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Giving yourself the competitive edge is easier than you think!!!

I just returned from an action packed weekend at the Kingston Canadian Open of Fishing

where I watched Canada’s top bass anglers compete for over $80,000 in Cash and Prizes!   Of course all of the big names were there including the Izumi’s, the Johnston’s, Derek Strub, Peter Savioa, Dan Dunn, Dave Chong, the Janzen’s, Curtis Richardson, Rob Laframboise, Tom Brooke just to name a few.  It was certainly the who’s who of Bass Anglers in Canada!

I take great joy in watching guys and gals at the top of their game perfecting techniques,  re-spooling with the latest and greatest fishing line

(have you seen the new Berkley NanoFil), choosing the right hard and soft baits for the water conditions. On and on, over and over, each angler tries to come up with the right formula to take them to the podium and get themselves a cheque for $40,000.

One common element that stood out amongst everything for me was the electronics. I am a big supporter of putting your best foot forward and there is no secret in the fact that the current electronics from Lowrance, Humminbird and digital charts from Navionics are a must to be a winner!

Admittedly, it is not as easy as dropping into the store, opening your wallet and walking out with a competitive edge, but we certainly have the tools and expertise that will get you a head start in that direction.

So how do you turn new stuff into the competitive edge?  It’s easier than you think!

Take your time and do a good solid installation. Run your wires in loom, use plenty of tie wraps to provide strain relief on your cables, use stainless steel screws, marine silicone, Ram mounts and whatever else it takes to do the job to a professional standard. By doing the installation yourself, you know where to look when things go wrong or breakdown! (yes things break)  Now that the equipment is installed, by using a Navionics Platinum+ Chart or the Navionics Gold Chart in conjunction with the Navionics FishnChip, you have the best possible Navigational and Bathymetric data at your fingertips…

Now what?  Now you must get on the water and learn how to use your products. Don’t try and fish or run your boat while learning, rather make a serious effort in understanding the menu system, the settings and what your new electronics can offer you…. I promise you will be blown away!  

I am not sure of what I am doing or seeing, what now?  If you have a question, really need to learn more about your device or want a real heads up on interpreting what your screen is showing you… simply contact the experts at Radioworld. We will get you up and running quicker than you think!

I am well beyond a beginner, so how can I get this competitive edge you are talking about?  By keeping the firmware up-to-date on your electronics AND having the freshest data from Navionics you will truly have an edge over 90% of the field.

If you have any doubts ask Cory or Chris Johnston, Danny Dunn, Curtis Richardson, Derek Strub, Charles Sim, Pete Bowman, JP DeRose, Paul Shibata or any of the other proven winners for yourself.

Email or drop in and visit and Ask the Experts at Radioworld for more info on how you can get the competitive edge and trust your electronics!

Spring Fishing and Boat Show

Anyone else tired of winter yet?   Well I am of mixed feelings for a few reasons. Firstly as a new sledder, I am really enjoying winter activities for the first time in my adult life!  Sure playing in the snow was fun as a kid… but in reality… it can really bite as we grow older!  The new sleds and the technical clothing made today makes life a lot more simple and enjoyable.

The next reason why I don’t mind winter is probably the more important one… “Show season”!  Most in the industry HATE the shows…but not me. It’s a great time to see what is new… its a better time to catch up with old friends and see those who we have not seen in awhile!

This coming weekend is the Spring Fishing and Boat Show being held at the International Centre in Mississauga!  Nothing gets the blood pumping more than knowing that Spring is around the corner and that open water fishing is coming soon!   This years show is going to be AWESOME.  Show Organizers Andy and Vita Pallotta have been working to put a bigger and better show together and the hype has never been better! 

Radioworld will be there with a HUGE booth and prices are slashed to the bone!   We will have awesome deals on Lowrance products (even more savings the HDS units with HUGE Factory Rebates), Humminbird, Minn-Kota, Garmin, Navionics Ram Mounts, Vexilar, Marcum, Aqua-Vu. FishTV, FishHawk, Revere ComfortMax, GoPro, Contour HD, Icom, Standard Horizon, Cobra, Streamlight, Durasafe, GoLight, Gerber, Backroads Maps, TopoNav, Fugawi, SPOT, Globalstar Satellite Phones and more!!!

Don’t forget to pop in and visit us at the show and say hello!

See you there!