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Mid December Quinte Walleye Report

Here is a breif report from Captain Michael Weaver on how the Bay of Quinte is fishing right now…

“The water temperature is finally creeping down to the 40°F mark and the walleye are responding well.  The areas around the ferry and Picton Harbor are producing great catches of trophy fish.  The speed for us seems to be 1.7 on the Humminbird GPS.   Renosky baits have been getting them to commit. One day alone we had 12 fish in the boat by 11:30 am.”  -Captain Michael Weaver  (Landshark)

More reports are on there way from Michael.  Nice Fish!


Catching Walleye = Christmas Toys for Kids

Here is a great story from one of our team members Joe Pickstock on how he decided to make a difference this Christmas season by donating $1 per pound of walleye caught to the Belleville Firefighters Toy Drive.  Here is his story…

“I was on the way to the boat to do one of my charters when I thought it would be kinda cool to give to the Belleville Firefighters Childrens Toy Drive. Trying to decide on an amount I thought I’ll let the walleye decide… So I decided that for every pound of walleye caught on my boat between December 1st and December 15th I would donate $1.  I originally posted the info on Facebook and received a lot of positive feedback.  Jack from Radioworld called me to say he really liked the idea and wanted to match my donation!

The month started off kind of slow with only a few fish a day but some we got into some bigger fish and the total started rising. Well, over the last 4 or 5 days the walleye have gotten in the holiday mood with several days with 8 or more fish, this past weekend saw over 200 lbs of walleye and our total now stands at $744.00. When asked about my goal originally I thought if we could hit $500 it would be great!  So to have exceeded that by almost half as much again is simply awesome and fun.”


Great job Joe!  So far the biggest fish of the month is a whopper at 14.28lbs.  If you are interested in a day of fishing with Joe check out his website at http://www.pbandjcharters.com/.




Bay of Quinte Area Fishing Report

Gene Frederick is an avid fisherman from Belleville, ON and has spent the last 45 years of his life targetting Walleye, Salmon, Musky, Pike, Steelhead, and the occasional trip for bass.  Gene is the Vice President of the Quinte Walleye League and is frequently asked to speak at various fishing clubs to share his tips and techniques.

Keeping with our theme of Bay or Quinte area fishing reports, Gene share’s his recent experience from fishing around Scotch Bonnet.  Here are the details regarding his recent trip last Saturday.

We found the bite slow to start first thing in the morning, it really started around 9:30am and continued steady till we quit around 2:30pm. We were fishing 25-40 feet of water, with the morning temps at 48°F warming up to 58°F when we finally called it quits, Surface temp was 66°F when we finished.

We were running several different setups, mono out 120′, 2 – 3 colour core setups and 1 braid setup out around 150′, the hot lure(s) were Rapala TD11’s, others were tried but all hits were on the TD’s. Colours started out with Black/Silver, turning to a firetiger  and then to green and a couple brought in on Pink lemonade. The mono and braid setups were running out on in line planners and the core units down the chute. Reef Runners and Storm lures had some time in the water, but the TD’s were the ticket!

Speed was varied  slowest speed tried was 1.7 up to 2.5 , majority of fish were caught in the 2.2 range.

All in All a great day, we went 12 for 14, losing two fish.  We kept two because of fish being hurt and they wouldn’t have survived. The smallest fish boated was 6.2lbs and the largest 9.11lbs most in the 6-7 pound range.