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Simrad NSS is Here

As I mentioned last week we have been expecting a Simrad NSS-8 demo model to display…well its here!  And what a unit this is!  Simrad hit the nail on the head with this one.  The hybrid touch screen and keypad interface makes this unit very easy and quick to use.

We have the unit loaded with a Navionics Platinum+ chart and StructureScan!  Come and take a look at this unit for yourself and see what its all about!


Here Fishy Fishy

The Minnesota State Fair is using one of the products we sell here at Radioworld in a unique way.  One of the favorite attractions at the fair is the giant pond loaded with over 20 species of fish.  The organizers of the fair took a MarCum VS825 underwater camera, placed it in the pond and are streaming the video live over the internet.

Amung the Largemouth Bass, Crappie, Pike, and Walleye are some more unique creatures.  Some of the highlights include the 25-30 lb Paddlefish swimming around and the 40 year old Sturgeon which is pushing the 60 lb mark.  The pond is also home to one of the rarest fish in the Land of 10 000 Lakes region of Minnesota – the Blue Sucker.

The live video feed will run until the end of the fair on September 5th 2011.  Take a look and see what you can spot – Marcum VS825 Live Feed.

– Lawren

Fine Tune Your Summer Trolling

Speed and Temperature are two of the most important elements when trolling the great lakes for salmon and trout.  There is no better way to monitor speed and temp than with a Fish Hawk X4.  These are also the most convenient products to use as all the data from down below is sent to the boat without any wires to worry about.  A probe is mounted on your downrigger cable to record speed and temp at the ball.  Another sensor is mounted on the transom to received the data from the probe at the ball.  The sensor that is mounted on the transom will also record surface temp and a water speed to keep track of that.

The Fish Hawk X4 will display this data on a LCD screen mounted at the helm in large digital numbers that are very easy to read.  After seeing this product in action it’s amazing to see how different the speed can be at the cannon ball compared to what a surface gauge will read.  Underwater currents can alter the lures speed drastically…sometimes to the point of the lure hardly moving and that can mean hardly catching fish.  You won’t have that problem anymore with the X4

Right now the X4 is on sale at Radioworld at one of our lowest prices ever!  We also have the Fish Hawk TD and Fish Hawk 520models in stock.  Stop by Radioworld, or call our sales team at 416-667-1000 for more information on these products.