R.A.C. Day at Radioworld a HUGE success!


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Everyone at Radioworld is pleased to report that Radio Amateurs of Canada Day at Radioworld was a complete success!

Hams from across southern Ontario gathered on Saturday May 24, 2014 to share a day of good fellowship, friendship and education, all in the name of supporting Canada’s voice for Amateur Radio – the Radio Amateurs of Canada.

Many special guests included Murray Lycan – Eastern Canada Sales Manager for Icom Canada, Eric Meth – Icom Canada Tech Support, Wilf Muldren – National Sales Manager from Kenwood Canada and Jerry Darby – Chief Tech Support Guru from Yaesu USA.

The Radio Amateurs of Canada was very well represented with distinguished guests including RAC President – Geoff Bawden VE4BAW, Honorary Legal Counsel Marcel Mongeon, VA3DDD, Director for Ontario South Region – Rod Hardman VE3RHF, and members of the National Field Organization (ARES).

A big thanks to George Duffield VE3WKJ and Pat Barrett VE3RNH for manning the bbq and keeping the masses fat and happy, Peter West VE3HG for his efforts in photographing the event and the Peel and Mississauga Amateur Radio Club members for their extra support.

Sincere congratulations also goes out to the Grand Prize Winners;

Joe Valente VE3VDK of Brampton, ON – Winning an Icom ID5100A Mobile Transceiver
Jos Ascano VE3LHY of Toronto, ON – Winning an Icom ID31A Handheld Transceiver

Please enjoy the photos taken that day below.

RACDAY-1-57-X2  RACDAY-1-61-XL  RACDAY-1-X2  RACDAY-1-53-XL  RACDAY-1-50-X2  RACDAY-1-44-X2  RACDAY-1-38-XL  RACDAY-1-36-X2  RACDAY-1-34-XL  RACDAY-1-20-XL  RACDAY-1-14-XL  RACDAY-1-11-XLRACDAY-1-9-XL  RACDAY-1-10-X2  RACDAY-1-2-X2  RACDAY-1-15-X2  RACDAY-1-12-XL  RACDAY-1-50-X2  RACDAY-1-54-X2  RACDAY-1-55-X2  RACDAY-1-44-X2  RACDAY-1-43-X2  RACDAY-1-42-XL  RACDAY-1-17-X2  RACDAY-1-35-X2  RACDAY-1-31-X2  RACDAY-1-32-XL  RACDAY-1-33-XL  RACDAY-1-37-XL  RACDAY-1-56-X2  RACDAY-1-49-X2  RACDAY-1-22-XL  RACDAY-1-8-XL  RACDAY-1-18-XL  RACDAY-1-16-X2  RACDAY-1-29-X2

Jos Ascano VE3LHY picking up his Icom ID-31A


Grand Prize Winner – Joe Valente VE3VDK picking up his Icom ID-5100A

Joe Valente

I would like to thank all the staff members at Radioworld for their hospitality and all the questions they answered for me on that day.

I would also like to thank RAC. and the reps for cooking and putting on the seminars…

Last but not least I would like to thank Icom.. For the wonderful prize, I was lucky enough to win.

“73 to all

Joe Valente  VE3VDK
Be Well and Prosper

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