers during this special Minelab Gold sale April 1st – May 30th, 2015

  • XTERRA705 GOLD  BUNDLE $829.99 (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $989.00 

  • EUREKA GOLD BUNDLE  $1149.99  (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer) Reg $1309.00 

  • SDC2300 BUNDLE $3750.99  (includes detector, Minelab Carry Bag (3011-0200) and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $4010.00 

  • GPX5000 BUNDLE $4999.99  (includes Minelab GPX5000 ProPack, Minelab ProFind 25, Minelab Carry Bag(3011-0200)  , Coiltek ELLIPTICAL 18 X 12″ MONO GOLDSTALKER Coil C020010Reg $6740.00

  • GPZ7000 BUNDLE $9999.99  (includes detector, Minelab Deluxe Carry Bag (3011-0200)  and ProFind 25 PinPointer)  Reg $10269.00 

    Don’t delay, cash in on super savings today !

Minelab’s Autumn Gold Sale at Radioworld

Radioworld is pleased to announce new Instant Savings Coupons on Select Minelab Gold Detectors. Check out these amazing deals …

The Minelab Eureka Gold is regularly priced at $1615.00 , now on sale for $1049.00 PLUS receive free shipping AND a $100 instant savings coupon at the time of purchase.

The Minelab GPX-4800 is regularly priced at $4995.00 , now on sale for $4495.00 PLUS receive free shipping. The sale on the GPX-4800 ends 15 November, 2014.

The Minelab GPX-5000 is regularly priced at $8024.50 , now on sale for $5795.00 PLUS receive free shipping AND Free Coiltek 18″x12″ Goldstalker coil ($549 retail value) AND an $800 instant savings coupon at the time of purchase.

GPX-5000 ProPack
The Minelab GPX-5000 ProPack  is regularly priced at $8361.11 , now on sale for $5995.00 PLUS receive free shipping AND Free Coiltek 18″x12″ Goldstalker coil ($549 retail value) AND an $1000 instant savings coupon at the time of purchase.

The New Minelab SDC2300 is regularly priced at $5362.00 , now on sale for $3750.00 PLUS receive free shipping AND a $200 instant savings coupon at the time of purchase.

X-Terra 705 Gold
The X-Terra 705 Gold is regularly priced at $1089.00 , now on sale for $729.00 PLUS receive free shipping AND a $100 instant savings coupon at the time of purchase.

This is an Individual Authorised Dealer Promotion. Sale pricing ends 31 October, 2014, unless otherwise stated. Purchases may be in store or online at www.radioworld.ca

Minelab GPX5000 Pro Pack – Now available at Radioworld

The Best Just Got Better With Our GPX 5000 Pro Pack

Minelab is pleased to introduce the newest addition to our product line: the GPX 5000 Pro Pack!  

GPX5000 Propack Image

The GPX 5000 Pro Pack includes: 

  • GPX 5000
  • Harness
  • Headphones
  • 11″ Monoloop Coil
  • 11″ Double D Coil
  • 15″ x 12″ Monoloop Coil
  • Lower Shaft (spare)
  • PRO-FIND 25
  • GPX Coil Wear Kit
  • GPX Armrest Wear Kit
  • Minelab Carrybag

This package offers Minelab customers some of the most requested GPX 5000 accessories in one great package and at significant savings!  

To order your GPX 5000 Pro Pack, contact Radioworld, your local Authorized Minelab Dealer today! 

Lowrance and Simrad Holiday Rebates Start Today


$20 Mail in Rebate

$50 Mail in Rebate
Elite4x DSI
Elite4x Ice Machine

$100 Mail in Rebate
Elite4 Gold
Elite4 DSI
Elite4 Ice Machine

nss12All HDS Gen2 Touch sonar/GPS units – FREE StructureScan HD Transducer

Simrad NSS rebates on NSS7 and NSS12 – FREE Insight Genesis Premium 1 year subscription, Insight Planner mapping software, and GoFree WIFI-1 wireless module which is a combined retail value of $550.

All of these rebates start today November 25th and run until January 5th 2014.  Rebates are in the form of a Visa gift card.


Gold Fever – Minelab changes people’s fortunes!

This past week I was privileged to travel to the Minelab Gold Detector Training session and spend time with Minelab trainers and industry experts in Las Vegas Nevada. It was a fantastic opportunity to train not only with Minelab Engineers and Trainers,  but also with experienced detectorists in the Gold Basin of Arizona, near Lake Meade and the Nevada border.
I spent 3 days in a classroom setting going over the technical and user aspects of each machine, the settings for each soil condition and intricacies of each machine that make Minelab the World’s Best Metal Detectors and the Minelab GPX-5000 simply the best gold detector in the world. On the fourth day a large group of us headed into the Arizona Gold basin to gain practical experience and hunt for gold.

In the photo below I am using the Minelab Eureka Gold, a detector I found very manageable and easy to use.  The ground showed low mineralisation so I had enabled the receive coil boost and the 60 kHz setting to ensure I capture small nuggets that many other machines simply miss.



I am now a Minelab Certified Trainer on the X-TERRA 705 Gold, Eureka Gold and the best gold machine in the world, the Minelab GPX 5000 and I am pleased to say that we did find some gold!

Radioworld aims to give its customers the best possible chance of success with their new Gold Detector purchase . Success comes from knowing the detector, ground conditions and settings,  as well as knowing where to look.

This was an amazing experience and I feel enriched for experiencing it. Minelab changes people’s fortunes!


Diane Wilkinson

Certified Minelab Trainer and Reseller

Humminbird and Navionics Mid Summer Blowout Sale

We are starting one of our largest Humminbird sales ever with prices discounted to the lowest they have ever been !  Take a look at these deals from Humminbird and Navionics below that are on for a limited time.


1198C SI  SALE $2350      Regular $2730

958C HD DI  SALE $1250 Regular $1300

898C HD SI  SALE $1250  Regular $1500

858C HD DI  SALE $850    Regular $940

798CI HD SI  SALE $899   Regular $999

587CI HD DI  SALE $435   Regular $499


Navionics Card Sale:

MSD 2XG Gold (non retail packaging) SALE $150 with any Chartplotter purchase.  This card covers all of the Great Lakes, the Trent Severn and  Rideau systems, the Ottawa River, and more. Regular price is $250.

These sales are limited to stock on hand and cannot be combined with any other offer.  This sale is runs from August 1st to August 31st.  Call the store 416-667-1000 or drop in for more details.


Lowrance Elite/Mark Instructional DVD

doctor-sonar-lowrance-elite-mark-dvd_lIf you are one of our many customers who purchased the Lowrance Elite 4 Gold or Elite 5 Gold this year you may want to take a look at this new product we are carrying.

The Doctor Sonar line of video’s are as in depth as they get going through every feature in the unit and explaining how to use them.  If you are having trouble figuring out the unit and all of its features this DVD will certainly answer them.

We have just placed an order for the new Lowrance Elite 7 DVD from Doctor sonar as well! You can call the store and pre-order yours today 416-667-1000



March Madness Sale Starts Today!!

Starting today at Radioworld we are storming into March with our “March Madness Sale”.


There will be a taxes in sale on all of the following…

All Minn Kota products
All Talons
All Power-Pole products
All Transducer Shield and Saver products
All Durasafe
All RAM Mounts
All RMC Boatworks Mounts and Trolling Motor Stabilizers
All Raptor products
All Glomex products
All Lowrance accessories
All Simrad accessories
All Humminbird accessories

We also have the Hydrowave Freshwater models on for $410 taxes in!  The FishHawk X-4 is at $599 taxes in and the FishHawk X-4D is $750 taxes in!

low-elite-7-hdi_mNow if that isn’t enough we are going to have select models from manufacturers on sale like the Lowrance Elite7 HDI Gold for $750, the Humminbird 598 ci HD SI for $840 plus a $100 mail in rebate.  All Navionics charts will be $25 off when purchased with a Humminbird, Lowrance, or Simrad chartplotter.

Much of our remaining Ice Fishing stock from Humminbird and Vexilar is on sale and all MarCum products are so low we can’t even advertise the prices!!  Email, call, or visit the store for MarCum pricing.  Aqua-Vu Micro AV Plus camera’s are on for $355!  The full size Aqua-vu underwater cameras are also part of this sale.

If you are looking for a Garmin Handheld GPS or a Nuvi for the car, we have many selected models on sale right now!


There are many more sales available in store and online.  Sales will end on March 24th 2013 and some restrictions may apply.

Also, don’t forget about our current clearout promotions on Lowrance HDS Base units and Humminbird 998c SI which we are getting close to sold out on!