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Navionics Seminar At Radioworld April 18th 2015

Radioworld is please to host another seminar to help you use your marine electronics to their full potential.  Navionics Marine Product Specialist, Scott Walcott, will be here on Saturday April 18th to demonstrate how to map your own lake with Navionics SonarCharts.

The cost of the seminar is $25 per person and each paid attendee will receive a Vexilar T-Box SP200 sonar device ($170 value) for FREE.  Even more than that if you return to the store before July 30th 2015 and show us the Navionics App on your phone and the T-Box installed on your boat we’ll give you a $25 Radioworld gift card.

Navionics Day 2015

Updated Navionics Maps for Lake Simcoe

If you haven’t seen the recent updates to Lake Simcoe on the Navionics+ chart you need to take a look.  The massive lake is finally done in 1′ contour lines and accuracy is excellent in the areas I have checked. These are a must have upgrade for the tournament angler this summer.  Here are some screen shots

simcoe 1 simcoe2

As you can see the fine detail is incredible so if you don’t have this chart you are going to be at a major disadvantage.

The Navionics+ card is a blank card formatted by Navionics to accept their mapping.  You can download maps for any lakes they have charted in North America.  You are only limited by the 2GB card size and 1 year subscription time frame.

These charts are in stock at Radioworld, check them out here –> Navionics+ Card


SAVE $30 on Navionics Platinum Charts in April


Join us in celebrating Navionics 30th Anniversary by taking part in the Anniversary Sale on Platinum promotion and take advantage of $30 off regular prices and extraordinary Platinum features:  

  • 3D View
  • Satellite Overlay
  • Panoramic Pictures
  • SonarCharts™

Plus 12 Months of Freshest Data updates to Nautical Charts, SonarCharts™ HD bathymetry map and Community Edits.

Drop by Radioworld to take a look at what Navionics Platinum+ and Hotmaps Platinum have to offer you!


Lowrance Insight Genesis Mapping

Lowrance released its latest mapping program Insight Genesis which allows you the user to create your own maps from sonar logs.  All you have to do is record your sonar data while you are on the water.  Then remove your SD card when you get home and upload the logs with Lowrance’s handy desktop utility.  Within a few minutes you’ll receive an email with a link to your custom map.

Here is a sample of a short sonar log from a couple of years ago that I uploaded yesterday.

Here is the Navionics chart for the same area to show the difference.

Lowrance allows you to view the maps online for free.  A onetime download is $19.95 to use with a HDS Gen2 Touch unit.  The Standard 1 year subscription is $99.95 and that allows maps to be used on 2 HDS Gen2 Touch units and a 4 hour scanning time.  This also allows you to merge maps from different trips for even greater detail.  The Premium subscription is $299.95/year and offers use on 4 HDS Gen2 Touch and bottom hardness, vegetation, weather tools, and other trending features.

Here is the link to get started on this https://insightstore.lowrance.com/insightgenesis


10% Off All Navionics Charts Until Aug 26th 2012

Starting on August 10th and running through August 26th we will be having a huge sale on all in stock Navionics charts.  We will be offering 10% off our already low prices on each chart purchase during this sale.

If you have a chart that is not updateable (Prior to Spring 2010) this is a great chance to purchase one at a reduced cost so you can take advantage of Navionics Freshest Data Program.  When you purchase your new chart it will be included with a USB card reader so you can download the latest updates from the web.  All you need to do is insert the card into the reader within 60 days of purchase and then plug the USB reader into a computer with internet connection and that’s it!  It’s literally that easy.  It will automatically begin a wizard for you to update your charts.  This is one of the easiest parts of your chartplotter system to update.  You are then entitled to 1 year of free updates for your chart.  With over 1000 updates per day you know you’ll have the most up to date information for all your boating or fishing trips.

Navionics manufactures many different charts for various application so determining which one you require is first step.   Platinum+ and Gold charts are better suited for pleasure boaters, sailors, and Great Lakes fishermen, while Hotmaps are geared towards inland lakes fishermen and cottagers.  Let’s take a look at what each chart option offers.

The Platinum+ charts are Navionics top of the line charts with just about every option imaginable.  They have full 2D charting data with NavAids, Marker Buoys, Contour Lines, Spot Soundings and Marina information.  They also include 3D charting, aerial photos of marina’s and port entrances, satellite photo overlays for land and water, and they also include the popular Fish’N’chip data which is high resolution bathymetric data which serious fishermen love.

Gold is the next charting in Navionics extensive product line and they have full 2D charting data with NavAids, Marker Buoys, Contour Line, Spot Soundings and Marina information.  These are one of our most popular charts and they cover an extensive charting region.  With just 2 charts you are able to cover all the coastal and Great Lakes waters of Canada and the USA.

For pleasure boaters and sailors the Platinum+ or Gold are the best choices as they have full navigational charting.  For fishermen on inland lakes in Canada there are two great choices.

Hotmaps Premium offers many lakes in HD format which include 1 foot contour lines for the serious fishermen.  This level of detail is what makes finding productive fishing spots a very quick process as the “spot on the spot” jumps right out at you.

Hotmaps Platinum has the same coverage area as the Premium and same detail level for the charting, plus it also offers 3D mapping for many lakes.  Also, included on the Hotmaps Platinum chart is satellite photo overlay and aerial photos for many marinas.

Whether you boat, sail, or fish Navionics is sure to have the right chart for you and at these sale prices there’s no better time to purchase one.




Navionics Community Layer Now Available on HDS

Navionics is proud to announce the next step in the Navionics Community Layer revolution.  In February 2012, the Navionics Web Store received an update that allows Community Layer (User Generated Content) to be downloaded along with Freshest Data to every eligible* chip.  UGC, user inputted data related to a specific location on a chart, is now viewable on compatible chart plotters such as Lowrance HDS Gen2 and Gen1 with more models are soon to come.

How to get it?

Whether you are a new or existing user, simply plug your Navionics chip into your PC after downloading the Navionics World Application from the web store on Navionics.com.  Follow the brief steps to ‘Get the Freshest Data’ and you will have UGC on your chip. It is that easy!

As an existing user of the Navionics World Application, you will receive an update notification upon your next Freshest Data attempt.

For new users of the Navionics World application, you will receive the updated application version. No update is necessary.

Above the image shows a Lowrance HDS Gen2 displaying Navionics Community Layer adding new Channel markers, Marina services, Boat Ramps etc.

How to view the Navionics Community Layer:

Lowrance HDS Gen2 : Menu > Chart Options > Community Layer

Lowrance HDS Gen1: download software update 4.1 here.
Menu > Chart Options > Community Layer

About Community Layer (User Generated Content):

A revolution in digital charts: not only are you empowered to edit your charts, but you also benefit from the contributions made by the entire community of Navionics users, all delivered in real time on your mobile device, and delivered daily to your Navionics chart along with Freshest Data. In 2011, Navionics received an Innovation Award at the Miami International Boat Show for demonstrating innovation in boating safety in the User Generated Content Layer within its mobile applications.

To date, over 200,000 edits have been made by the Navionics community that improve the accuracy of charting information and safety of Navigation. Navionics has seen significant contributions throughout the world where uncharted waters have been mapped overnight by the boating community of Navionics users. Users in the United States, Australia, Italy, UAE, Germany, UK, Russia and elsewhere have posted the equivalent to Notices to Mariners and fishing information at a rate that the world’s leading hydrographic offices complete in many years, if ever.

* Eligible charts for the Freshest Data program include Navionics Gold and Platinum+ as well as HotMaps Premium and HotMaps Platinum products purchased after 2010. 


New Maps for Manitoba Lakes from Navionics

It sure has been a great year if you live in Manitoba! Not only are the Jets coming back to Winnipeg, but now Navionics is releasing charting for a number of lakes in the province!  The additions to the Navionics Gold 2XG for the province of Manitoba are as follows.

Lake Manitoba Narrows

Lake Manitoba: Starting from the North

Brabant Point south to Cucumber Point. Crane River East to Peonan Point & Davis Point. South to Watchorn Bay. Manitoba Narrows. Entire Southern Portion of Lake including Town of Langruth.

Lake Winnipeg: Starting from the North

Nelson River including Ross Island, Towers Island & Playgreen PT. Fleet Point south to Peewee Creek & Little Mossy Point. Montreal Point & Buoys into Lake Winnipeg. All of Lake Winnipeg from Berens Island south 150 Miles to Winnpeg. Traverse Bay, Red River Confluence, Winnipeg River Confluence, Chalet beach, Hillside Beach, Winnipeg Beach, Gimli Harbor.

Red River System

Beginning at the Riverview area downriver to Assiniboine River confluence; continuing south toLake Winnipeg.  Depth soundings throughout and navigational buoy’s where applicable.

Lac Du Bonnet

Winnipeg River System Manitoba

Lake Winnipeg to the Manitoba/Ontario provincial boundary line including: Lake Winnipeg upriver on the Winnipeg River to Pine Falls, Lac Du Bonnet, Pinawa Bay, Lee River, Winnipeg  River south to Natalie Lake, Carter Island Region including Sylvia Lake, Eleanor Lake, Margaret Lake, Dorthy Lake, Nutimik Lake, Pointe Du Bois Power House Region, Matson Island continuing upriver through Big Bay, Lamprey Rapids and Levasseur Island, Eagle Nest Lake NOTE: The section of river from Pine Falls to Macarthur Dam is not available

Winnipeg River System Ontario

Winnipeg River, Tetu lake, English River, Swan Lake, White Dog Dam region, Upriver to Rough Rock Narrows, Throat Rapids, Myrtle Rapids Narrows, Little Sand Lake, Big Sand Lake, Upriver through Town of Minaki, Gun Lake, The Dalles, Indian Reserve portion of the Winnipeg River into Kenora and Lake of the Woods

Bous Quet Rock displayed on a Humminbird Chartplotter

Navionics are compatable in Humminbird and Lowrance GPS chartplotters along with Magellan handheld GPS units.


Need a Navionics Chart for the Berkley B1?

The Berkley B1 is one of the largest bass fishing tournaments in Canada that draws anglers from all across eastern Canada to compete to be the B1 champion.  The tournament is held on Lake St Francis which is part of the St Lawrence river and covered on several Navionics charts.

We have had several anglers competing in the Berkley B1 asking about what Navionics chart is best for Lake St Francis.  Here are some screen shots from the various charts that cover this area.

Navionics Platinum+ 901 3D View with Satelitte Photo Overlay


Navionics Platinum+ 901 2D View with Satelitte Photo Overlay

If you have a Humminbird 900 series or up or a Lowrance HDS unit, the Platinum are a great choice because they have the ability to overlay satellite photos which, in shallow water, can reveal shoals and other underwater objects as seen in the photos above.

Navionics Gold 2XG

For any other unit that uses Navionics charts the Gold 2XG would be the best choice.  This chart is one of the most popular we sell at Radioworld because of its expansive coverage area and excellent chart quality.

Navionics Fish’N Chip

Another thing to remember is that charts cannot be transferred over the NMEA2000 or Ethernet networks.  If you have 2 units on your boat you will need 2 Navionics charts.

If you plan to fish the Berkley B1 drop by Radioworld for a demo of the Navionics charts and we will help you select the right one for your needs.