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Mcmurdo Fast Find 210

Great deal on the Fast Find 210, the only approved 406 Mhz PLB in Canada!

The Fast Find 210, like the Fast Find 200 is a powerful waterproof 406 distress beacon. However, the 210 also has a built-in integral 50-channel GPS for additional pinpoint location, further speeding up time of location.

The 210 transmits the two signals simultaneously, one to the subscription free global 406 MHz satellite system, and the other (121.5MHz) is to speed up the local recovery response process. Once activated, FAST FIND’s signals will continue to transmit for at least 24 hours, at a powerful 5 watt output, the 406 MHz transmission ensures that a call for help gets through whatever the conditions.

FAST FIND also includes a unique SOS LED flash light facility which is manually activated to further assist in speeding up the users recovery during night time rescues.

FAST FIND will operate in temperatures down to -20°c and its integral battery has a user storage life of 5 years, so there’s no need for constant battery changes and re-charging.

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