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New Garrett AT Max Depth Test Review

Here is a YouTube video called “Garrett AT Max vs AT Pro & AT Gold Hot Mineralised Soil Deep Depth Test Review” by “The Hoover Boys”

They compare the depth capabilities of the three detectors.

See the video HERE  or below

And now that you want your own AT Max, you can get it here
Or, get an AT Pro here, or an AT Gold here.

Whichever one you choose, Radioworld has your detector !

Lakemaster Digital Fishing Charts

lakemaster logoLakemaster digital GPS charts have quite the following in the Mid-West USA and are starting to creep their way up to the Canadian boarder.  These charts are known for their high detail contour lines allowing fishermen to find the infamous “spot on the spot”. lakemaste chip

If you are using a compatible Humminbird GPS and Minn Kota iPilot Link trolling motor with a Lakemaster chart you can set your boat up to follow a specific contour line.  With the contour lines separated by only a foot you are able to make precise presentations. There is also a contour offset feature which will allow you to set a predetermined distance away from the depth range you wish to fish.  This lets you cast to your target depth without worrying about drifting over the fish and possibly spooking them.

S00004 These maps are currently available for Lake Erie, Lake St Clair, and Lake of the Woods in Canada with hopes of more being available in the future.


Lowrance Insight Genesis Mapping

Lowrance released its latest mapping program Insight Genesis which allows you the user to create your own maps from sonar logs.  All you have to do is record your sonar data while you are on the water.  Then remove your SD card when you get home and upload the logs with Lowrance’s handy desktop utility.  Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with a link to your custom map.

Here is a sample of a short sonar log from a couple of years ago that I uploaded yesterday.

Here is the Navionics chart for the same area to show the difference.

Lowrance allows you to view the maps online for free.  A onetime download is $19.95 to use with a HDS Gen2 Touch unit.  The Standard 1 year subscription is $99.95 and that allows maps to be used on 2 HDS Gen2 Touch units and a 4 hour scanning time.  This also allows you to merge maps from different trips for even greater detail.  The Premium subscription is $299.95/year and offers use on 4 HDS Gen2 Touch and bottom hardness, vegetation, weather tools, and other trending features.

Here is the link to get started on this https://insightstore.lowrance.com/insightgenesis


Garmin’s New echo Portable Kit

We are excited to announce Garmin’s new echo 150 Portable Bundle and Portable echo Kit. This portable solution is perfect for anglers who go from boat to boat, or those who fish from small vessels, kayaks, canoes, docks or even through the ice.

The soft-sided carrying case with rigid support arm fits any model of Garmin echo fishfinder, and includes both a sealed rechargeable AGM battery with smart charger and a suction cup transducer mount with float.

The bundle includes an echo 150 with dual beam (200/77 kHz) transducer. The echo 150 features an 8-level FSTN grayscale display, Garmin HD-ID technology, 200 watts of transmit power and wide viewing cone angles (60°/120°) to help see more fish.

The portable echo kit offers existing echo users an exciting portable solution – just add their echo fishfinder, charge the portable battery and they are ready to fish. The entire kit fits conveniently into a 5-gallon bucket so they can easily take it all with them!

We should have these in stock sometime in November.


Garmin GPSMAP 740 Auto Routing Demo

Here is a short promo video we shot with WFN highlighting the Garmin GPSMAP 740 and a G2 Vision mapping chart auto routing feature.  Unfortunately, the camera didn’t pick up the screen very well, but we routed around several small islands automatically without having to enter in a series of waypoints for the unit to follow.

Just set a safety depth and the unit will automatically calculate a route for you in water deeper than your safety depth.  This is an absolutely amazing GPS unit that will cut your pre-trip planning down to 5 minuets before departure.

Check out to see how easy it is to use –> GARMIN GPSMAP 740 VIDEO

Be sure to stop by the Radioworld Booth at the Toronto International Boat Show and check out this unit!



Bay of Quinte Area Fishing Report

Gene Frederick is an avid fisherman from Belleville, ON and has spent the last 45 years of his life targetting Walleye, Salmon, Musky, Pike, Steelhead, and the occasional trip for bass.  Gene is the Vice President of the Quinte Walleye League and is frequently asked to speak at various fishing clubs to share his tips and techniques.

Keeping with our theme of Bay or Quinte area fishing reports, Gene share’s his recent experience from fishing around Scotch Bonnet.  Here are the details regarding his recent trip last Saturday.

We found the bite slow to start first thing in the morning, it really started around 9:30am and continued steady till we quit around 2:30pm. We were fishing 25-40 feet of water, with the morning temps at 48°F warming up to 58°F when we finally called it quits, Surface temp was 66°F when we finished.

We were running several different setups, mono out 120′, 2 – 3 colour core setups and 1 braid setup out around 150′, the hot lure(s) were Rapala TD11’s, others were tried but all hits were on the TD’s. Colours started out with Black/Silver, turning to a firetiger  and then to green and a couple brought in on Pink lemonade. The mono and braid setups were running out on in line planners and the core units down the chute. Reef Runners and Storm lures had some time in the water, but the TD’s were the ticket!

Speed was varied  slowest speed tried was 1.7 up to 2.5 , majority of fish were caught in the 2.2 range.

All in All a great day, we went 12 for 14, losing two fish.  We kept two because of fish being hurt and they wouldn’t have survived. The smallest fish boated was 6.2lbs and the largest 9.11lbs most in the 6-7 pound range.