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Flex Radio demonstration for the Orangeville ARES Group

On October 12th, 2012 Radioworld was asked and attended the Orangeville ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Services) Group to present the lineup of software defined radios from Flex.

Sales Managers Tim Pacan and Leo Sweers attended, bringing a fully functioning Flex 5000 transceiver. Thanks to the group we had anĀ antenna and soon found us on 40 Meters showing off all the great features of the Flex 5000.

The presentation also covered remote operation of a Flex station via anĀ iPad and a Mac Book Pro, Everyone got a change to see how the remote operation worked, there were multiple devices connected to a single Flex 5000 transceiver located remotely.

The second half of the session, covered the new Flex 6000 series coming soon from Flex, the group was really excited to hear some of the great features coming out on these class leading products.


I would like to thank Jason Miles for the invitation and the great photos used in this article.

Leo Sweers