Minelab Special Offer

Starting November 12th 2010 until January 31st 2011, purchase select Minelab metal detectors and receive a free Garmin Etrex Venture GPS bundle. (Value of $355.00)

This bundle will help you understand your location when you are out treasure hunting in the unknown.

It includes the following:

  • Etex Venture HC handheld GPS
  • Mapsource MetroGuide Canada
  • Automotive Dash mount
  • Vehicle power cable
  • USB cable
  • Lanyard

Call our Sales team for your Metal Detector today or visit the website

If you would like more info on the GPS bundle you can visit this link


SPOT Adventure Bonus Kit Holiday offer

From November 1st 2010 until December 31st 2010, when you purchase a SPOT 2 personal messenger, you will receive a Adventure Bonus kit plus a 15% service discount.

The kit consists of the following items

  • A Spot-2 floaty case a $30.00 value
  • A micro LED flaslight
  • A safety tips bandana
  • A lanyard 
  • A safety whistle
  • A carabiner keychain

The Spot 2 is now available for a lower price

You can order it here or give our sales team a call at 416-667-1000


Great Outdoors and DIY Show November 26th to 28th 2010

Radioworld will be attending the Great Outdoor and DIY Show November 26th to 28th 2010.


The International Centre
6900 Airport Rd., Mississauga, ON

This show has been revised from previous editions and has added The Canadian Home Workshop Show, The Explore Adventure & Travel Show and the Outdoor Canada Show.

Come meet Jack Summers from Outdoor Radio Journal and Fish’n Canada.

Lawren Wetzel Marine Product specialist and fishing pro will there to answer all your fishing electronics questions.

Meet Angelo Viola, Pete Bowman and Mike Miller from Fish’n Canada.

There will also be a few suprise guests. stay tuned for more info!

Radioworld will also be conducting metal detecting demonstrations at the show. We will be featuring Minelab metal detectors – The World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies.

Demonstration times are as follows:
Friday Nov 26 3 pm
Saturday Nov 27 2 pm
Sunday Nov 28 12pm

Look for us located between Hall 1 and Hall 2 Booth 180

Demonstrations will be on the Explore stage in Hall 2

Be sure to come and pay us a visit for some awesome deals and great learning sessions.

See you there!


Vexilar Ice Fishing Flashers


Once again Radioworld is proud to carry the entire lineup of Vexilar Ice Fishing flashers.

Some new additions this year to the line up are the new HD units such as the FL22 HD, be sure to come by and check these out.

Also new are the Tri-Beam transducers.

As the Ice Fishing season starts to heat up, these units will be selling fast. If you have plans to add one of these units to your tool chest of toys we recommend you do not wait. These units are our number one selling ice flasher. Last winter Vexilar sold out the entire production line for the season in January, this could happen again this year.

Take a look at the lineup on our Website

Place your order online or give our sales team a call


Happy fishing!!


Sangean WFR-27 Internet Radio Announced


Sangean’s new WFR-27 Portable Wi-Fi Internet Radio with FM-RDS transforms your listening experience. Featuring more choices such as listening to over 16,000 Internet Radio Stations to your home or while on the road.

The WFR-27 offers all the features of standard Sangean radio including standard FM tuner with RDS capability. Set your favourite 10 stations using thepreset buttons on the “favourites” category on your radio.

Play your CD player or iPod through the Aux in jack and connect your recorder or additional equip-ment to the line out jack. Attractively styled to be comfortable in any environment and small enough to fit in any space….you simply plug it in to a power outlet–no additional wires to connect and no clutter.

Easy-to-see large, full-dot backlit LCD has brightness,contrast, and display mode adjustments. The WFR-27 enclosure features stereo, full-range dual 2.5″ stereo speakers for quality crystal-clear audio.

Available now for for order, Give us a call 416-667-1000 to get yours.


Marcum Showdown 5.6 Dual Beam

ShowDown 5.6 dual beam is the ultimate ice sonar

Patented MarCum Technologies’ features yield “total sonar system performance”


Simple concept. Take the commonly circular display of a flasher-sonar unit and straighten it into a vertical readout that matches the water column. Now swap the noisy analog motor for a silent, high-resolution digital LCD. It’s the old record player versus MP3 debate. Ok, so this isn’t really a debate at all.

When the ShowDown Digital Fish Finder arrived on the ice scene several years ago, anglers suddenly had access to a whole new level of sonar technology—a 100% digital, high-speed liquid crystal ice system that offered a dazzling level of detail and performance. ShowDown’s economical price tag and simple display implied minimal functionality—an entry-level sonar only. The truth was, this new sonar player defied entry-level status, as beginners could immediately interpret its display while experts recognized the ingenious design. ShowDown performed at levels that exceeded the top-priced portable sonars on the market. Since its introduction, demand for the new technology has greatly expanded. Innovation has followed suit.

 Still manufactured in the U.S.A., the new ShowDown 5.6 Dual Beam sonar offers the best of all worlds—1/2-inch target separation, MarCum’s patented Interference Rejection Software, infinitely adjustable zoom in 1-foot increments, and now, a dual-angle switchable transducer. With the option to instantly toggle between 8- and 20-degree cone-angles, anglers can widen their scan for shallow panfish, zero-in tight for deepwater lake trout, and any other ice fishing application in between. Also, a new higher-contrast display produces supreme viewing resolution.

 “The ShowDown Dual Beam sets the standard for total sonar system performance,” says MarCum Technologies Brand Manager, Steve Hanson. “We’ve taken MarCum’s top-level patented features, and built them into all the new ShowDowns. The result is a machine that matches or exceeds every premium ice fishing sonar feature available today. More output power yields a clearer return signal and target separation down to an almost microscopic level. And with a new, more powerful 9-amp rechargeable battery, this dude hums along for up to 3 times longer than other ice-sonars. It’s clearly the most exciting technology going, offering the highest performance in the ice fishing world today.”

Give us a call today and find out how you can catch more fish!



New Products from Heil

The new Pro Set  6 Boom Mic/Headset and GM-5.1 Desk Microphone are now shipping from Heil  Sound headquarters in Fairview Heights,  Illinois!
The Pro Set 6, which  utilizes the new full-range HC-6 mic element, brings the popular Pro Set  form factor together with the HC-6 microphone element. The HC-6, in the Pro  Set 6 enclosure, yields the same high-frequency response as was found on the  Pro Set 5’s HC-5 mic element, but with a wider response on the bass side  (down to about 150 Hz). This provides greater fidelity for local operations,  and modern DSP-based ham rigs have transmitter adjustments that can easily  allow this bass response to be rolled off, if  desired.

The GM-5.1 is the new version of the GM-5. The  frequency response of the HC-5.1 element, used in the GM-5.1’s “Narrow”  position, is nearly the same as the original, but we extended the  low-frequency side by about 100 Hz, to allow a little more fidelity for the  times when it is needed, without sacrificing the “sparkle” on the  high-frequency side. The GM-5 is a gorgeous-sounding microphone on most all  modern SSB transmitters today.

These are all in stock, give us a call today and order yours



At Radioworld, we continue to offer our customers the best selection of products at competitive price and the very best available service possible!