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Free Minelab X-TERRA eBook – Available Now!

Want to learn more about the Minelab X-TERRA series and how to get the most out of these detectors? If so, then the new eBook ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’ is just what you have been waiting for! Written by Randy Horton, or Digger as some of you may know him better, and published by Minelab this eBook is a comprehensive guide to better ‘Understanding your X-TERRA’.

Digger has been metal detecting in the Central US for nearly 40 years and has a passion for finding old coins at old sites. In addition to performing field tests for several manufacturers (including the Minelab X-TERRA series), he also serves as Moderator on the X-TERRA forum at Find’s Treasure Forums. Digger has written several articles, and enjoys sharing his thoughts and tips on various aspects of the hobby. His detectors of choice include the X-TERRA, E-TRAC and Musketeer Advantage. The team here at Minelab are all very appreciative that Digger has taken the time to share his knowledge of the X-TERRA series with the detecting community by writing this eBook. We have enjoyed working with Randy to make this eBook come to life and we hope that you enjoy reading it!

There is a preview you can view below. The complete eBook is available to download in PDF format in the members section. If you are not a member yet don’t worry – registering is quick, easy and free – all you need to do is complete the members registration form and activate your membership. And for those that prefer to read ink on paper over pixels on the screen, we have made the download available in both A4 and US letter size paper, so be sure to choose the best format for your printer.

You’ll never know for sure… unless you read it!
Download your copy of Understanding your X-TERRA now.

New Minelab Metal Detecting Game App for iPhone, iPad

Minelab epic find

Epic Find is the new iPhone app for Minelab.

Find treasure anywhere with your pocket metal detector! Minelab Epic Find uses your iPhone camera to simulate real-life metal detection, with special audio cues to help you learn and distinguish among the varying tones and values of different treasures like Golden Nuggles, or mysterious relics like the Sheriff’s Remains. Unlock five popular metal detectors from Minelab, the industry’s world leader in metal detection technology, and hunt across four worldwide locations.

Exciting Features:

  • Detect Mode: Use your iPhone camera to scan the ground until you hear or see a change in tone.
  • Pinpoint Mode: With your potential targets detected, pinpoint them by running your finger over tiles and listening for tones. A Target ID (TID) on your detector interface will help you differentiate metals and strategize which digs to pursue.
  • Dig Mode: Tap on individual tiles to reveal finds. Be frugal and accurate with your taps; you will have limited battery life on your detector, as well as fluctuating patience levels.
  • Locations: Hunt for pirate treasure among the tropical islands of Florida, western relics in the desert mountains of Arizona, war relics in historical battle fields of Virginia, and gold along the western coast of Australia.

To download Minelab Epic Find click the download Epic Find button or click here.


Minelab Officials, Renowned Author, visit Radioworld

It was a pleasure to have some important visitors last week here at Radioworld. Rob Freeman from Minelab Americas, and Jack Summers from Minelab Canada, were at Radioworld for business meetings, and to see the staff here at the store.

Clive Clinyck & Rob Freeman at Radioworld
Tim Pacan, author Clive Clinyck, and Rob Freeman of Minelab Americas










Clive Clinyck, author of some of the best books on metal detecting, also came by to meet with Jack and Rob.

Jack, Clive and Rob
Jack Summers of Minelab Canada, author Clive Clinyck, and Rob Freeman of Minelab Americas










We are very excited about the success of Minelab in Canada, and about being recognized as Canada’s #1 Minelab retailer.




New Gear for the Toronto Metal Detecting Club

The TMDC now has new club shirts and hats. Come on in Saturday mornings at 9:30 for club get-togethers, and get your new club gear.
Also join us on facebook at:
and be sure to join the discussion forums at:

Best of all, join the club for absolutely NO COST !
Just look below to see how happy these club members are, now that they have gear of their own.

Don’t forget to join us at Radioworld, 4335 Steeles Ave West
North York, Saturday mornings at 9:30 AM

Toronto Metal Detecting Club shirts and hats


GPS Mapping on Your Computer

Did you ever want to see your Garmin GPS map on your computer ?
In the past , you had to buy a disc-based map product extra, then install it on your PC.

No more !

Now it’s easy. Go to Garmin’s website and download “Basecamp”. It is available for either PC or Mac.
Check it out here .

Connect your GPS and then run Basecamp. You should see a progress bar on the top left as your City Navigator map loads. It will take some time. Once loaded, you can see the same map that is on your GPS, on your computer. You can plan routes and set waypoints right on your computer and then transfer them to the GPS. Or download them from the GPS.

Basecamp can also read certain map chips that are inserted into the GPS. An example would be if you purchased City Navigator Europe on a chip.



New Toronto Metal Detecting Club

I am pleased to announce the formation of the Toronto Metal Detecting Club.

Everyone is invited to join, whether you are an avid detectorist or just interested in learning how to enjoy such a fun hobby.

Drop by Radioworld any Saturday morning for chats and demonstrations. Even if you are just thinking about joining our fun hobby, come on in and see what it’s all about. Soon we’ll be looking at organising some hunts.

Also have a look at our new Facebook page Toronto Metal Detecting Club

There is no charge to join

See you soon and welcome to the club !


$100 Rebate on Minelab Eureka Gold Metal Detector

Trade in your old metal detector and get a Minelab Eureka Gold detector for only $899 ! That’s $100 off !

This could be (but not limited to) the following metal detectors:
Gold Bug, Gold Bug II, Gold Bug Pro
Garrett Gold Stinger & Infinium LS
Tesoro Lobo or Lobo Supertraq
Teknetics T2 and G2

ANY metal detector can be traded in whether it works or not ! Time to ditch the old tube-powered WWII antique metal detector, and get the only 3-Frequency Gold detector on the market !

To claim your credit you must complete the warranty registration card. We will send a copy, along with your proof of purchase, to Minelab. Your discount is applied right in the store !

Offer expires June 24, 2011 , or when the promotional items are sold out, whichever comes first.

Give us a call at 416-667-1000 for more info or to order visit our website here to order online


Minelab offers $250 Reward !

The Minelab find of the Month competition just got a whole lot better. As of February 2011 the winner of the monthly competition will not only receive a Minelab backpack stuffed full of accessories but also a US$250 voucher* towards their next Minelab purchase. This voucher is redeemable against the purchase of any Minelab products from Radioworld.

Entries will be judged on three main criteria:

  1. The find must be made with a Minelab metal detector.
  2. A combination of an entertaining story (set the scene and capture the excitement of making your find) and an interesting, rare or valuable find.
  3. Images of the finds to accompany the story.

If you are not sure whether your story meets this criteria please send it in to us anyway. We always love to hear about the finds that are being made out in the field with Minelab detectors. The above criteria is only a guideline for those that would like to maximise their chances of winning the Find of the Month competition. So what are you waiting for?

Submit your story now!

Terms and conditions apply.

(This is a special Minelab promotion, honoured by Radioworld)

Radioworld is now Canada’s #1 Minelab Metal Detector Dealer

In the short time since Radioworld became an authorised Minelab dealer we have come a long way. Myself and Adam Meffe attended Minelab’s certification training in September, just as Radioworld was coming on board as a dealer. Sales started slowly, but I knew good times were ahead when we attended the Great Outdoors and DIY show two weeks ago. I gave a small presentation on metal detecting, and the response was better than expected. Many people came to hear the presentation, and the level of interest and questions that followed was fantastic.

Now the same interest and questions are coming to us at the store, and the sales are reflecting just how popular the hobby (sport?) of metal detecting is becoming. We now have the official title of Canada’s Top Minelab Dealer.

Fresh air, exercise, and the possibility of a reward – make metal detecting fun for all people of all ages from all walks of life. Come in and see our vast selection of Minelab metal detectors and accessories, we have some fantastic promotions on right now.

Minelab – World’s Best Metal Detection Technologies
Radioworld – Canada’s #1 Minelab Metal Detector Dealer
Facebook – Radioworld’s Metal Detecting Group *NEW*