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Severe Weather Warning !

We have been hearing this term – Severe Weather Warning – over the last few days here in Toronto. Residents of Calgary can attest to the damage the weather has done.
No matter where you are, it is always a good idea to be wary of any potential threats due to the weather.

Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Table-Top Weather Hazard ALERT
Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Table-Top Weather Hazard ALERT

Radioworld carries a full lineup of Weather and Emergency Power products.

SangeanOregon Scientific and Eton Weather Radios and Emergency Alert Monitors make sure you will never be caught unaware when severe weather is on it’s way.

Goal Zero, Cyclops and Brunton Solar Panels and Solar Power Chargers keep your energy needs alive, long after others have lost their power.

Oregon Scientific and Celestron Weather Stations let you monitor your own conditions and allow you to be your own weather forecaster.

Always be ready for the potential of adverse weather and power outages, visit Radioworld to stay safe !

HDS-5 Ice Bundle Exclusively at Radioworld

Radioworld is please to offer this exclusive Lowrance ice fishing package. We packaged together the Lowrance HDS-5 Gen 1 Lake Insight GPS/Sonar unit with the PPP-18i Ice Fishing kit to bring you one amazing ice fishing unit.

The special bundle includes:

  • HDS-5 Gen 1 Lake Insight 200kHz GPS/Sonar unit
  • PPP-18i Lowrance Portable ice fishing kit
  • HDS Ice Adapter

With the PPP-18i and HDS Ice Adapter you’ll have everything you need to bring this unit on the ice with you to find and stay on the fish!  A gel cell battery, charger, and ice fishing transducer are packed with the PPP-18i.  The HDS ice adapter provides you with the brackets and adapter cables to work with the PPP-18i.  The HDS-5 also comes with everything you’ll need to run this unit on your boat in the summer including a skimmer transducer.

Purchase this separately and you’re going to be over $900.  We have this priced specially at $799.  Quantities are very limited so don’t delay.


Garmin’s New echo Portable Kit

We are excited to announce Garmin’s new echo 150 Portable Bundle and Portable echo Kit. This portable solution is perfect for anglers who go from boat to boat, or those who fish from small vessels, kayaks, canoes, docks or even through the ice.

The soft-sided carrying case with rigid support arm fits any model of Garmin echo fishfinder, and includes both a sealed rechargeable AGM battery with smart charger and a suction cup transducer mount with float.

The bundle includes an echo 150 with dual beam (200/77 kHz) transducer. The echo 150 features an 8-level FSTN grayscale display, Garmin HD-ID technology, 200 watts of transmit power and wide viewing cone angles (60°/120°) to help see more fish.

The portable echo kit offers existing echo users an exciting portable solution – just add their echo fishfinder, charge the portable battery and they are ready to fish. The entire kit fits conveniently into a 5-gallon bucket so they can easily take it all with them!

We should have these in stock sometime in November.


Get your Electronics Ready for Ice Fishing

I can’t tell you how many times ice anglers come into the store once the season starts and I hear, “My unit worked before I put it away but when I took it out this season it won’t!”.  Now is the time to double check all your ice fishing equipment is in working order so the first trip of the year isn’t ruined.

The most common issue we see is a dead battery.  Batteries that have been put away without a full charge, or not charged at all during the summer, could end up dead and unable to take a charge when you try and charge it.  Battery maintenance is very important for underwater camera’s and flashers.  We recommend charging the battery after each use and maintaining that charge at least once a month when the unit is not in use.

Should you run into a problem where your battery isn’t taking a charge, or its just time for a new, one we have replacements in stock.  They are available with or without a charger.  The DSC100 is a great product from MarCum to ensure your battery is maintained properly.  Its easy to read digital display and automatic shutoff feature makes battery maintenance a breeze.

While there is no way to accurately test a transducer out of the water without expensive diagnostic tools there is a way to get an idea if there might be a problem.  First, check to see if you can hear or feel the transducer pinging (sounds like clicking or feels like small pulses).  If you can’t hear or feel it that may indicate a problem with your transducer.

The second way to check it is to hold the transducer about 3-4 feet off a hard flat surface (like a concrete floor).  Turn the gain up until you see a reading about 3 times deeper than the distance from the transducer to the floor.  If its 3 feet off the ground it should read in the 15′ range.  If you keep turning the gain up you should see double, triple, or even quadruple echos.  The more echos you get the better the reading.

These are a couple of quick things you can do to check and make sure everything is ok before hitting the ice this season.  We stock batteries, chargers, transducers and just about every other accessory you may need for your underwater camera or flasher!