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FlexRadio Systems PowerGenius XL Full Legal Limit Amplifier

FlexRadio Systems has introduced their PowerGenius XL HF amplifier.

You can see Gerald Youngblood K5SDR tell you about this amazing product here.

The PowerGenius XL is a 100% duty cycle, legal limit (1500W ICAS) 1.8-54 MHz RF amplifier intended for both amateur and government use.  It incorporates a pair of modern NXP 1K5H LDMOS transistors that are individually capable of 1.5 kW thus providing plenty of headroom for lowest IMD and spurious output. Efficiency and spurious performance are also enhanced through the use of diplexed filters.

Multiple band selection methods are supported including CAT, CI-V, BCD band decode and Ethernet.  When connected to a FLEX-6000 transceiver, band selection is fully automated through the Ethernet connection.  Even T/R control is provided over the Ethernet connection to further minimize wiring. In addition, all amplifier status reporting including power levels, fault conditions and resets are reported to the FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceiver using the SmartSDR API.  SmartSDR client interfaces such as SmartSDR for Windows, Maestro and others can display power levels and other reported statuses.

For remote operation with other HF radio exciters, an Ethernet API or friendly Windows and Android applications can control the PowerGenius XL. For contest operation, the PowerGenius XL is SO2R capable with two inputs and two outputs for two sources and antennas and the rapid band switching eliminates the need for two amplifiers. A single FLEX-6700 and PowerGenius XL comprises a complete SO2R station at half the cost of competing solutions.

The Power Genius XL amplifier will be priced competitively with specific pricing and availability announced after FCC and CE certification has been achieved. Power Genius XL will be packaged to complement FlexRadio’s FLEX-6000 Signature Series transceivers.


PA Specifications

  • RF Power Output: 1500W (ICAS)
  • Exciter Drive Level: 50W
  • Transistors: NXP 1K5H x 2
  • Exciter Inputs:1 SO-239 x 2
  • Antenna Outputs: SO-239 x 2
  • Antenna Impedance (w/o tuner): 50 Ohm Unbalanced
  • Cooling: Thermostatically controlled fans


  • Height: 5″ (13 cm)
  • Width: 13″ (33 cm)
  • Depth: 17″ (43 cm)
  • Weight: 33 lbs (15 kgs)
  • Operating Temperature Range: TBD


  • Input Voltage:2 90 – 250VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power Supply: Modular internal switching

Specifications subject to change without notice.
1-SO2R configuration
2-Maximum RF power output achieved using 220 VAC

Alpha Amplifier Trade in Event




We’re having
a Trade-in, Trade-up program at Alpha Amplifiers

Your trade-in is worth MORE THAN EVER!  And, it doesn’t
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Alpha 76 was worth a $1200 credit, and now it’s $2,000 towards an Alpha 9500

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Alpha 91b was worth a $2,300 credit, and now it’s worth $3,100 towards an Alpha

Alpha 99 was worth a $2,600 credit, and now it’s worth $3,400 towards an Alpha

amount listed above assumes that the tube(s) are not damaged, and the amplifier
has not suffered a lightning strike.  We’ll fix a broken amplifier.


** AND


AMERITRON amplifier, DEAD or alive, is worth $750 towards the purchase of an
Alpha 8410, or $1000 towards the purchase of a Alpha 9500.


Alpha Amplifiers

Alpha Amplifier sales are really heating up in Canada, for those wanting the finest amplfier on the market, here is an update on current delivery times on the products

9/8/2011 Status:

9500 Amplifier – In stock and units shipping immediately.

8410 Amplifier – In stock and units shipping immediately.

8406 – Backordered but units shipping quite a few units in
July. New orders will take about three week to delivery.

4510 and 4520 Wattmeters – slightly backordered – Shipping
within two weeks.

The 2100 Dummy Load is backordered. We’re shipping small
quantities presently.

Take advantage of Solar Cycle 24 and get the advantage with the best amplifier.

Check out the lineup on our website  and give us a call to place your order today!