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New Coiltek 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil for X-TERRA Series

From Coiltek Manufacturing’s Find-of-the-month contest ..

September Winner’s Story

WONDERFUL  WOT I have been detecting for a few years now and have always been a bit of a slowcoach. I often go out hunting with a mate and it is usual for him to cover many times more ground than me. Sometimes being slow and thorough is a good thing but for recently dropped modern coin hunting I wanted a faster way to cover more territory and reap the rewards. For these modern coin hunts I use my great old workhorse the Minelab X-TERRA 70 as it’s light, precise and a pleasure to swing.

New 15″ X-TERRA Coil from Coiltek

I was very pleased when I learned that Coiltek had gained the rights (the first ever to do so) from Minelab to develop and market a new, bigger coil for the X-TERRA range of detectors and I got straight on the phone and put my order in. On the release day I was at their doorstep and purchased a new 15” 7.5Khz DD WOT coil.

I soon learned the benefits of this nice addition to my X-TERRA, it was sensitive, light for size and the TID numbers were spot on. Within a fortnight of part-time hunts it had paid for itself in coin finds. At the beach it helped me cover larger areas than I had ever done before in a typical 3 to 4 hour session and being waterproof I had no worries if I wanted to do some shallow wading.

However, I mainly I wanted to tell you about 5 park hunts over a month with this special coil. All were 3 to 4 hours long. The 1st hunt netted $68 in coin, and some silver jewellery. The 2nd was at the same park and I scored $107 and a 5gram 9ct gold ring. The 3rd was at a new park and I bagged $50 odd and a 4.9gram 22 ct gold earring. The 4th and 5th were at the another park and brought home $132 and $258 plus silver jewellery. $258 in coins had my coin bag straining at the straps with the weight but put a big grin on my face.

Coiltek’s Wonderful X-TERRA WOT works for me.       NSC

You can find the full line of Coiltek Manufacturing’s Minelab metal detector coils at Radioworld, your authorised Coiltek dealer.

Found with Coiltek’s new 15″ X-TERRA all-terrain coil

Are You Ready for Bad Weather ?


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