Globalstar Announces New Satellite Airtime Packages

“Building off the success of the previous unlimited plans, today we are launching new Orbit and Galaxy Unlimited Airtime plans. These new plans were developed in response to
the needs of heavy satellite users requiring fixed costs. The pricing for these
new plans reflects the increased value proposition Globalstar now offers with
its improved reliability and network performance.”

Here is a PDF of all the new plans, both monthly and yearly packages:

For a limited time, Globalstar will DOUBLE THE AIRTIME MINUTES for free !

The Globalstar satellite fleet is all-new, now operating at full performance, providing superb, high-quality voice and data. The old satellites are all gone, signal loss is now a thing of the past, thanks to the entire satellite fleet being replaced.
You can order your Globalstar satellite phone here !

New Phones at remarkable prices !
New Phones at remarkable prices !


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