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Radioworld Central now open!

Everyone in the Radioworld family is proud to welcome Radioworld Central in Calgary, Alberta. The Grand Opening of our new sister company in the west is a welcome addition to customers new and old, offering the same great products and customer service they have come to expect, now serving western Canada better than ever before.

Radioworld Central
8,  711 48th Ave S.E., Calgary, AB T2G 4X2

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Severe Weather Alert – All Weather and Shortwave products on sale!

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With severe weather imminent, Radioworld wants to ensure that you are prepared to be informed and keep your family safe!

All Weather Radios, Weather Stations and Shortwave Radios


Severe Weather Web

Featured products;

Oregon Scientific WR601N 

Twenty-four hours a day, the portable Public Alert Monitor receives and displays NationalWR601N_lg Weather Services weather bulletins, alerts, watches, and forecasts, U.S. Emergency All Hazards bulletins, and local Emergency Alert System (EAS)bulletins and warnings. The automatic alert system triggers

the radio speaker and audible-visual alert for instant awareness of conditions affecting life and property. Featuring advanced S.A.M.E (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology, the radio can be programmed to receive information specific to your geographic area. When traveling, boating, hiking or working outdoors, the WR601 will always keep you informed.


  • Monitors U.S. Emergency All Hazards, and Emergency Alert System (EAS) weather bulletins, warnings, and forecasts
  • Receives all National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association (NOAA) reports, which provide all available emergency advisories on tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, floods, evacuations, civil danger warnings, and more
  • Flexible programming—select Specific Area Message Encoding (SAME) state or county codes to receive
  • broadcast from up to six different areas
  • Audio alarm sounds and visual alert signals shows when alerts are issued
  • Four levels of messages: Statement, Watch, Warning, and Test
  • Non-volatile memory function saves settings in the event of power loss

Sangean CL-100 S.A.M.E. Table-Top Weather Hazard ALERT with AM / FM Alarm Clock Radio

Sangean’s new compact Table-Top S.A.M.E. Weather Alert Radio is loaded with all the key features. The CL-100 is a Public Alert Certified weather radio and receives all NOAA reports, which informs people about severe weather advisories, monitors and warning conditions, civil emergencies, hazards, and evacuation details, so they can have more time to react before dangerous storms hits the area. When you’re in a tornado path, seconds can mean the difference between life and death and that’s when the Sangean CL-100 comes into play..



  • Certified Public Alert Radio.
  • Receives all 7 NOAA Weather Channels and Reports.
  • Warning / Watch / Advisory Lights for 3 Levels of Messages.
  • S.A.M.E. Broadcasts in up to 25 Different FIPS Location Codes.
  • Stores up to 20 Alert Messages and Sets Sleep Timer.
  • 5 Station Presets for each FM / AM Band.
  • Dual Daily Alarms with Snooze and Waking to AM / FM Radio or Buzzer Alarms.
  • LCD Dimmer and Contrast Control Adjustment.
  • I/O Socket: DC Power In, Stereo Earphone, AM External Antenna, FM / Weather External Antenna, Aux In, External Alert, Ground Terminal.
  • Four AA Batteries Operation and Battery Back-Up (Batteries not Included).


Eton ZoneGuard+ NOAA Weather Alert Radio System

  • AC or battery powered
  • Alarm Clock
  • Receives AM/FM Radio
  • Digital Tuner
  • Specific Area Message Encoding

Weather the stormeton-zoneguard+
In style. This slim, sleek and super advanced weather alert radio will make sure you’re safe and sound and in the know. Beacons flash and warnings blare to keep you aware and informed.

In every room
The base station and two wireless modules will make sure you’re in the know throughout your home. Additional modules available for purchase as accessories (1).

Stay alert
With S.A.M.E. technology (specific area message encoding), just enter your S.A.M.E. county code and if there’s a warning, watch or advisory you’ll see it—with flashing red, orange or green lights—and hear about it, too. You can set up to 25 locations so you’ll be safe, wherever you are.

Listen up
Stay in tune and up to date with this AM/FM weather alert digital radio with LCD display and alarm clock.

Get powered up
Simply plug in the ZoneGuard+ base station using the AC adapter or, for emergency backup, pop in AA batteries. Wireless, battery powered modules can be placed anywhere (2).

1 Connect unlimited number of modules.
2 Range 164 ft (50m) feet away from Base Station.


Celestron 47009 – Weather Station


  • Temperature – displays indoor and outdoor in either F or C
  • Humidity – displays indoor and outdoor with built-in hygrometer
  • Weather Forecast – indication of current weather along with atmospheric pressure display with built-in barometer
  • Clock – digital quartz for accurate time
  • Calendar – displays month, day, day of week
  • Wind Speed and Direction – information received from supplied Anemometer
  • Wind Gust – average gusts and alarm function
  • Wind Chill – combination of temperature and wind speed and has alarm function
  • Ice Alert – alert when outside temperature falls to 39.2° F (4° C) or below
  • Heat Index – combines effects of temperature and humidity
  • Dew Point – measures saturation of the air to get condensation
  • Rain Measurement and History – obtained from supplied rain gauge
  • Alarm Clock – with snooze
  • 6AA Batteries Required for Receiver (user supplied)
  • 4AA Batteries Required for Sensors (user supplied)
  • Receiver Weight: 15 oz (425g)
  • Receiver Size:7.6″ x 1.1″ x 4.5″ (193mm x 28mm x 114mm)