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June is Minelab Month at Radioworld.

Minelab Month Banner

June is Minelab Month at Radioworld and we will be celebrating by having a NO TAX sale on all Minelab products.  That’s right….. NO TAX on any Minelab Detector or Accessories for the month of June! Great Savings PLUS FREE SHIPPING on Minelab Detectors all month long!

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sdc2300 logo

Minelab SDC 2300 Gold Detector 3230-0001

This exciting new product is a portable, compact, waterproof gold detector featuring Minelab’s improved MPF technology. Second only to the Minelab GPX Series in performance, the SDC 2300 will be the best mid-range gold detector available.

sdc2300 full size

Compact Size
Folds to small portable size, 8 ½ ” (216mm) by 16” (406mm). Fits into carry-on luggage and most backpacks.


Waterproof Capability
Fully submersible to 10’ (3m) for detecting riverbeds and shorelines allowing you to transition with ease from land to water. Now you can use your Minelab GOLD detector in all wet weather conditions allowing you to stay on the goldfields for longer, even in the rainy season.



Rugged & Assembly Free
Military grade construction, one piece detector designed to perform in the toughest conditions.


Easy Patch Hunting
Search quickly and efficiently in hard to reach and remote places to find those elusive gold bearing clustered deposits.


Easy-to-use Controls

  • LED Indicators
    Shows target signal strength, threshold level and battery status.
  • Audio Control
    Adjusts threshold level and low/high audio tone to suit user preference.
  • Noise Cancel
    Easy button press to automatically reduce external interference.


  • Sensitivity
    Eight position adjustments for optimum target identification in varying ground conditions.


MPF Technology
MPF (Multi Period Fast) technology incorporates extremely fast Pulse Induction switching between Transmit (Tx) and Receive (Rx) detector signals. Therefore minimal residual transmit signal is present during the receive cycle, enabling clear sharp detection of very small gold. 




sdc 2300 specs

Metal Detecting Day at Radioworld


On May 10th, 2014, Metal Detectorists across the GTA and beyond will gather at Radioworld to see the latest products, learn successful detecting techniques and share a day of good fellowship among common minded people.

Guest speakers will include;

Rob Freeman

Rob Freeman Coiltek Coils 9:30 am
Rob has recently joined Coiltek Coils after several years developing Minelab sales throughout North America. Rob is a HUGE supporter of grass roots detectorists and events and brings knowledge, experience and excitement for metal detecting forward as the North American Sales Reprentative for Coiltek Coils.


Steve Zazulyk – Advanced Detectorist 11:00 amSteve Z
Co-host of Under the Radar Radio Show!
Steve`s resume is impressive, having only detected for only three years. Steve is often a guest speaker at detecting events in Canada and the U.S and was part of the detect team in season 1 of the worlds Oldest treasure hunt, Curse of Oak Island“ seen on The History Channel.


pete ryan

Pete Anderson / Ryan Fazekas
– Anderson Detector Shafts 12:30 pm
Anderson Detector Shafts is a premier manufacturer of aftermarket metal detecting accessories for all the major brands of detectors. With their several years of manufacturing experience you can be assured of top quality products backed up by a second to none customer service department.

Leighton Harrington – Advanced Detectorist leighton
– Buzzards Bay, MA 1:30 pm
Co-host of Under the Radar Radio Show!
Leighton is one of the most experienced detectorists on the planet. He started Metal Detecting in 1972 and has over 42 years experience in dryland and water detecting combined! He is a Certified Diver for over 17 years and holds a 100 Ton Captains License with Towing Endorsement.

We will have plenty of “hand’s on” time throughout the day!

This seminar is FREE of charge and everyone is welcome.
Please register with us at events@radioworld.ca if you plan to attend.


If you love everything about treasure hunting and metal detecting, you will want to tune into “Under the Radar” Radio each Sunday evening at 7:30 PM 



Under The Radar Radio is a family oriented show that will always be a place that you can call in and get answers to your questions… We keep it real and down to earth… We strive to bring you the very best guests week after week. Join us live every Sunday evening @ 7:30 pm on 1000 Mikes Radio



3 New Products from Minelab – 2 New Detector Bundles and a New Carry Bag

To enhance the metal detecting experience, Minelab is pleased to announce two new metal detector bundles, which are now available and in stock at Radioworld.

The X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack
Minelab X-TERRA 705 Dual Pack

Twice the ADVENTURE ! Now get the best of both worlds by using the 7.5 kHz coil for all around detecting and treasure hunting, then quickly swap to the 18.75 kHz coil for finding those elusive small gold nuggets when prospecting.




The Safari Pro Pack

Now you can detect for longer by using the rechargeable battery as your main power source, and keep the AA battery pack as a backup. You can also use the supplied headphones to cut out more environmental noise and pick up faint target signals of even more treasures.

Minelab Safari Pro Pack
Minelab Safari Pro Pack

CTX 3030 Vinyl Carry Bag

Carrying your CTX 3030 just got easier. We are debuting a new carry bag for the CTX 3030, which can also be used for convenient transport and storage for other Minelab Treasure and Gold metal detectors. The sturdy vinyl bag provides more height for the control box ( user interface ) to comfortability inside and provides a zipped storage compartment to safely keep other accessories.
Coming soon.


Extra Value Radioworld Metal Detector Bundles

Radioworld is pleased to announce some super specials on Minelab metal detectors.

Purchase an X-Terra 305  and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE !
A retail value of $ 175 worth of gear !

Purchase an X-Terra 305 and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !

Purchase an X-Terra 505 or X-Terra 705 and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE ! A retail value $ 325 worth of gear !

Purchase an X-Terra 505 or X-Terra 705 and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !


Purchase an Explorer SE Pro or Safari and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE ! A retail value $ 375 worth of gear !

Purchase an Explorer SE Pro or Safari and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !

Purchase an E-TRAC and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE !
A retail value $ 425 worth of gear !

Purchase an E-TRAC and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !


Purchase an Excalibur II 800 or Excalibur II 1000 and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE !
A retail value $ 425 worth of gear !

Purchase an Exclaibur II SE and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !

Purchase the new CTX-3030 and receive the following bundle of accessories for FREE !
A retail value $ 550 worth of gear ! WOW !

Purchase a CTX-3030 and receive the above bundle of accessories for FREE !

The Minelab CTX-3030 Treasure detector just got better!

Minelab CTX-30303
New software upgrade is now available !

Find more buried targets at maximum depth with the NEW Seawater Mode Setting and say goodbye to sore fingers with the NEW Pinpoint Lock option.

The Seawater Mode Setting increases sensitivity in salt water conditions so you discover valuable finds quicker at maximum depth and with the new ‘click on, click off’ Pinpoint Lock option, you no longer have to keep the trigger pressed for the Pinpoint function to work.

We’ve also included a whole host of system upgrades but the best bit is that this is all available at the touch of a button as, for the first time in Minelab’s metal detecting history, these upgrades are available online.

What do you want to do next?

  • To get started on the downloads straight away, read the CTX 3030 Upgrade Instructions and follow the instructions for either PC or Mac users.
  • To find out more about the new features and system upgrades, read the CTX 3030 Upgrade Brochure.
  • To read the product notice for the CTX 3030 upgrades, please click here.
  • To read the latest Treasure Talk blog on the CTX 3030 software upgrade, click here

We’d love to hear from you

If you want to tell us about these new features and system upgrades or want to make a suggestion for future software updates, why not drop us a line? You can get in touch with us directly by posting on:

Either way, we’d love to hear from you – we may not be able to do everything, but we do want to hear what you think will make your treasure hunting quests even more exciting.

  • For the latest CTX 3030 instruction manual – download from the CTX 3030 download page.
  • For the latest XChange 2 instruction manual – download from Minelab’s Apps page.

New Minelab CTX 3030 “The Future of Discovery”

Minelab is pleased to announce ” The Future of Discovery” with the introduction of the brand new CTX 3030 metal detector, Available now for pre-order with guaranteed delivery on May 28th,2012 please visit the website here to place your order or call us at 416-667-1000 and speak to one of our sales reps.

Waterproof  You can go detecting anywhere with this versatile TREASURE detector.
You have the flexibility of land and underwater detecting as the CTX 3030 is waterproof to 10 ft (3 m).
Wireless Audio Have the freedom to detect without your headphones being attached to your detector.
With the WM 10 Wireless Module you have the choice of using the internal speaker, supplied headphones or your own favourite headphones
FeCo Discrimination With Ferrous (Fe) and Conductivity (Co) target resolution, plus adjustable Tone ID Profiles, you can detect the targets you want to and ignore the rest.
With Target Trace and Target Separation, you can identify multiple targets simultaneously for accurate detecting results.
GPS Locating See where you have been and where you are going by using the Map screen and Navigation Tool.
New GPS functions, such as GeoTrails, WayPoints, FindPoints and GeoHunts, allow you to leave your handheld GPS at home!
PC Mapping Upload all of your detector settings and treasure locations to your PC using the XChange 2 application. Attach photos and text to your finds, group them into categories.
View the locations on Google Maps. You can also download data to your detector for re-exploring favourite areas.
Full Colour Display The full colour LCD clearly displays more target information than ever before and greatly enhances the CTX 3030′s discrimination capabilities.
Quick Menus Quick Menus give you easy access to ‘on the go’ adjustments. Smart functions (Sensitivity, Noise Cancel, Audio, Ground Balance) and a customisable User button allow fast changes to your most used controls while detecting.
Ergonomic Design The well balanced design has all the battery weight behind the armrest for comfortable detecting. The detector is fully adjustable to suit your needs.
Multi-Languages You can choose from 9 different languages: English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish or Turkish.
For quickly accepting or rejecting a detected target, the Identify function saves you time and effort!
Edited patterns are automatically saved within your current Search Mode. Auto accept/reject discrimination features are also available for fast pattern editing using sample targets.
When you are searching, the Detect screen shows you all the target information you need to find more treasure – you won’t miss anything!
The colour display, Ferrous and Conductivity numbers, numerical depth indicator and sensitivity panel will give you more confidence to find those elusive good targets in heavily searched and high trash areas.
When you want to check treasure locations or ground you have covered, the Map screen shows you the way – no need for a separate GPS!
The GeoTrail displays the path where you have been so you don’t waste time detecting the same ground twice. Use WayPoints and FindPoints to create your own treasure map.
For recording find locations and entire treasure hunts, the Store function does it all!
WayPoints are used as general position markers to easily navigate to your favourite locations. FindPoints capture location, detector and target data for storing details of your treasure finds.