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It’s been Great!

Bronte_bassFor those great Customers I have had the pleasure of meeting and serving over the last 11+ years here at Radioworld, Thanks!

I’m moving on so I can pursue my love of music and to build a business that focusses on the restoration and upgrading of classic guitar amplifiers and accessories.

It’s been fun to help Radioworld to grow and evolve over the years. And the people… both the Radioworld team and the people who come to us  looking for products and advice, have made it great.

All the best to you, and I hope that Radioworld will continue to be your favourite go-to store for tech products into the future.

Steve (VE3SMP)


Radioworld at the York Region ARC 2012 Hamfest

It’s always fun and worth the 4:30 wakeup call!  This year, Pierre (VA3PM) and Steve (VE3SMP) did the honours at the 36th annual York Region ARC Hamfest this past Saturday (November 3). We also had a guest star appearance by Jack (VA3XR)!

After an hour and a half of setup, here we are, just about ready to go… The table is big. Pierre is the dot near the middle.







And this is the fun time when we get to say hello to friends and get ready for the fast and furious Hamfest action. (with Jack VA3XR)









If you ever wondered what the Hamfests are like in the first minute after opening, here you go… the insider’s view  🙂  (With Pierre VA3PM)






For Jack, Pierre and I it was a pleasure to see you all at the hamfest. We’re already looking forward to next year.

Steve (VE3SMP)




Rechargeables That Are Ready When You Are


Introducing MAHA’s next-generation nickel metal hydride battery, the POWEREX IMEDION.All rechargeable batteries have a tendency to lose their charge while being stored. This is very noticeable in common rechargeables like Nickel Metal Hydride cells. You can buy disposable cells like Energizers or Duracells and be confident that they will work a year later, but with a Nickel Metal Hydride cell, even if you put it away fully charged, it will lose most of it’s charge in a few months and need re-charging before use. New technology has made possible the development of low discharge NiMH cells,  making that self-discharge problem a thing of the past.
The POWEREX IMEDION has introduced great improvements in self-discharge properties. Through this breakthrough development, MAHA has created a rechargeable battery that can challenge disposable batteries in user-friendliness through features such as making possible use immediately after purchase or after re-charging,  its ability to be used anytime.The IMEDION will Retain It’s charge… Even After 12 Months of non-use

IMEDION batteries are pre-charged and ready for immediate use after purchase – straight from the pack just like primary (non-rechargeable) batteries. There is no need to charge before use.

Comparison of remaining capacity over time:

For a rechargeable battery, this is a revolutionary advantage.

Here are the features of IMEDION rechargeables:

  • IMEDION is an immediately usable new rechargeable battery
  • POWEREX IMEDION low discharge batteries can replace alkaline batteries for all your needs and can be used in any application where AAA, AA, C, D and 9Volt batteries are needed
  • Extremely low self discharge
  • Excellent high performance even at low temperatures down to 10 degrees C
  • No memory effect – recharge at any time
  • An environment-friendly product
  • More powerful and longer lasting than dry cell batteries and superior low temperature electrical discharge performance
  • Can be charged up to a 1000 times
  • Economically more efficient than dry cell batteries, IMEDION can be used 1000 times over with no need to worry about memory effect .
  • Basically, the IMEDION is a modern NiMH battery which can be charged like any other NiMH battery
  • Can be charged by using any good quality NiMH battery charger such as the Maha brand

POWEREX IMEDION… in stock at Radioworld.



Wireless Bluetooth Adapters for 2-Way Radios Now At Radioworld!


RadioWorld is pleased to announce the availability of PRYMEBLU wireless Bluetooth adapters for Amateur Radio and commercial radio use! These adapters are available for both mobile and handheld VHF / UHF radios. With a bluetooth connection to your amateur radio gear you can enhance your driving safety.

Here are the Features:

• PRYMEBLU allows you to use a wireless Bluetooth headset with your two-way radio in place of a speaker microphone or wired audio accessory.

• PRYMEBLU adapters are compatible with thousands of readily available Bluetooth headsets and other audio accessories. (Bluetooth headset not included.)

• The pairing process is simple. PRYMEBLU remembers paired connection to the wireless headset even if powered off or removed from the 2-way radio.

• There are several Push-To-Talk options: use the PTT button on the PRYMEBLU adapter to initiate transmissions, use the optional PRYMEBLU wireless Push-to-Talk

BT-PTT Wireless PTT Switch for Bluetooth Adapters

  or use an optional PRYME QuickDisconnect wired audio accessory such as the PTT-5. (Optional accessories are sold separately.)

• Most (multi pin connector) PRYMEBLU models are powered by the radio and do not require any batteries or charging. Simple pin models have an internal Li-Ion battery pack and must be recharged between uses. Mobile models plug into your vehicle’s accessory socket.

• You can enhance your PRYMEBLU with an optional wired PRYME QuickDisconnect earphone or audio accessory for additional privacy. (Optional accessories are sold separately.)

• PRYMEBLU’s patented “Smart Switch” feature automatically routes RX and TX audio to the appropriate wireless or wired audio accessory depending on what accessories are connected to the PRYMEBLU Adapter. When no audio accessories are connected, audio is routed to the radio’s internal speaker and microphone. The smart switch feature not available on the BT-583 model.)

• PRYMEBLU adapters have a status LED to indicate connection to a compatible wireless accessory.

 To see the PRYMEBLU adapters and try them out, visit us at Radioworld.

Get a (Rigblaster) advantage

Rigblaster Advantage front view

West Mountain Radio has been making Rigblasters for a lot of years. They have always offered ease of use, flexible installation, reliability and a great selection of software.

Building on that, they have released the latest addition to the Rigblaster family… the Advantage.
The really big differences between the Advantage and the previous Rigblaster models is that:
1) The Advantage has a built-in sound card with independent settings from those on your PC. With that, you don`t have to adjust sound levels when changing from running ham radio apps like PSK to (for example) listening to music files on your computer.
2) The advantage uses a single plug and play USB connection to a PC. You won`t need a separate power supply or rig control cable. Also, you won`t need a USB – Serial adapter to use the Advantage with a laptop.
3) Rig control interfaces (CIV, CAT and 9 pin serial) are built in.
4) The advantage is designed to work through only a radio`s microphone connector and it has its own built in VOX circuitry.
The back of the Rigblaster Advantage


Compatibility is better than ever… The Rigblaster Advantage has instant setup connectors and cables for microphone configuration with over 2500 radios.
Flexibility… The Advantage come packaged with over 150 Amateur Radio programs.
If you`re looking for an all in one rig control and sound interface solution, the Rigblaster Advantage  is the one!!
For more info click here
73,  Steve (VE3SMP)

FlexRadio Canadian debut at YRARC Hamfest


 All amateur radio operators seem to love a hamfest… a chance to run into ‘over the air’ friends and find new radio toys. The York Region amateur radio hamfest is always a popular one and this year’s was as great as ever!

Here at Radioworld, we just announced on November 1 that we are the Canadian distributor for Flex Radio SDR’s (Software Defined Radios). What better way to introduce them than by doing a live display at a Hamfest?

Mardy (VE3QEE) at the controls of the Flex5000

So we packed up a complete Flex 5000 station and took it to the YRARC hamfest on November 5. For the whole show, we had an enthusiastic crowd surrounding the display, even coming around to the back of the table to check out how the station was assembled. Some of the hams who stopped by are existing FlexRadio owners. They were happy to hear that Radioworld is offering the complete Flex product line in Canada along with factory authorized service.

If you’re in the Toronto area, we have a Flex5000 set up and ready for you to try in our showroom. We had enough fun at the York hamfest, so I can see us taking this show on the road again!

Check out the complete Flex lineup on our website

73,  Steve (VE3SMP)